Dineo Ranaka Now Lesbian?

TV STAR Dineo Ranaka seems to have found “love” after her much publicised break-up with longtime boyfriend, Blaklez!

This week social media was abuzz with a photo of her “new lover”, Relo Mosiya.

But Dineo was quick to rubbish the claims.

She said: “I’m not lesbian, ntwana. I love my gay and lesbian community very much. I love my man very much, thank you, bye!”

Sunday Sun was told Dineo and Relo met a few months ago and immediately fell in love.

Insiders close to the couple revealed that Dineo and Relo are lovey dovey.

“Dineo and Relo normally go to Eskhaleni chisa nyama in Katlehong, Ekurhuleni. They like to chill inside the car when they are there.

“They would talk, kiss and hug without caring about who is watching. Relo has also taken her to gay nightclubs in Joburg where they’ll bless themselves with fire waters,” said a friend of the couple.

Another source at a trendy gay nightclub, called Liquid Blue, in Melville, Joburg said they are regulars there.

“She looks happy and told me she would never want to fall in love with a man in her life,” said a friend.

Dineo and Blaklez broke up last year. Early this year, Sunday Sun reported that Dineo had found love with a Nigerian guy named Vincent.

In the third season of Dineo’s Diary, Dineo referred to Vincent as “my man, my king and my Zorro.”

The two were working on a TV pilot show titled, DRS. Relo was not available for comment. Her phone rang unanswered. – Sunday Sun

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DJ Zinhle Dumps the King of Confidence Issues, AKA

RAPPER AKA is probably not exactly congratulating himself right now…

Sunday Sun understands that the world-acclaimed DJ Zinhle, real name Zinhle Jiyane, dumped the controversial hip hop star after he played her with two other women!
Impeccable sources revealed that Zinhle flipped her wig when she learned that AKA, real name Kiernan Forbes, was busy with girls at Taboo nightclub in Sandton, Jozi.
This comes after the rapper, who is notorious for being at war with the Gusheshe hitmaker, Cassper Nyovest, on Twitter, was seen smooching MTV Base VJ, Nomuzi Mabena, AND a socialite known as “Miss Gay”!
“AKA is cheating on Zinhle with two other women! He is having an affair with Nomuzi and some sexy girl called ‘Miss Gay’.
“This happened behind Zinhle’s back. After she found out about the affair, she was very angry. Zinhle was told about AKA’s affairs and she confronted him.
“All hell broke loose when AKA didn’t respond to Zinhle. “She told him she would never allow a situation where she is being treated like dirt.
“She told AKA it was over between them,” said a close friend. Another insider told the People’s Paper that Zinhle told AKA his childish behaviour would not take him anywhere.
“Zinhle felt AKA needs to grow up. She told us she would never allow AKA to disrespect her in such a way.
“AKA has been begging Zinhle to take him back but she told him to go fly a kite,” said our mole.
This week Miss Gay said: “Where did you get my number from? “AKA is my boy. Why are you only focusing on me? What about Nomuzi? She’s also going out with him,” she said.
For her part in the whole drama, Nomuzi barked at our reporter, saying: “I’m not going to say anything about AKA and myself.”
Yesterday the gorgeous DJ Zinhle said she’s not prepared to comment at this stage.

“I’ll comment on Monday,” she said.
Yesterday, AKA said he will not speak to Sunday Sun at all. – Sunday Sun

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Zola 7 is Down and Out!

IS Bonginkosi Dlamini, aka “Zola 7”, heading for depression? Friends of the former megastar are concerned.  Sunday Sun has learnt Zola might be heading down depression road if he doesn’t pick up the pieces of his life.
A celeb, who is also a kwaito star and a close friend, said Zola has lost interest in life.

