SAMA 20 Nominees

Album of the Year

• DJ Kent for The Weekent
• Mafikizolo for Reunited
• Mi Casa for Su Casa
• Naima Kay for Umsebenzi
• Nakhane Touré for Brave Confusion

Duo or Group of the Year

• Gangs of Ballet for Yes/No/Grey
• GoodLuck for Creatures of the Night
• Mafikizolo for Reunited
• Mi Casa for Su Casa
• The Parlotones for Stand Like Giants

Female Artist of the Year

• Dear Reader for Rivonia
• Judith Sephuma for The Experience Live in Concert
• Naima Kay for Umsebenzi
• Rebecca for Bayos’Khomba
• Zahara for Phendula

Male Artist of the Year

• Connell Cruise for Connell Cruise
• Kabomo for Memory Remains
• Matthew Mole for The Home We Built
• Nakhane Touré for Brave Confusion
• Vusi Mahlasela for Sing to the People

Newcomer of the Year

• Gangs Of Ballet for Yes/No/Grey
• iFani for I Believes in Me (1st. Quadrant)
• MuzArt for MuzArt
• Naima Kay for Umsebenzi
• Nakhane Touré for Brave Confusion

Best Rock Album

• Gangs of Ballet for Yes/No/Grey
• Shadowclub for Goodbye Wild Child
• The Black Cat Bones for Beatipiller
• The Parlotones for Stand Like Giants
• Van Coke Kartel for Bloed, Sweet & Trane

Best Pop Album

• Danny K for Good Look
• GoodLuck for Creatures of the Night
• LCNVL for Faster Longer Mixtape
• Mafikizolo for Reunited
• Matthew Mole for The Home We Built

Beste Pop Album (Afrikaans)

• 4Werke for 4 Harte
• Charlize Berg for Charlize Berg
• JAY for Dis Hoe Ons Rol
• Karlien van Jaarsveld for Uitklophou
• Kurt Darren for Seerower

Best Adult Contemporary Album

• Connell Cruise for Connell Cruise
• Farryl Purkiss for Home
• Hinds Brothers for Ocean of Milk
• Michael Lowman for Crayon Boxes
• Shaun Jacobs for Love Can

Beste Kontemporêre Musiek Album

• Ampie for Niks en Niemand
• Andriëtte for Wat Rym met Liefde
• Bok van Blerk for Steek Die Vure Aan
• Elvis Blue for Afrikaans
• Jak de Priester for N1 van My Hart

Best African Adult Album

• Naima Kay for Umsebenzi
• Selaelo Selota for The Promise
• Vusi Mahlasela for Sing to the People
• Zama Jobe for Thula Mntwana
• Zonke for Give and Take Live

Best Alternative Album

• Chris Letcher for Hyperbalist
• Dear Reader for Rivonia
• Death by Misadventure for dump dump
• Die See for II
• Nakhane Touré for Brave Confusion

Best R&B/Soul/Reggae Album

• Kabomo for Memory Remains
• MuzArt for MuzArt
• The Soil for Reflections Live in Joburg
• Vusi Nova for Walk into Light
• Zahara for Phendula

Best Rap Album

• AB Crazy for Home Coming
• iFani for I Believes in Me (1st. Quadrant)
• Kwesta for DaKAR
• L-Tido for All of Me
• Molemi for A Sia

Best Kwaito Album

• Alaska for The Revival
• Big Nuz for Made in Africa
• Character for Self-Control
• Mandoza for Sgantsontso
• Tzozo for Amabills

Best Dance Album

• DJ Kent for The Weekent
• Lulo Café for Soul Africa
• Mi Casa for Su Casa
• Uhuru for Our Father
• Zakes Bantwini for The Fake Book & Real Book: My Music Bible

Best Traditional Faith Music Album

• Andile KaMajola for Chapter 6. ujehova ungibiyele
• Deborah for Umqhele
• Lusanda Spiritual Group for Uhambo Lwam
• Rebecca for Bayos’Khomba
• Worship House for Project 10 Live in Limpopo, RSA

