About Us

Famous for its tongue wagging blog – Lifestyle Tabloids is a marketing & media communications agency created exclusively for brands interested in doing things the smarter way, with good support of reliable and efficient market intelligence.

Born to a philosophy that true greatness can only be achieved through THINKING IN FULL COLOUR, our core business is to provide multi-platform creative solutions to a growing portfolio of clients, thus enabling them to craft strategic brand messages that reach the right market, with the right content, in the right setting.

From the latest in entertainment news to jaw-dropping celebrity gossip and political satire, our blog is perfect for brands targeting a larger-than-life market of tabloid hungry consumers. Our bold and fearless content laced with witt and humor drives in the traffic, automatically accentuating your advertising message to over 2 million of our loyal digital audience.


“Today’s brilliance is tomorrow’s mediocrity. Never dwell on yesterday’s successes, for tomorrow perpetually awaits bigger and better ideas!”

With our globally thought yet locally acted creativity, we will continue to generate an exponentially greater impact on the brands consumers recommend, buy and become loyal to.


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