Wedding Bells for Vusi Nova and Gay Lover

A journey to musical success has been a hard one for Eastern Cape born nightingale Vusi Nova, and now that the planets have finally lined up for him, he is ready to scratch his name off the bachelors list.

The Vusi Nova and Joseph Safra rumor mill has been churning for months now. This time, it is alleged that the two secret lovebirds are planning the mother of all gay weddings to formalise their ten-year-old vat-en-sit romance. The wedding will allegedly take place later this year in the Island of Comoros.

In keeping up with traditional values, it is alleged that Vusi Nova’s family have requested Safra to pay lobola for their famous I’d-Rather-Go-Blind “daughter” and negotiations are already underway.

According to Sunday World, Joseph Safra is an alleged conman claiming to be the son of a Brazilian banker who is the 46th-richest man in the world with a net worth of over R160-billion on the Forbes richest list.

Safra has allegedly scammed a number of people in the past by making them pay a fee after promising them work in his company, Safra SA Investments.

They would allegedly be offered jobs with packages of up to R65000 per month. The jobs apparently came with fancy company cars.

The prospective employees were allegedly made to pay 10% of the vehicle’s purchase price as part of the agreement. But after paying, they were left jobless and out of pocket.

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23 thoughts on “Wedding Bells for Vusi Nova and Gay Lover

  1. mhmm am I hearing wedding bells ???? mhmmm nam ndafuna uya emtshatweni eIsland plz tog including Siya , Sino and Sandisiwe
    Will be waitng 4 our tickets

  2. Wish them all the best, it is great to see two ppl who are in love, decide to make their happiness Legal, Congratulations to the couple and Vusi you are a great artist.

  3. Vusi Nova mfe2 I wish you all the best emshadweni wakho (noSbari) wethu omuhle.Plz don’t worry about people Bayathanda ukukhuluma indaba zabantu and alwaz be true @ yourself and take care of your man,,,I will love to see or experience gay wedding I’m waiting 4 the invitation card nd flight ticket.
    Lastely Congratulation (lu lu lu lu lu)

  4. Nice couple, I wish I could get that raletionship in my life and God bless y’all


  5. Damn majita a fela nou dilas…almost every dude is gay maar advantage for us str8t ones, all gals to us.

  6. I do not think this wedding will happen as Joe Safra is not Joe Safra as he wants everyone to believe . Vusi knows as well as his family. He is a fraudster that needs to be locked up in jail where he can not take innocent peoples money and live on it to pretend as he is the rich guy. This Dr. Joseph Andreas Safra (jr) , as he likes to be known, Googled his new name and his doctorate. He tells you to go and Google his name so everyone can think he is this Safra from Brazil but believe me he is the fraudster everyone is telling you about. Various fraud cases has been opened against him and new ones are being added every month . if you know his whereabouts please call the Hawks in Pretoria as they urgently do want to speak to him.

  7. congrads bro……… as Kuli Roberts would say….. let them haters talk, they only talk cos you fabulous rrrrrrrrrrrrr

  8. This so called Joe Safra is a fraudster who tells so many lies he doesn’t know what is fact or what is fiction anymore, takes advantage of innocent and honest people through empty promises and name dropping, presents himself as a practising Jew?? Actually an idiot with the gift of the gab, bullsh#t like this will always come back and bite you in the ass – and not they way you may like it!! Look forward to reading about it in the news sooner than later!!

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