DJ Cleo Dumped His Father Like a Used Condom

DJ Cleo is busy gaining weight while his own dad can't even afford a loaf of brown bread

DJ Cleo is busy gaining weight while his own dad can’t even afford a loaf of brown bread

A loving father suffered to educate his boy. And the talented son became a millionaire. Then dumped his sick old father like a used condom!

“When I think of all the money I spent on his education, my heart bleeds. I’m heartbroken, because my rich son doesn’t give a rat’s arse about me!” said DJ Cleo’s dad, Samuel Monyepao (64).

His son is an award-winning producer, DJ and aspiring goalie. Samuel educated and supported him up to the age of 25, when the boy was still known as Tlou Cleopas Monyepao.

He brags about his achievements as DJ Cleo, while his one-legged diabetic dad lives in filth with nothing to eat.
When Sunday Sun visited Samuel in Bochum, Limpopo, he said: “The last time he was here he brought me a bucket of KFC. And this is the man who owns 10 houses in Joburg and more than a dozen cars.

“Tlou (DJ Cleo) never visited me in hospital after my right leg was cut off. If I call him, he tells me he is busy and gets angry when I ask to see my grandchildren.

“He knows the troubles I have – with no iron, heater or kettle, let alone enough food to eat,” said the suffering mkhulu.

Recently, DJ Cleo did a live broadcast from a Limpopo regional radio station. Samuel heard him on the show and had this to say: “He was talking about his soccer career and being a biker. I was really hurt when he didn’t even bother to set foot in my yard to see how I was doing.” 

A well-informed source said Cleo forgot about his dad after his parents’ marriage ended in Springs and Samuel moved back to Bochum.

A family member, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “Tlou never visited his dad in hospital and the last time he came to visit him he never even asked what happened to his dad’s missing leg. Samuel has diabetes and his leg had to be amputated.”

When called for comment, DJ Cleo didn’t want to talk. He just dropped the phone. And he never responded to SMSes the SunTeam sent him about his dad’s plight. – Sunday Sun

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  1. Mrembole says:

    We dnt want Illuminati in our Country,but if u insist,carry on en see what happens 2 our Country. SA did not allow Dilia Lamma into the Contry but allows Mike Tyson,Eminem en Nicki Minaj.Yhooo! Hai ke! As for Cleo,beware,your kids will have a taste of your dad’s tears my boy!! Go home,do something 4 your dad,or else,watch the space. Amen

  2. roseanne says:

    There’s always two sides to a story. Please don’t judge. A man cannot ignore his ailing father just like this. This story is bias. Some parents do us wrong just because they knw that they have a power to curse or bless us. Why is he telling the tabloits, it think he wants to turnish his image. So why would a loving father want to turnish his own son’s image? 1+1=100

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