End Of The Road For Glen Lewis And Unathi

Unathi Msengana has been painted as a Xhosa dragon lady that can't work with anyone

Unathi Msengana has been painted as a Xhosa dragon lady that can’t work with anyone

THEY were the perfect couple! But now it looks as if a professional “divorce” is looming for The Avenue Metro FM breakfast show co-presenters.

DJ Glen Lewis and Unathi Msengana might no longer work together when the new line-up is announced. This because the two don’t see eye-to-eye.
A senior staff member at the station told Sunday Sun that they might be separated. The highly-placed source said Glen is not happy to work with Unathi.
“He feels Unathi patronises him,” the source told Sunday Sun.
Our source also claims that the legendary DJ had lodged a complaint in the past but was told his contract bound him to work with Unathi.
This allegedly happened after Glen officially requested to be removed from the breakfast team in 2012.
Apparently, he was told that his contract ends this year.
The source added: “Glen is not someone who has issues with people. He is a peaceful guy who minds his own business.”
A producer at Metro FM said things are tense in the studio.
“The sad part is that Unathi won’t have The Avenue show to herself. If Glen is out, it means she’ll have to go somewhere else,” said the producer.
According to the producer, Glen has no problem with Unathi as an individual – because he regards her as a lovely person.
“But Glen feels Unathi antagonises everyone. He feels that she is rude to the listeners.
“And even the marketing team feels that Unathi is too much,” added the producer who wished to remain anonymous.
Sunday Sun tried to speak to the two DJs but was told both of them were in rehearsals and their phones were off. The Sun Team was referred to Metro FM’s spokeswoman Happy Ngidi.
Ngidi said: “As far as I know, there are no issues. They both come a very long way as a team.” – Sunday Sun

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21 Comments Add yours

  1. jabulile says:

    No ways. Unathi is no Xhosa dragon but down to earth well spoken n humble girl.
    I listen to their show I be never heard the demonstration of rudeness bakithi.

    1. Amos Manaka says:

      Unfortunately I can attest to the allegation that the tension exist but cannot believe that Glen would take it that far. Amos Manaka worried Avenue listener

    2. Nthabi says:

      I think this is just pure lies. Unathi and Glen make a great team

  2. Nosipho says:

    I love them both, they must fix this thing

  3. sibusiso djellesse says:

    Unatty is rude

  4. khanyi says:

    Unathi is rude indeed

  5. vincent malaza says:

    Yeah its high time for Mrs Msengane to move on and start a new life else where but as for Matlaku Chinovha he will be with Metro FM until until until

  6. mmashadi says:

    Those are my two favourite metro. Fm djs I love them both they are the. Best dj couple and whatever. It is that’s going on they will. Sort it out

  7. Ffred says:

    Wish the pair can resolve this issue as they help resolve our issues and ease our stresses.

  8. qhawe777 says:


    1. Ms P says:

      Thank you ! Tabloids and lies yierrrr !

  9. Cynthia says:

    This is so disappointing to hear this,
    but I listen to this show almost everyday and I have NEVER suspected any tension or anything disturbing. Instead I laugh alone in my car when listening to this two especially Glen.

  10. Nozie says:

    I love both of them and wouldn’t like seeing them doing separete shows. I love Unathi and maybe she is rude but I wont lie, i never find her rude but i always say shes like me, thinks she knows everything because she is well informed. In anycase not everyone will like and people should know that and accept that.

  11. thabang says:

    Yes, Unathi is rude and arrogant. Good move Glen.

  12. Daniel Gxulu says:

    GLEN IS BEING A BEACH, ugliest DJ Of them all. Jealous is killing you dude.

  13. Mendo says:

    My wife was learnered and opinionated which irritated some people. At home we would debate just about anything and I found that challenging whereas she was seen arrogant by some people

  14. Danie says:

    Glen yearns to stop being a beach here, I think real DRAGON is you. speaking of South African UGLIEST DJ. GLEN LEWES. Man up dude, hawu.

  15. Thabang says:

    I love this team, please fix your issues guys. Metro fm will not be the same without you! @Unathi, please do the right thing.

    1. Josina says:

      I’m still a bit confused as to how did this end up being this way? y all of a sudden Unathi is Glen’s no.1 “enemy”…

  16. Qalela says:

    Plz Unati Msengane n Matlaku Chinovha solve up d issue,if u are wrong unathi plz apologies to him.I love ths dj’s I get worried wen I miss their show,I was even more worried wen their show was moved in the morning.Ppl let’s nt call Glen names we dnt know wats behind d story,let’s support them nt to b seperated.

  17. Ms P says:

    This is EXACTLY why I HATE tabloids_Lies Lies Lies and my goodness More LIES! Sies mahn!

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