The friend told Sunday Sun: “He doesn’t even attend industry events. He is always surrounded by has-beens at his house.
“He decided to avoid insults, mind his own business and chills at home.” His friends are worried that he’s blaming others for his bad decisions.
“He’s negative, not the optimistic Zola people used to know. It seems he’s defeated,” said one source. Another friend said when Zola lost his precious wheels, things took a wrong turn.
“It’s difficult for him to move around, he has to wait for one of his proteges to go anywhere,” said the source. The friend said it’s difficult to go from having about R5 million worth of endorsement deals to having nothing.
“The sooner he stops blaming Lance Stehr and moves on, the better. It’s not too late for him to revive his career but the way he continues he will get depression and it won’t be easy to come out,” said the source.
In March this year, Sunday Sun reported that Zola was forced to sell two of his houses because he could no longer maintain them. He blamed it on music piracy.
Last week Zola told Sunday Sun: “People don’t see me out there because I perform in rural areas and ekasi.
“I’m at home and I’ve been out for the last 15 years. I’m a happy person and am at peace with myself,” he said. – Sunday Sun

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Boity Thulo Dumped Like a Used Condom

Beautiful Boity Thulo of Rockville fame reportedly didn’t want Greg Borowsky to say goodbye. But alas for the sexy TV star, her mlungu hunk slunk off to the US – and Boity wasn’t invited to come along.

HER hot Yankee boyfriend took off and left her crying bitter tears!

Musician and producer Greg runs a band called GB Collective. Last week, he told Boity that for him it was: bye-bye Mzansi!
Friends close to Boity and Greg told Sunday Sun she tried to convince Greg to stay. But his mind was made up!
It’s understood Greg was worried about the sexy photos Boity posts online.

A member of GB Collective said: “Greg told Boity she was embarrassing him by posting herself in swimsuits on Twitter and Instagram.”
A friend, who was at Greg’s farewell party at Moyo restaurant in Melrose Arch, Jozi last week, said: “He (Greg) felt Boity’s sexy body was attracting a lot of attention and Boity promised to dress in a proper manner.
“He told her he had already taken a decision to go to New York. Greg told Boity he wanted to start afresh – and far away from her. Boity is heartbroken. She feels she was the cause of the breakup. She wasn’t even at the farewell party,” said the insider.
The couple started showing their affection early this year on a bus to the Metro FM Awards in Durban.
It was reported at the time that Boity and Greg fondled and kissed each other without caring if anyone was looking.
Last month, the couple was spotted being all lovey-dovey at the Castle Lite Extra Cold Music Concert in Centurion.
A close friend of Boity’s told Sunday Sun: “Now that her boyfriend is gone, she’s miserable. She tells us she’ll be strong.
“She wants to focus on the Strictly Come Dancing show as that will help her deal with the loss,” Boity’s friend explained.
This week when Greg was sent questions in New York, he responded and wrote: “Boity and I have always been and remain good friends. Please, respect that. Thank you.”
Vusi Leeuw, Boity’s manager, said Boity is out of the country. Asked about the allegations, he said: “I don’t discuss Boity’s private life in the media. I’m willing to talk about the business side of things.” – Sunday Sun

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DJ Cleo Dumped His Father Like a Used Condom

DJ Cleo is busy gaining weight while his own dad can't even afford a loaf of brown bread

DJ Cleo is busy gaining weight while his own dad can’t even afford a loaf of brown bread

A loving father suffered to educate his boy. And the talented son became a millionaire. Then dumped his sick old father like a used condom!

“When I think of all the money I spent on his education, my heart bleeds. I’m heartbroken, because my rich son doesn’t give a rat’s arse about me!” said DJ Cleo’s dad, Samuel Monyepao (64).

His son is an award-winning producer, DJ and aspiring goalie. Samuel educated and supported him up to the age of 25, when the boy was still known as Tlou Cleopas Monyepao.

He brags about his achievements as DJ Cleo, while his one-legged diabetic dad lives in filth with nothing to eat.
When Sunday Sun visited Samuel in Bochum, Limpopo, he said: “The last time he was here he brought me a bucket of KFC. And this is the man who owns 10 houses in Joburg and more than a dozen cars.

