Happy 1st Birthday Lifestyle Tabloids!!!

Today officially marks 1 year since the inception of our [controversial] blog, and little did we know President Jacob Zuma would be amongst our loyal readers.

Before we knew it, Helen Zille followed suit, promptly followed by other prominent political figures across the globe, including Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe and Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni. How we know this? They all threatened to sue “our pants off” for publishing satirical pieces about them!!

We have been dubbed Africa’s most powerful blog by virtue of attracting international readership from those occupying the seat of power [both in the corporate and government arena].

After all that has been said and done, the cross-continental viral posts, the drama, emotions and legal threats – America knows we exist! Europe knows we exist! Australia knows we exist! And the rest of Africa certainly knows we exist!

A year and millions of hits later – we sincerely thank YOU for your support!!!

Twitter: @L_Tabloids
Facebook: Lifestyle Tabloids


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