I’m Not HIV Positive – Says KO from Teargas

(Centre, in all white) KO's weight loss has got tongues wagging

SHOCKING: KO’s (centre, in all white) weight loss has gotten tongues wagging

It seems loosing weight in Mzansi is enough to start an unfounded HIV rumour. It was first DJ Sbu, followed by Somizi, then Mika Stefano who lost weight sooo drastically, he’s beginning to look like a melting candle, and Gesh Conco, who apparently vanished to the States to join New York au-pair of the year award winner in the diaper-changing category, Chichi Letsoalo.

Twitter has been in overdrive since the picture of Teargas members surfaced, with many speculating that rapper and Cashtime/Teargas superstar, KO, may be HIV positive.

If you look on Twitter, you’ll see that the terms “R Mashesha” “Teargas” and “Your HIV status” are trending and have been for a few days.

KO’s manager, Thabiso Khati, was quick to dismiss the rumours.

“KO gyms and cycles everyday, he used to be chunky but he’s now in good shape… He doesn’t drink or smoke or anything…

“In fact, KO is never shy to share his workout pictures on Twitter and Instagram and encourages living a healthy lifestyle. There’s no story here,” Thabiso allegedly told Zalebs.

To keep the rumour mill at bay, KO has promptly gone for a rapid HIV test which revealed, once and for all, that he’s in fact HIV negative. He has since posted evidence on all his social media pages for the world to see.

KO's HIV test results reveal that he's indeed negative

KO’s HIV test results reveal that he’s indeed negative

In the words of our editor-in-chief and seasoned philanthropist, Bassito Panache;

“There’s an African proverb which says; ‘Be careful when a naked person offers you a shirt’. While you are busy diagnosing others, do you know your very own HIV status???”

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25 thoughts on “I’m Not HIV Positive – Says KO from Teargas

    • Ko you didn’t have to proove shit nja yam its just tipical black people who love snooping around other’s closets to find what to hang out in public as dirty laundry

  1. Mxm! We live in a world of Photoshop! Those test results is not evidence enough! The guy was arrogant during his heydays!

    • Broh. Yazi people are really mean and full of crap. So what if he was really positive? Bahlangana kuphi. Cum on now. Yvone and Zamikhaya u guus are just out of line.

      • True Lwandle. Positive or not whose business is it anyway. I cant believe how ignorant people are. maybe they are or their families are living with it mxm.

  2. Editor there is no need to reveal his status he is also being childish worse that prick test is not to be trusted even if he was positive its his own business acceptance plays a vital roll than trying to retaliate and deny coz that’s what kills people it show mentaly not accepting this is not a life sentence its manageable. I have worked as an EAP Practitioner for some time and did some counselling to a lot of people who after proved to live normal. HIV is better than being diabetic and having Cancer so people should ought to just accept now its only 1 pill a day which our ANC government under the hospice of Dr Motswaledi offers free of charge.

    • my point exactly PK..why should he prove that he pos or neg? is none of our business mos…it is sad how we often treat our own people in this country. even if he was sick we should supporting him but instead we entertaining crap….saying bad stuff about him/or any1 who may look sick before your eyes will only make them feel worse n or even difficult to fight the illness by being denial while suffering…eish the world we live in mxm…wait until some1 close to get sick……

  3. One must mind one’s business finish mabamuyeke umntwana wabantu isifo sabantu asisona sezilwane worse sitholakala ngento emnandi ethandwa yibo bonke!!!!akayeke ukufaka ama results akhe kuma social networks its being very low and shows desperacy we as psychologists read it differently worse that test he did is not authentic at times the one is to draw blood and it be sent to laboratory and that cert shown does not show negative nor positive so nje he must drop the act n live his life according to his way people will talk whether u doing good or bad they always have somethin to say!!!

  4. Naye….why post all that?dont have proof thats truly his results he did not have to go so far to prove anything to any one. HIV is our daily life why are people still afraid of it….True its better than cancer

  5. there’s a huge difference between a person who lost weight due to exercise or diet change…. he….. looks sick!….. seriously!!!

  6. you are either infected or affected by it, that’s the life we are living today. Wether one looses weight or one gains weight that aint our ‘beseguit’. What we should cherish is the fact that we still breathing. Hate fake Christians, but I respect Christians that are open minded. KO do you thing MAN.

  7. KO was also childish on this matter. I really got disappointed when I bumped into his Instagram posts. Why did he feel there was a need 4 him to prove his point. If people start spreading rumours/lies, the best thing is to keep quiet and continue living period.

  8. Ja truly 1 can not loose weight in our contry,en what bothers me the most is the negative reaction en judgement towards K.O’s personal life,its non of our business period. How would u feel if some1 started a rumour like this? So ppl please stop hating and start caring deeply for each other feelings coz u wud expect the same. K.O stay strong u dnt owe any1 anything, keep up the gud work with ur music

  9. Oh my god this is so wrong even if he is don’t think he deseve to be treated like this*im sure its around this time celebrates regart being sure *when ppl start doing this for what is worth I think he’s good at what u do ‘K.O in fact too dam good.# u know what thet say right a dog doen buck a staddy car only when it moves o#

  10. He looks sick. May be its drugs. Maybe its something else. But the way he’s trying too hard 2prove himself makes me suspicious. There’s nothing wrong with being hiv positive. We will accept his condition if he just accept himself. By the way most of us here don’t even know our statuses. So we musnt judge!

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