Some of Orlando Pirates Players are Gay – Admits Coach

Following a social media uproar over a naked picture of Orlando Pirates players [alias Orlando Queers] taken moments after their Nedbank Cup victory, coach Vladimir Vermezovic has jokingly urged soccer fans to “keep calm and come out of the closet”.

The frenzy comes amid wide-spread rumors of four Orlando Pirates players coming out as gay, substantiated by damning Instagram pictures of the players touching, cuddling and posing in a manner strictly forbidden by the Leviticus scripture.

“I do acknowledge that some of my players have disclosed to being gay, but this is a private matter which should be treated with the kind of sensitivity it deserves. What my players do behind closed doors is none of my business, as long as they perform on the field,” coach Vermezovic told a Soccer Ladumo journalist.

Although Vermezovic bluntly refused to “name-and-shame” who his gay players where, he admitted that homosexual acts amongst football peers was a norm in camp.

Mamelodi Sundowns coach, Pitso Mosimane, shared the same sentiments, but asserts that this is a “closely guarded secret” in professional football.

With U.S President Barack Obama endorsing and congratulating actors, wrestlers, singers and basketball players currently coming out as gay in America, the same cannot be said in South Africa. However, it is very applaudable and exciting to see that the gay stigma is slowly shifting away.

In the words of our editor-in-chief and seasoned philanthropist, Bassito Panache;

“Sometimes what we hate in others is what we hate in ourselves. Homophobes are often those battling to accept their own homosexuality. Living a lie is not living at all.”

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52 thoughts on “Some of Orlando Pirates Players are Gay – Admits Coach

  1. are some of them single lol???
    how’d some of us would love to have gay soccer players as friends or more

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  3. Am happy for the coach, its in the realization that soccer its about skills shown by players not their sexuality. Does it matter that a person do romance before sex or go straight to the dance. If not, then why should it matter if that person thus the dance with a man or a female. I salute you maturity coach to realize that this is about the game, not sexual orientation.

  4. I don’t see any problem with what the guys were doing,people must understand that this guys are human beings just like everyone in South Africa

  5. For me it does’nt matter whether they are homo or Gays what matters is what they do in the field. Gays are everywhere for heavensake so what’s new about this, is it because they hiding it? Its their life they dnt hve to tell us everything. Keep up the good work Team Pirates.

  6. So what if some players are gay? They still have more balls than a lot of men who are yipyapping about other people’s sexual orientation. If a person wants to sleep with the same gender, that’s their business. BIG UP TO THE COACHES!! Some things have to be closely guarded secrets.

  7. I dnt see any problm with people coming out of the closet,and more especially soccer players if you proud of what u are u should not let other people 2 controll ur life @ da end its ur life

  8. I no longer subcribe to socially conservative views cause often doing so means undermining myself as a homosexual – who does our society think it is casting the 1st stone? You can no longer throw stones living in a glass house! Until people make peace with who they are they can never be content with what they have ! Our Countries aspirations asphxiate me , I die each day praying for you!

  9. Those of u who think these guys r gays have u shared a bed with one of them? If no then how do u come and say they’re gays or u know them better? Shame on u just because u feel small without clothes on then u think every man feels the same? Go to the nearest tomato tree n do ur self a favour hang ur self!! U just jealous that they’re pirates players that’s all.

    • I’m sorry but I just can’t see the players I used too.. I used to look up to them.. #RealDisappointed

  10. Wow!! I like the statement “what we hate on others is actually what’s in us” that’s so true that’s why I’m gay for life

  11. Seems thabo matlhaba,happy jele,tandu ,kermit erasmus are gay at orlando pirates & Teko modise,bongani,khama anthony laffor,@josta dlala, george lebese abia nale ,thabo qalinge are some of the gay players at the other time to come out of the closet guys-we are in a free country?

    • Rome was not built in 1 day… Its really sad that people cant be who they are fearing the people with powers that be!!! On that note lets hope 4 a shift in minds of people who act God through out the world!

  12. Glad that they came out of closet,yes it is not accepted to take photo naked with NEDbank cup.Ey labajita badlala ibhola elinenkos phakath kant ba gay Yooh.I think we have lot of guys who are gays but are afraid to come out

  13. I really can’t see the fuss about them being gay…and anyways, for someone like me who has plays soccer, if anything done by those guys in the pictures is what is considered gay, then I’m sorry to say that most of us soccer players are gay…we embrace, we hug, we touch, holds hands and walk naked in change rooms…we share beds and have been doing so from young ages. Watch any team on telly and see how they celebrate…Mxim sis…Anyway, so what if they are gay???

  14. any soccer player,curious or otherwise,bottom,vers,straight acting who wants some fun im top from Zim invite me on my fake account Sasha Lee.ciao

  15. I would also like to date a gay football player , because some of them are far from me as I am @MP and I made a rule that I won’t date someone around me I’d rather be single forever ! Am just avoiding few issues nothing much.

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  17. I think its just a post so people can take it personal and I don’t its fair cause even thou they are gay nothing to hide if u are a gay

  18. Okay this picture can be offensive or kin doff like being odd to some of the fans, but to be truely speaking its non of your business mind yours and they will mind theirs even they are gay its gonna bother you guys until when because they are open that’s the sine of saying we don’t care let them live!

  19. I’m a homophobe myself, and get disgusted by gays who flaunt their sexuality and just put it your face, NOT ALL GAYS. These guys are supposed to be role models for upcoming generations, I would prefer to only model what they do on pitch and in Social Investment initiatives or charity work. And their sexuality should be kept out of the public eye.

  20. wheather U gay/ da field of play u do whts best 4ur club..wht u do off the field is none of anybodys business bt urs..Pirates is still one of Africas best.they have a star(*)in their hearts nd thy lost the 2nd star(*)to the best club ever in Africa

  21. whatever they do on their sparetime is their business.they are still the 2nd best club ever in Africa behind,i dont care..their display in da field is wht u shld focus on.

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