PHOTOS: Gays of Professional Soccer

…Ok, maybe these professional footballers are not gay (one can never be too sure these days), but roving lenses caught them in compromising positions that were so gay and funny, we just had to share!!!

Please note that this post is intended for adult users over the age of 18. Should you be underage, go to your room and study for your upcoming June exams, NOW!!!!

“Oooh sh*t Ronaldo, you blow sooo good…”

“How about a quicky during halftime? Do you spit or swallow?”

“Come on… Don’t be shy… Let me feel how big it is”

“I want you NOW!!! Let’s quickly go to the bathroom”

“Oooh babe! Faster faster… deeper deeper!!”

“Babe I’m coming… I’m coming… I’m coming… Aaaahhhh!!!”

“Come here you sexy thing. I love you sugar…”

“I’m about to put it in babe… Do you like it rough or gentle?”

“Shuuu babe that was good, I want another round”

(LEFT) “I’m happy to see you my love, I missed you!” (RIGHT) “Let’s go bro! Leave that slut”

“Relax babe… I’ll be gentle, I promise…”

“I can’t help it. I wanna kiss you sooo passionately!!!”

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