Jub Jub Jail Sex Shock

JAILBIRD Jub Jub needed sex. So he made a plan to satisfy his powerful urge behind bars…


After the alleged bonk bust, inmate Molemo “Jub Jub” Maarohanye won’t be finding love so easily. Because authorities moved him from Joburg Prison, aka “Sun City” to the tougher Leeuwkop Correctional Centre!

The alleged incident took place about two weeks ago inside a Sun City office during an award ceremony. 

It’s alleged Jub Jub had a super-heated “sika lekhekhe” session with a female visitor. The mystery woman and Jub Jub couldn’t hold back their desire according to a prison official who spoke to Sunday Sun on condition of anonymity.

The source claimed: “The loud screams and raunchy sounds gave them away and they were caught in action.”

Another warder alleged that Jub Jub was supposed to entertain inmates and visitors. But he vanished before the performance.
A further insider claimed: “Later on there was an exchange of words between Jub Jub and the warder who caught him.”
An inmate, who is known to the People’s Paper, said: “Last Tuesday he was removed from his cell – kicking and screaming – and taken to Leeuwkop prison.”
He added: “Jub Jub gets preferential treatment. I’ve been cleaning in the offices of the prison but I’m still treated like an animal.”
A senior prison official said Jub Jub had it coming because he’d been enjoying too many privileges inside the prison.

“It’s not the first we hear of such incidents. I think top officials were pressurised to move him out because of reports about Jub Jub’s easy life inside,” he said.
Last week, the Department of Correctional Services’ Zodwa Mtsweni confirmed that on 21 May the Joburg Correctional Centre Medium C had an award ceremony at the centre’s courtyard to honour offenders who had achieved well academically.
“Offender Molemo Maarohanye was not scheduled to entertain the audience,” she told the People’s Paper.
Asked about Jub Jub’s move to Leeuwkop, Mtsweni stated: “The transfer of offender Molemo Maarohanye to Leeuwkop Maximum was part of an overcrowding management process.
“Therefore, it has no bearing on allegations that he was transferred due to an alleged incident,” she told Sunday Sun.

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