Cam and Thoba’s Public Gay Marriage Ends In Blood

(PIC) A once-married gay couple that left Africans in shock. It’s still unbeknown who’s the “man”

WHAT started out as love ended up in blood and tears! When Tshepo Sithole-Modisane and Thobajobe “Thoba” Sithole-Modisane tied the knot in KwaZulu-Natal last year it was all over the news.

But hardly a year after their wedding, the couple have split. After a big blow-up last month one of them moved out of the house. According to court  papers, Thoba assaulted Tshepo in their matrimonial house in Buccleuch, Joburg. 

Tshepo said in a statement that he arrived home on 27 March and Thoba started beating him up.

Said Tshepo: “He punched me in the mouth. He also bit my right thumb. The neighbours came to help me. I then went to the police and reported the matter. I opened a case of domestic violence.”

Tshepo further told the cops that after opening the case, he went to hospital. But it wasn’t the first time Thoba subjected him to brutal assault.

“In February 2013, he punched me. It happened again in June/July 2013. He hit me and smashed my head against the wall. I had to go to hospital.”  Tshepo said his head was stapled and he also sustained injuries to his mouth.

Tshepo said: “Thoba promised to change his ways but keeps abusing me.”

Despite opening a criminal case against Thoba, Tshepo also obtained a protection order against him. Tshepo wants the court to order Thoba to pay rent of R3 250 a month and also buy groceries. Thoba’s phone rang  unanswered this week. – Sunday Sun

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Thembelinhle Innocentia Khoza- Nelspruit says:

    The reason why Thoba and Tshepo will keep fighting and lack respect its because they are all equal interms of power. traditionally a man is a head of a family because physically he has power to protect his family, in this case of both males who is protecting and listen who. i think our youth need to learn more about the danger of being gay. The choice is yours

  2. Given says:

    Srry guyz bt kwaaaaaaaaa

  3. Nico says:

    @Thembelinhle, very dumb comment. Figure it out…

  4. daluxolo says:

    No guys this can’t be true huh a.a !!!

  5. Thando says:

    Its a good thing they never went through with their reality tv show.

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