EXPOSED: Senzo Meyiwa Was Born in 1987 – His Twin in 1982!!!!

Senzo Meyiwa always maintained (in fact, insisted) that he was born on the 24th of September 1987. However, an epitaph on Siya Meyiwa’s tombstone “stipulates” he was born in 1982. For those who don’t read, Siya is Senzo’s late twin brother.

Let’s get this right: the two were born twins, yet are five years apart. This is either MAGIC or someone LIED about his age (you do the math!!!)…

Anyway, Sunday World and The Juice are reporting that Senzo Meyiwa’s family wants to dig up his grave. This is reportedly because they want to reunite him with his twin brother Siya, who drowned when he was in Grade 2.

According to the tabloid, the boys were swimming at Isiphingo beach with their father, Sam, and a friend. While Senzo was rescued, it was too late to help Siya.

The paper is reporting that Siya’s remains will be exhumed from Madlakeni Cemetery and put in the same grave with Senzo at Heroes Acre in Chesterville, KwaZulu-Natal. This is apparently according to Zulu tradition, which states that twins must be buried next to each other.

A close family friend told Sunday World that the Meyiwas were in talks with government.

”The family held a meeting where it was discussed that two people who were born at the same time cannot sleep in two separate places. They have to be laid to rest together.”

A senior KZN government official confirmed that a request was made by the family. “The matter is now being discussed within government but I don’t think a decision will be made soon. Things like this normally take months because of its legal nature. All due process has to be followed.”

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  1. All I Have To Say Is YOLO. Which means You Only Live Once :p

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