Best Contemporary Faith Music Album

• Benjamin Dube for Renewal in His Presence with Benjamin Dube
• Judith Sephuma for The Experience Live in Concert
• Nqubeko Mbatha for Sentiments of a Worshiper
• Soweto Gospel Choir for Divine Decade & Friends
• We Will Worship for YHWH

Best Traditional Album

• Hennie de Bruyn en die Kitaarkêrels for Kitaar Kwêla
• Joe Shirimani na Vana va Ndoda for Hawu Ra Mina
• PS. Manyike Na Vatirhi Va Hosi for Taduma e Kerekeni
• Sayicology for Round 2
• Dr. Thomas Chauke Na Shinyori Sisters for Shimatsatsa No 32

Best Maskandi Album

• Amabunjwa for X6
• Buselaphi for Gijima Ntuthwane
• Khwelebhasini for Ngiyistress
• Phuzekhemisi for Kungakho Nilwa Nodwa
• Thokozani Langa for Inyakanyaka

Best Jazz Album

• Marcus Wyatt Quartet for One Life in the Sun
• Shane Cooper for Oscillations
• Sisa Sopazi for Images & Figures
• Tumi Mogorosi for Project Elo
• Zim Ngqawana for Live at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival

Best Classical and/or Instrumental Album

• Cape Consort for Claudio Monteverdi – Selected Madrigals
• Guy Buttery for Live in KwaZulu
• Ockie Vermeulen for Obsession
• Tygerberg Children’s Choir for Glorious
• Zanne Stapelberg & Kathleen Tagg for Soul of Fire

Best Live DVD

• Nataniël for Factory
• Skouspel 2013 for Skouspel 2013
• The Soil for Reflections Live in Joburg
• Unathi for An Intimate Night with Unathi
• Zonke for Give and Take Live

Best Collaboration

• DJ Kent Ft The Arrows for Spin My World Around
• LCNVL Ft Lakota Silva for Closer
• Mafikizolo Ft May D for Happiness
• The Parlotones, Khuli Chana & Jon Savage for Sleepwalker
• Uhuru Ft Oskido, Professor & DJ Bucks – Y-tjukutja

Best Music Video of the Year

• Goldfish for One Million Views
• Mi Casa for Jika
• The Muffinz Umsebenzi Wendoda (An Ode to Single Mothers)
• The Parlotones, Khuli Chana & Jon Savage for Sleepwalker
• Toya Delazy for Memoriam

Best Producer of the Year

• Danny K for Good Look by Danny K
• Darryl Torr for Yes/No/Grey by Gangs of Ballet
• David Poole & Dominic Peters for Three Second Memory by Goldfish
• Dan Roberts for Border Crossing by Laurie Levine
• Shaun Jacobs for Love Can by Shaun Jacobs

Best Engineer of the Year

• Peter Auret for Pimp My Piano by Charl du Plessis
• Darryl Torr for Yes/No/Grey by Gangs of Ballet
• Matthew Fink for The Home We Built by Matthew Mole
• Matthew Fink for Goodbye Wild Child by Shadowclub
• Shaun Jacobs for Love Can by Shaun Jacobs

Remix of the Year

• Euphonik for Hallelujah Anyway
• Khuli Chana for Hape (Part 2)
• Mi Casa for Jika
• Oskido for Tsa Ma Ndebele
• Uhuru for Thath’isghubu

The SAMA 20 awards ceremony will
take place exactly 20 years later, on 28 April 2014, at the Sun City Superbowl.

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Uganda And Nigeria Top Google’s List Of Gay Porn Searchers

We see this story play out all too common in our society where the people who are most vocal about being anti-gay end up exposed to be homosexuals.

The connection between homophobia and suppressed homosexuality, has often been attributed to the notion that homosexual desires, when shut out because of some sense of shame, can easily express themselves as a form of homophobia.

It should come as no surprise that two countries on the continent that have sought to victimize people for their homosexuality turns out to be the most curious and active when it comes to gay porn on the internet.

NB: This article contains reference to content of an adult nature. Discretion is Advised.

