Are You An Upcoming Artist Ready To PR Your Brand?

We understand how frustrating it must be trying to get your name out there and having to rely on social networks to do so.

No matter the amount of likes and retweets you receive, your brand is still going nowhere slowly, which tends to knock your confidence down and drives you to start questioning your talent.

The harsh reality is; until you rise to Khuli Chana, AKA or even Black Coffee’s level of stardom, mainstream media will always give more attention to established artists, no matter the amount of press releases you flood on journalists mailboxes. Simply put, mainstream media is a numbers game – no publication, TV or radio show will risk their stats on a total unknown.

But do not despair nor give up yet!!

We are very excited to announce Featured Artist, a new category our tongue-wagging blog has created with you in mind. This category will profile your talent to over a million of our digital audience, some of whom are TV and radio producers, journalists, and music stable executives. Who knows what may happen post reading an article about YOU?

Let us propel your name to a state of visibility and Google’ability. Feel free to talk to us about that compelling article you want us to publish about YOU!

All related questions can be directed to

Twitter: @L_Tabloids
Facebook: @L_Tabloids


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  1. DriZel says:

    Slick,I surely need such 4 my music#way2go

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