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  1. Msitheli Marks Tumani says:

    I think the dismissal of Generations cast is not the right decision, however, it may be the unlawful partaking in an unprotected industrial action. This may be the ammunition applied by the employer. Nevertheless the demand is geniune if the side of the casts are to be believed. The lack of information on part of the SABC or Producers, only to lay fears that the soapie will proceed irrespective of the fired casts is not the correct dissemination of information without offering the dispute in issue or impasse. These actors have to be heard and if the solution is unattainable there are forums the matter can be refered to if the parties are negotiating in good faith.

  2. Msitheli Marks Tumani says:

    What the EFF was doing in Parliament is not accepted, it reduce the parliament into anarchy . When the President or any Minister fails to answer any question in parliament, you don’t resort to unlawful behavour because that is not assisting the house. There are legal avenue to resort to ref Patricia De Lille v The Speaker of Parliament at al. The electorates deserve better than this, how can we see accountability if howling and singing to disturb is the order of the day. What or who is the beneficiary in the whole saga is the DA without contradicting issues. It is a shame for our [South African] democracy.

  3. Msitheli Marks Tumani says:

    I would like to deliberate on how the Bafana Bafana played against Sudan. It was indeed an impeccable start for the untested squad with full of youngsters and inexperienced players. Bra. Shakes was brave enough to take that initiative although we were not playing against a strong team. So far so good.

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