Ferrari Portofino is the New King of the Road

The new Ferrari Portofino is officially dazzling the roads of Mzansi.

With the Ferrari Portofino, it opens up to exhilaration, in the way the Ferrari Portofino with its increased dynamic ability exudes this feeling to the driver.

It opens up to elegance, an all-new Ferrari interior, designed by the Ferrari Design Team with the main objective achieved of versatility and on-board comfort. The Ferrari Portofino takes its name from the little fishing village on the southeast Italian Riviera, a town of elegant design.


We had the privilege of opening up to Portofino to our treasured South African clients. The day was set, the historic Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit awaited our attendees, the Ferrari Portofino there underneath the traditional Ferrari red covers awaiting its reveal. But first, an introduction from a very special guest, Lorenzo Granai, a Ferrari Corsa Pilota instructor and test driver, he was here to talk about safety on the race track, choosing the optimal lines and to instruct all new owners who were going to take to the track on the day.


Our COO, Jan Ungerer gave a vote of thanks to all clients attending and thanked them for joining us on this special occasion of the launch of the Ferrari Portofino and our annual track day. Our National Marketing Manager, Chanelle Zackey, then followed up and spoke about the new addition to the range and wished everyone a wonderful day on track.

Cue the cinematics and the cover was lifted, an incredible assemble was in awe of the masterpiece born from the hollows of The Factory, the Portofino presented to all. A beautiful array of Italian styled furniture and serve around canapes, allowed clients to be in most comfort to view the vehicle, many took to the platform to truly marvel at the Portofino and take a seat inside the all new Ferrari Interior. This being an all new Ferrari model, it was welcomed with great enthusiasm.


Post presentation of the magnificent new motor vehicle to the South African market, those in attendance took to the track, and some with the instructor for an afternoon at the racetrack. A fantastic way to truly explore the abilities of the Cavallino Rampante in its desired element and safe environment.

A memorable event and a warm welcome to the Ferrari Portofino.

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