Recently, Google published statistics listing the countries with the greatest number of searches for gay porn on the web and found Uganda ranked third, behind Kenya and Pakistan.

According to The Guardian, though Uganda recently passed legislation imposing lifetime imprisonment for homosexuality, the country continues to be among those with the highest number of internet searches for gay pornography.

In an all too familiar paradox of the forbidden fruit syndrome, Roger Ross Williams, director of the award-winning documentary God Loves Uganda, told the Huffington Post he believes the more government tries to repress sex and sexuality, the more it will continue to flourish underground.

An earlier report by the Huffington Post also revealed that Nigeria has a high number of frequent searches for gay pornography on the internet.

According to the Huffington Post, Nigerians in high volume search the internet everyday for ‘gay sex pics’ and ‘anal sex pics’, despite the country’s stand against homosexuality and outright ban on gay marriage.

While one can not conclusively say that the high number of gay porn searches on the net is reflective of country’s gay community, it is rather curious to know that even with strict repressive laws, these countries have failed to quell, if you may, the existence of homosexual interests.

Is just a result of curiosity or out-right hypocrisy by these countries? Is this a case of ‘we hate in others what we truly hate in ourselves’? – Phil Mphela

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Khanyi Mbau Sex Dolls To Go On SALE!!!

Khanyi Mbau once leaked nude pictures of herself on the net - and pretended otherwise.

Khanyi Mbau once leaked nude pictures of herself on the net – and pretended otherwise.

CAPE TOWN – A company in Johannesburg has found a new way for men to have sex with Khanyi Mbau, without having to be filthy rich and driving a Lamboghini.

The Khanyi Mbau sex dolls, designed to recreate the appearance, texture, and weight of Mzansi’s self-proclaimed Queen of Bling herself, rival humans in both look and feel, with accurate anatomical functions of female genitals, complete with body hair.

These realistic-looking dolls’ private features are said to be the closest thing a man (or woman) can experience to being with the real Khanyi Mbau.

Manufacturers of the Khanyi Mbau sex dolls claim to have contacted this former sugar-daddy magnet to make the exact mold of her private parts, then recreate them using soft, realistic silicon. These are then installed on life-sized dolls for a realistic look and feel.

Linda Zwane, founder and president of the Khanyi Mbau sex dolls, said that he came up with the idea after being rejected by Miss Mbau because of being poor.

“Where else can a man experience the pleasure of being with Khanyi Mbau without the financial burdens associated with dating a girl like her?,” asks Zwane.

Linda also said that since the dolls are basically like any item any person can buy, it is legal in any province.

“You can go to any toy shop and buy Barbie or Spider Man, well these dolls are non-living, and just like any toy, they can be bought at a fee without breaking any law,” he adds.

Khanyi Mbau life-sized, realistic sex dolls will be available for purchase at popular brothels around Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg from April.

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Uganda Child Rape Festival Officially Launches

(PIC) Ugandan State Minister for Ethic & Integrity Reverend Simon Lokodo

(PIC) Ugandan State Minister for Ethic & Integrity Reverend Simon Lokodo

Kampala – The inaugural Child Rape Festival was officially launched this morning by State Minister for Ethics & Integrity, Rev. Simon Lokodo.

The festival, which will see girls as young as two-months-old being helplessly raped “the natural way”, has been unanimously welcomed by the parliament as it upholds Ugandan Christian principles, as opposed to two consenting adults engaging in homosexual sex.

Cutting the ribbon to formally declare this month-long event as opened, the beaming Rev. Simon Lokodo said the festival couldn’t have come at a better time.

“Men raping young girls has been a long standing tradition in Uganda, a tradition we are very proud of and wish to uphold with the greatest of honour,” Lokodo told reporters.

“Heterosexual rape is morally superior to consensual gay sex. It is men raping girls, which is natural… Raping the evil demons out of the girls will ensure that none of them turns lesbian, otherwise they will be jailed for life. So it is win-win for everyone,” Rev. Simon Lokodo went on to say.

