Somizi’s Lover Attempts Suicide

(PIC) Africa's grandmother of gays, Somizi Mhlongo. He was born the same year as Abigail Kubeka

(PIC) Africa’s grandmother of gays, Somizi Mhlongo. He was born the same year as Abigail Kubeka

NOTHING lasts forever – not even great love…

And when Somizi Mhlongo’s relationship went up in smoke after four years, he dumped his boyfriend.

But grief nearly turned to tragedy when the broken-hearted Themba allegedly swallowed a whole bottle of pills to end the beating of his sad heart for evermore!

The People’s Paper understands that Themba (24) was emotionally destroyed to learn that his gay lover’s passion for him had finally cooled. He slumped into a deep depression.

So he decided to bring his life to an abrupt halt by giving his system a huge dose of mixed pills. Sunday Sun insiders said Themba tried to commit suicide and die for love in Somizi’s penthouse, downtown Jozi.

One source said: “The problem started because Themba was a double adapter! He was also dating a woman and had decided to go back to her. 

“Somizi didn’t take the rejection kindly but things returned back to normal for a while. 

“The pair went on a luxurious trip to Durban in December. But things then started to fall apart again when they came back,” said the source. 

The insider added: “Themba felt rejected because Somizi was too busy with work and his BFF Bonang. 

“So he took a bunch of pills and drank it. We’re not sure if he was trying to kill himself – or if he simply wanted Somizi’s attention.”

Another source said Somizi didn’t have time and suggested that Themba should go back to Durban. 

“That’s when we knew it was the end of the affair. Themba went back to Durban but the problem is that his family didn’t welcome him with open arms,” said the source. 

Sunday Sun has learnt that Themba is currently staying with friends in Durban. A close friend in Durban said that Themba’s mum has always been against the relationship.

“She used to call Somizi and ask him to stay away from her son,” said the friend.

When Sunday Sun contacted Somizi, he said: “Yes, I have a boyfriend named Themba. I cannot comment on what you’re asking me. For more information you should go back to your source,” he said. 

Last week a reluctant Themba said:  “I’m not interested in what you are saying. I need to think long and hard before I can give you my answers.” – Sunday Sun

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