SONA Worst Dressed: Gatvol Yellow Dress Designer Speaks Out!!!

2012v/s2014 pictures of DoA&C Portfolio Committee Chairman, Thandile Sunduza. She's ALWAYS pregnant

2012v/s2014 pictures of DoA&C Portfolio Committee Chairman, Thandile Sunduza. She’s ALWAYS pregnant

The blaming game between SONA worst dressed winner Thandile Sunduza and fashion designer Miglali Gqada continues… This time, the yellow dress designer had this to say via her Facebook page;

After going back and forth on wether to or not address what I deem Fashion Suicide by Ms Sunduza at the SONA last nite alas here I am, and this mite I add will be my only comment on this subject…

I am a well rounded designer and stylist for plump women whom I refer to as iziDudla. My label as launched 4 years ago has graced a number of Red Carpets, Magazines, Newspapers and a myriad of Social Media sites!!!

I myself exclusively wear MY designs and have grown a brand unanimous with Sassy, Cheeky, Classy and all round fabulous and this I say with a clear conscious quoting texts from many published sentiments of my large clientele, fans, followers and friends…

Ms Sunduza requested me to design her a garment for the SONA and upon consultation she had her own idea and a clear indication of what she wanted, in fact she wanted me to go and see a dress from a store she liked and make it, I refused because I respect my craft and I do not dummy copy other designers work, I can use them as inspiration BUT not copy as an ethic I work with…

The dress I made for Ms Sunduza is NOT the dress she wore at the SONA, I repeat for the indulgence of those who seek this clarity and those that have read her FB post which I am not privy too as we are NOT friends on FB, we HAD a client designer relationship!!!

A dress was courioued to CPT and there are people who can attest to the fact that what she wore last nite was NOT the dress sent to her !!! The dress sent was lime off shoulder NOT a boob cube as she wore and it had a lace overlay/droppings which was appropriate for her current state (pregnancy)!!!

What Ms Sunduza wore was the under garment of the dress sent to her, so she unanimously with NO consultation with me went and got the dress reDONE by people I do not know without my knowledge which is her prerogative as that petticoat she ended up wearing as a dress was exactly that the under garment of the dress and again i say this THERE is proof to all of this as the dress was seen by even those who I asked to drop it at the airport!!!

The top part of the dress worn by Ms Sunduza I too have never laid eyes on and it was only after close speculation that I realized that she wore the petticoat as a dress and did something with the top part that I dnt know!!!

Till NOW I have NOT been consulted by her nor has she explained what she did to the S’dudla Couture dress I sent her and that is non of my business as what my clients do with their garments is not my business!!!

I respect my clients and am always willing to listen and give them a life changing experience with my designs. I am NOT perfect but you do not leave my studio with a long face or disappointed!!! My staff and I make sure of that at ALL times!!!

In conclusion Ms Sunduza must NOT LIE in such platforms and claim that disaster she wore was my design, as she wore the petticoat of the actual dress delivered to her and did something with the top I too have never seen nor understand!!!

In fact as she jirated on the Red Carpet laughing and chasing cameras she did NOT once when asked the designer mention my name she went on about her shoes and Drs orders etc, I was glued on to the screen…

She did not at any time call me and say the dress was not fit for her and had she done so with the Original Dress not the disaster she wore I would have respectfully asked her NOT to wear it, send it back and I would rework the dress until it suited her needs!!!

In my line of work we consult I design your look, you pay and I make the garment then you fit after which you decide if the dress is perfect and we work on it for delivery!!!

And in the event you are not happy we remake the dress and you never take a garment you do not like or feel is a reflection of what you had initially asked for!!!

For the record I made dresses for the SONA as I have done in years before and my clients looked outstanding and where more than happy with my work!!!

In future when soliciting services of an expect or respectable service provider or designer in my case WEAR what I made and NOT an imagined frock, had that been the case the woman at hand would have made social pages and NOT worst dressed!!!

The Truth can Not be manufactured at the will of people who when at the centerfold of disaster want to cry fawl and redirect anarchy to ME hay’khona NOT on my clock!!!

I will continue to ROCk fab outfits and style my people with honor and dignity…In the meanwhile the worst dressed must take the fall for her self inflicted disaster and own up to her dress WHILE I own up to MY petticoat that she altered into a dress!!!

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