BREAKING NEWS: ANC Prostitutes Deployed In Tembisa

(PIC) Controversial ANC prostitutes showing what their Mamas gave them

(PIC) Controversial ANC prostitutes showing what their Mamas gave them

Ekurhuleni – The first batch of ladies commissioned for “Vote ANC & Get A FREE Prostitute” election campaign were deployed to work at an ANC rally held at Makhulong Stadium in Tembisa.

Chaos, drools and erections became the order of the day as the six prostitutes paraded across the stadium wearing the skimpiest “bum shorts” printed ANCYL.

Election Erections

The prostitutes, aged between 14 to 21 years, were seen flirting with male and lesbian supporters as they handed out ANC leaflets. One prostitute was quoted as saying; “Vote for ANC and you can have all of this thickness…”

It is alleged that another batch of prostitutes were deployed to “steal” support from EFF rally held at Mehlareng Stadium, also in Tembisa.

Jackson Mthembu and other top ANC officials could not be reached for comment.

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36 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: ANC Prostitutes Deployed In Tembisa

  1. This is a shocking new low from the ANC…I am ashamed to live in a country governed by a political party that employs such tactics…this begs the question what social norms the ANC is teaching us through this action, and since they can do this in an attempt to win votes, what other low measures will they resort to when they lose another province or two to an opposition party? Scary scary scary times ahead for us South Africans.

  2. Those old disgusting ANC leaders with big bellies probably also slept with these poor kids. They use their power to sleep with naïve girls. The ANC should kiss my vote goodbye. Rha!!!

  3. If they can hire everything meaning from artist,prostitutes,buses and buy kfc for that day, what iimpression do they give to that poor family living in a shark like shelter without water nor food? Ilizwe lithini, because when people ask for services they are told government doesn’t have money for such and such. Anyway this is their choice and so you should make your choice to.

  4. Im not surprised and thats what happens daily at the ANC offices,so on saturday they just made it publicly.Thats y we always read about their useless rapes and sexual harrasment.Those illiterate and naive women,they dnt knw exactly wat they are doing…

  5. Thyaka ra vanhu,inga vhotela kuva magoxa,magoya ya lawo aya bebulekangi,I wonder ku va mhana kona vale kwini vata vona leswi vanga tisela vanhu swona

  6. Is this a job creation for ancyl,damn leaders.I bet anc will lose everything in tembisa,we went to their rally after we went to the original1,we went there to enjoy what our artist were doing,not to suport their dirty work.only vomagoxa will vote for them because they suport them.

  7. Let us face the reality about the opposition parties they only watch the fouls of the ANC only so they critisize them they must talk by the good about ANC also

  8. Oh my god… This is the evil party!!! It needs to be stoped so that our children cannot grow under this low morals promoted by the ruling party!!!

  9. this is bullshit ANC is a disgrace to the people of the republic. the mahhosha will vote for them, this country is becoming immoral, MY HEART IS BLEEDING.

    • Those who hv no sin must be the first one’s to throw the stones.In a moment of election even those who sell their body for a living are important,their voice,presence must be welcomed.Our constitutions does not serve only the moral saints,its provides rights for all

      • You must be joking!!! This isn’t about prostitutes’ voices being heard. This is about an immoral and corrupt party using a disgusting and desperate tactic to win votes! Come on bro….

  10. Any political party could be behind this as a strategy to oust the ANC, straight from the book of tricksters… gullible people will probably believe this. Then again if its the ANC ah well what can be said of a Zuma headed government

  11. I’ve never in my life heard of a country’s government doing something like this! If the ANC are capable of this, then who knows what they are capable of doing to their very own members when the crap really hits the fan… You guys must be careful. Someone needs to form a new party that has morals & all the people in this county’s interest, otherwise this country’s going to go down – FAST! Take heed people, PLEASE!!!

  12. Shoo. These are women, thus human beings, they probably have some grey stuff in their heads called BRAINS. I do not understand why they allow themselves to do such a thing. This type of behaviour sets the country back on the gains made by the women’s rights organisations. I would like to hear as to what the Women’s league has to say about this disgusting show.

