Another Addition To President Jacob Zuma’s “Female Fleet”

(PIC) President Jacob Zuma’s “female fleet”

South African President Jacob Zuma has found love in Namibia and wedding bells are expected before the end of the year.

This was confirmed yesterday by his spokesperson, Mac Maharaj, who said that Zuma had been very impressed with the beauty of Namibian women during his State visit in November last year.

Namibian Sun first heard the news of Zuma’s Namibian romantic entanglement from a Namibian government source and then called Maharaj, who was very open about it.

“I can confirm that Zuma’s relatives are in an advanced stage of negotiations with the family of a young lady from the Omaheke Region. She is 29 years old and is the epitome of Namibian beauty. President Zuma is very excited about the upcoming nuptials,” said Maharaj.

Asked which tribe the woman is from Maharaj answered: “She is Ovaherero and the negotiations around the bride price are at a very sensitive stage. She is a very educated woman and the family wants a significant number of cattle.”

Zuma and the young lady apparently met in Windhoek after an official engagement during his two-day stay in Namibia last year.

Maharaj said all the arrangements for the wedding, which will be Zuma’s seventh, are expected to be concluded within the next few months.

The wedding ceremony will be held at the controversial Nkandla homestead in Zuma’s home province of KwaZulu-Natal at the end of November.

Nkandla – or at least the South African government spending N$246 million to upgrade it – has been at the heart of calls recently for Zuma to resign.
However, he has been defiant, saying that he did nothing wrong and was not the one who okayed the lavish upgrade, which included a chicken run, visitors’ centre, cattle kraal, swimming pool and amphitheatre, which Zuma has been asked by South Africa’s Public Protector to pay for.

He has refused to pay a cent, saying that government officials are to blame. Zuma’s Namibian bride will be moving to Nkandla, joining four of Zuma’s wives who live there, Maharaj told Namibian Sun yesterday. “We are eager to welcome Zuma’s new Namibian wife to South Africa and we believe that she will be happy here.

“Her arrival will not mean any improvements or further upgrades to the homestead. There is more than enough space for her family, if and when they come visit her in the future,” Maharaj added. – Namibian Sun

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12 Comments Add yours

  1. Thabiso. Makunyane says:

    I saw this one coming, Zuma wants to be like King Moswati,n his actions have a serious nagative impact on our economy,now Nigeria is no 1 in Africa on economic growth,n trust me Namibia is next,I need a new president to make South Africa what is was 5 years back…..I dnt know abt you,South africa is nt a better place to live in only for rich people……..ANC will loose so many votes because of thi man,he wants to run this country like a dictator,I just hope people will open their eyes about this and do something about it,I love ANC,bt I have lost trust in it.

    1. lee says:

      Oh poleeze, South Africa started degrading to a crap hole almost exactly after 1994! its ready for a revolution! zuma will be mudered out like gadaffi in libya, then there will be nithing left! thats what you wantself destruct mode 10..9…8

  2. sivuyile says:

    He can marry 100 wife’s I don’t care,all I want he must just step down as a president of SA,enough.

  3. pissedOff says:

    i ain’t voting for Zanc

  4. Amos says:


  5. elle says:

    REALLY, this man should be forced to resign. There must be someone in the ANC that is honest, decent and have enough brains to take over! Or maybe not?

  6. Hamann Duane says:

    Only in many years from now will be electorate be adequately educated and skilled to see what Zuma has done to this country, it’s people, society. He has reintroduced racism, raped our economy like he did to the young lady before taking a shower, all the people in government want to steal as much if not more than he has, this gravy train can’t last forever so take it while they can.

  7. sthembiso says:

    No no no this ain’t good at all mr Zuma must stap down as president,,, no we had enough now,we voted 4 ANC not 4 him 2 get such a benefit like this,,, how much he’ll spend on him next wedding? He’ll spend thousands but on the other hand people are sufurring

  8. share says:

    zumA must learn 2 keep his umshini in his pants Thats a man sies

  9. Jacob says:

    Zuma must step down finish and klaar

  10. Tebogo says:

    My President enjoy your life while you still alive.

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