Under the tagline “God Loves Child Rapists – Not Homosexuals”, the festival will present an array of child rape activities which will see the winner being awarded a “Yoweri Prize” for the most rapes, consisting of a diamond encrusted trophy named after Ugandan president, Yoweri Museveni.

Speaking to reporters, men in Uganda say they are already beginning to celebrate this “very innovative” way to “cure the gay epidemic” proliferating across the African continent.

“I have one advice for every man gunning for the Yoweri trophy; You are wasting your time…. I remain the undisputed serial child rapist in Uganda… The trophy shall be mine,” warned 43-year-old Keke Agaba, who claims that his rape victims are in their thousands.

29-year-old Israel Kaboggoza jumped in to say;

“I’m going to get the most rapes this year. I’ve been practicing all year by raping my sister and her friends every day. I will be rape superstar number one! I will get the Yoweri Prize this year for sure!”

Uganda is willing to give up all international aid in favor of its new Child Rape Festival, which makes it legally, morally and religiously acceptable to rape a girl-child as opposed to condoning homosexuality, which the country deem to be an “unnatural” act.

“We will not shy away from this, we want to rid this country of homosexuality and if that means these people – Obama, Hague, you name them – want to stop their aid then let them,” Simon Lokodo was quoted as saying.

“Homosexuality cannot be accommodated in our culture. We have taken that position as a government and prefer child rape because this is a democratic country and it is what the people want.”

Following the controversial anti-gay bill which was recently passed last week, the World Bank announced that it would suspended a 60 million new loan for health services in Uganda. Denmark, The Netherlands and Norway have all frozen aid to President Yoweri Museveni’s government. Washington is “reviewing its relationship” with Uganda over the law, which John Kerry, the US Secretary of State, compared to Nazism and apartheid.

Rev. Simon Lokodo further added that “these Western people – Obama, Kerry – they are married to women, yet they want to tell us our men should marry men. If that is so important, why does Obama not marry a man?

“Do not come into my house and tell me how to live, what food to cook, what to do, as I do not come to your house and tell you what to do. I would much rather rape a girl than kiss another man. At least that would be the natural way of having sex”.

President Yoweri Museveni could not respond on whether he would equally assign scientists to establish what makes a person heterosexual or whether there is such a thing as a heterosexual gene, the same way he did when trying to establish what makes a person homosexual. The UK ended all its direct budget support to the Ugandan government last year.

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End Of The Road For Glen Lewis And Unathi

Unathi Msengana has been painted as a Xhosa dragon lady that can't work with anyone

Unathi Msengana has been painted as a Xhosa dragon lady that can’t work with anyone

THEY were the perfect couple! But now it looks as if a professional “divorce” is looming for The Avenue Metro FM breakfast show co-presenters.

DJ Glen Lewis and Unathi Msengana might no longer work together when the new line-up is announced. This because the two don’t see eye-to-eye.
A senior staff member at the station told Sunday Sun that they might be separated. The highly-placed source said Glen is not happy to work with Unathi.
“He feels Unathi patronises him,” the source told Sunday Sun.
Our source also claims that the legendary DJ had lodged a complaint in the past but was told his contract bound him to work with Unathi.
This allegedly happened after Glen officially requested to be removed from the breakfast team in 2012.
Apparently, he was told that his contract ends this year.
The source added: “Glen is not someone who has issues with people. He is a peaceful guy who minds his own business.”
A producer at Metro FM said things are tense in the studio.
“The sad part is that Unathi won’t have The Avenue show to herself. If Glen is out, it means she’ll have to go somewhere else,” said the producer.
According to the producer, Glen has no problem with Unathi as an individual – because he regards her as a lovely person.
“But Glen feels Unathi antagonises everyone. He feels that she is rude to the listeners.
“And even the marketing team feels that Unathi is too much,” added the producer who wished to remain anonymous.
Sunday Sun tried to speak to the two DJs but was told both of them were in rehearsals and their phones were off. The Sun Team was referred to Metro FM’s spokeswoman Happy Ngidi.
Ngidi said: “As far as I know, there are no issues. They both come a very long way as a team.” – Sunday Sun

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