  13. This kind of public degrading of morals has no right or place in OUR Country. Is this the kind of message we want our children to grow up with and carry out into the world? Is this the face of RSA that the rest of the world is mocking? How can any Country take its leaders seriously, when this kind of behavior is promoted? The ANC was once ruled by an amazing Father of our country. But the new leaders in Parliament has disgraced his legacy. Madiba, I wish you could grab these ill-mannered, immoral and ignorant “Leaders” of our country, and teach them what you stood for all your life. A free and fair Democracy with rights for all. We miss you Madiba, and I am sure you are bleeding for YOUR country as much as the rest of South-Africa’s children.

  14. I am so glad that I have left SA. Are you really that deluded that you cant tell between a bullsh*t ploy. Now before you get defensive wait a second. I think that the the government in power has done very little for SA, I really dont think that the opposition is any better, you as a people need to stand together and fight the lies that they have been feeding you, because lets face it at the end of the day you are the ones with the power, yet you all stand there fighting each other over lies. You want a country to be truly proud of? well here’s the answer get off your chairs and go and rally for justice and truth, make the politicians work for you, not the other way around. YOU were the driving force that brought freedom to SA, sure at the time of oppression you needed leaders to rally you, but after 20 YEARS of democracy what do you really have to show for it, the economy is getting worse by the day crime is still rampant and your social services are still ridiculous. So when you see your leaders driving in expensive cars(let me ask you how long would it take you to save up to buy one of those cars? amazing when you think about it) and living in giant houses that even some of the polititians in the western world are shocked at, doesn’t that make you angry, they lied to you they said it was a new South Africa a land of promise and glory for all, the truth is they have simply replaced the evil monsters who started it all. GREED. You got your freedom back through blood and tears, and now you have it your still trapped they have created a new class of oppression not of color but of wealth and education. The only way to stop all of this is to become a true rainbow nation, the perfect metaphor for a great nation all the colors together as one connected line. In my view politicians are civil servants not civil masters.
    I really love the people of SA(the good ones) There isnt a day that goes by that I dont miss you all, but why would I stay only to end up poor and down trodden. I wonder how many of their promises have been kept, do you know? How much have they said has been spent of housing and yet where are they? I remember an episode of Carte Blanche where they went to one of these housing developments, the houses werent even safe to live in!! yet how many millions were said to have been spent? Where did that money go it wasnt spent on housing or DEVELOPING land for farming or on education?(as crazy as this sounds those two things could be done so easily, man has done both of those since before we knew how to speak properly) but no it went into building their big houses so that they and only they could enjoy it, amazing people died for them to live in luxury…
    Look I know that not every politician is bad of corrupt a lot really do care, but without support they loose to the liars.
    Imagine, for a second if this story is true that when the people at this ANC rally realised how immoral it was having prostitutes there as a bribe and started complaining about it no started demanding that who ever decided that sex was the way to help the country should be removed from power and replaced with someone who cares, not just for one particular group of people but for all the people of SA.
    20YEARS, 20YEARS and what do you have to show for it. It could have been a paradise where everyone was fed and housed. I really believe in the poeple of SA because by now you all are starting to realise that its not just one group of people that is evil,, but that its something which spreads like a virus. I not saying that one party is better than the other of that one is wrong and the other right, what I am saying is that you as a people need to stand together this time as a nation and say this is what we want give it to us to be prepared to have your elected power taken back and given to some one who wants to make the country better.
    I dont think that this statement will make any difference, I have lost faith in SA and I think it will take another 50 years before the country is better how sad to think that the people who fought in the 90’s will have almost all died by then, not even getting the chance to enjoy the life they were meant to.

    • Absolutely touching. Thank you for your uplifting and beautiful words. You make a valid point and I agree completely. My heart bleeds for the mothers and daughters of South-Africa. My heart bleeds for the brothers and fathers of our nation. If only we all could adopt a sense of moral and ethics. Our country could be glorious beyond words. We could be the statement of Love, Compassion, Peace and Prosperity. If only we could learn what each of those traits truly are.

      We are proud to have such a wise South-African out there in the world.

  15. What a joke, ANC should have stepped down years ago…. We have so many great people of color in our country that could really make a difference, why we let these fools rule our country is the big ?

  16. Order cde this is not the member of the ANC and ANCYL, this is the opposite part that sub-touch the ANC. If you got all this pic there’s no one wearing the ANC T-shirt

    Phansi ngabadukisi Phansi
    Viva ANC Viva
    Uyabuya uPresident JZ uyabuya

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