AKA “Too Good” for a Toyota Corolla

South African music ace AKA was left fuming this weekend after the organisers of the grand opening of Chez Ntemba night club allegedly attempted to use a Toyota Corolla in transporting him to the venue in Kabulonga, Zambia.

Although the rapper stays in a modest open-plan flat next to the noisy Bree taxi rank, downtown Johannesburg, and doesn’t even drive a million dollar car himself, he was not shy to express his displeasure and lashed out at the organisers on twitter.

“We are in the business of image and branding… Don’t F*** my sh’t Up,” tweeted a seemingly agitated AKA.

The vehicle is one of Zambia’s most common automobiles & according to some unofficial statistics, two out of every five cars parked at a given spot is a Toyota Corolla and in most instances used as a Taxi.

The organisers of the show had by press time not responded to AKA’s twitter rant. – Mwebantu New Media

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  1. Lebo says:

    This boy needs a lot of growing up for real. Does he really understand the industry he is in? There are tons of folks who got chowed and spitted out nje. One day life will humble him. All this arrogance won’t take him anywhere except a deep dark dungeon of has been.

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