Dineo Ranaka Now Lesbian?

TV STAR Dineo Ranaka seems to have found “love” after her much publicised break-up with longtime boyfriend, Blaklez!

This week social media was abuzz with a photo of her “new lover”, Relo Mosiya.

But Dineo was quick to rubbish the claims.

She said: “I’m not lesbian, ntwana. I love my gay and lesbian community very much. I love my man very much, thank you, bye!”

Sunday Sun was told Dineo and Relo met a few months ago and immediately fell in love.

Insiders close to the couple revealed that Dineo and Relo are lovey dovey.

“Dineo and Relo normally go to Eskhaleni chisa nyama in Katlehong, Ekurhuleni. They like to chill inside the car when they are there.

“They would talk, kiss and hug without caring about who is watching. Relo has also taken her to gay nightclubs in Joburg where they’ll bless themselves with fire waters,” said a friend of the couple.

Another source at a trendy gay nightclub, called Liquid Blue, in Melville, Joburg said they are regulars there.

“She looks happy and told me she would never want to fall in love with a man in her life,” said a friend.

Dineo and Blaklez broke up last year. Early this year, Sunday Sun reported that Dineo had found love with a Nigerian guy named Vincent.

In the third season of Dineo’s Diary, Dineo referred to Vincent as “my man, my king and my Zorro.”

The two were working on a TV pilot show titled, DRS. Relo was not available for comment. Her phone rang unanswered. – Sunday Sun

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