“Tlou (DJ Cleo) never visited me in hospital after my right leg was cut off. If I call him, he tells me he is busy and gets angry when I ask to see my grandchildren.

“He knows the troubles I have – with no iron, heater or kettle, let alone enough food to eat,” said the suffering mkhulu.

Recently, DJ Cleo did a live broadcast from a Limpopo regional radio station. Samuel heard him on the show and had this to say: “He was talking about his soccer career and being a biker. I was really hurt when he didn’t even bother to set foot in my yard to see how I was doing.” 

A well-informed source said Cleo forgot about his dad after his parents’ marriage ended in Springs and Samuel moved back to Bochum.

A family member, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “Tlou never visited his dad in hospital and the last time he came to visit him he never even asked what happened to his dad’s missing leg. Samuel has diabetes and his leg had to be amputated.”

When called for comment, DJ Cleo didn’t want to talk. He just dropped the phone. And he never responded to SMSes the SunTeam sent him about his dad’s plight. – Sunday Sun

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Jub Jub Jail Sex Shock

JAILBIRD Jub Jub needed sex. So he made a plan to satisfy his powerful urge behind bars…


After the alleged bonk bust, inmate Molemo “Jub Jub” Maarohanye won’t be finding love so easily. Because authorities moved him from Joburg Prison, aka “Sun City” to the tougher Leeuwkop Correctional Centre!

The alleged incident took place about two weeks ago inside a Sun City office during an award ceremony. 

It’s alleged Jub Jub had a super-heated “sika lekhekhe” session with a female visitor. The mystery woman and Jub Jub couldn’t hold back their desire according to a prison official who spoke to Sunday Sun on condition of anonymity.

The source claimed: “The loud screams and raunchy sounds gave them away and they were caught in action.”

Another warder alleged that Jub Jub was supposed to entertain inmates and visitors. But he vanished before the performance.
A further insider claimed: “Later on there was an exchange of words between Jub Jub and the warder who caught him.”
An inmate, who is known to the People’s Paper, said: “Last Tuesday he was removed from his cell – kicking and screaming – and taken to Leeuwkop prison.”
He added: “Jub Jub gets preferential treatment. I’ve been cleaning in the offices of the prison but I’m still treated like an animal.”
A senior prison official said Jub Jub had it coming because he’d been enjoying too many privileges inside the prison.

“It’s not the first we hear of such incidents. I think top officials were pressurised to move him out because of reports about Jub Jub’s easy life inside,” he said.
Last week, the Department of Correctional Services’ Zodwa Mtsweni confirmed that on 21 May the Joburg Correctional Centre Medium C had an award ceremony at the centre’s courtyard to honour offenders who had achieved well academically.
“Offender Molemo Maarohanye was not scheduled to entertain the audience,” she told the People’s Paper.
Asked about Jub Jub’s move to Leeuwkop, Mtsweni stated: “The transfer of offender Molemo Maarohanye to Leeuwkop Maximum was part of an overcrowding management process.
“Therefore, it has no bearing on allegations that he was transferred due to an alleged incident,” she told Sunday Sun.

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AKA “Too Good” for a Toyota Corolla

South African music ace AKA was left fuming this weekend after the organisers of the grand opening of Chez Ntemba night club allegedly attempted to use a Toyota Corolla in transporting him to the venue in Kabulonga, Zambia.

Although the rapper stays in a modest open-plan flat next to the noisy Bree taxi rank, downtown Johannesburg, and doesn’t even drive a million dollar car himself, he was not shy to express his displeasure and lashed out at the organisers on twitter.

“We are in the business of image and branding… Don’t F*** my sh’t Up,” tweeted a seemingly agitated AKA.

The vehicle is one of Zambia’s most common automobiles & according to some unofficial statistics, two out of every five cars parked at a given spot is a Toyota Corolla and in most instances used as a Taxi.

The organisers of the show had by press time not responded to AKA’s twitter rant. – Mwebantu New Media

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