Zola 7 is Down and Out!

IS Bonginkosi Dlamini, aka “Zola 7”, heading for depression? Friends of the former megastar are concerned.  Sunday Sun has learnt Zola might be heading down depression road if he doesn’t pick up the pieces of his life.
A celeb, who is also a kwaito star and a close friend, said Zola has lost interest in life.

The friend told Sunday Sun: “He doesn’t even attend industry events. He is always surrounded by has-beens at his house.
“He decided to avoid insults, mind his own business and chills at home.” His friends are worried that he’s blaming others for his bad decisions.
“He’s negative, not the optimistic Zola people used to know. It seems he’s defeated,” said one source. Another friend said when Zola lost his precious wheels, things took a wrong turn.
“It’s difficult for him to move around, he has to wait for one of his proteges to go anywhere,” said the source. The friend said it’s difficult to go from having about R5 million worth of endorsement deals to having nothing.
“The sooner he stops blaming Lance Stehr and moves on, the better. It’s not too late for him to revive his career but the way he continues he will get depression and it won’t be easy to come out,” said the source.
In March this year, Sunday Sun reported that Zola was forced to sell two of his houses because he could no longer maintain them. He blamed it on music piracy.
Last week Zola told Sunday Sun: “People don’t see me out there because I perform in rural areas and ekasi.
“I’m at home and I’ve been out for the last 15 years. I’m a happy person and am at peace with myself,” he said. – Sunday Sun

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4 thoughts on “Zola 7 is Down and Out!

    • People please stop spreading negative comments about Bonginkosi, this guy is a peaceful man who has changed my life by just talking to me,I’m a close friend to him who sees him once in a while. Being out of the public eye doesn’t mean you are down and out. And who said Zola has had R 5 million? The man has more than that, the man decided to invest his money and remain quite. Please stop spreading wrong rumors.

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