“Blacks Are Stupid! Let Them Do All The Barbaric Chanting For Us,” Laughed Off White DA Members

(PIC) A shocking post derived from Facebook. Lara Jones has since deleted all posts from her wall.

(PIC) A shocking post derived from Facebook. Lara Jones has since deleted all posts from her wall.

Johannesburg – It was petrol bombs, tear gas and bricks as DA’s attempt to march for “real” jobs came to a screeching halt. A sea of blue t-shirts confronted by a dash of red [copy cat] berets turned unpalatably sour, consequently wreaking havoc across the streets of downtown Jozi.

Amidst all the drama and controversy, what was strikingly vivid was the absence of white DA comrades, although the ANC is still very adamant that DA is predominantly a “white” political party. Like a small drop of bleach stain on a black fabric, DA leader, Helen Zille, was the only white person in attendance, flanked by [her almost white] Lindiwe Mazibuko, alias “glorified tea girl”.

While all media outlets took M1 South to capture stick-and-stone moments hovering Rissik street, a journalist working for a popular tabloid in Marshalltown reportedly took M1 North to interview white DA members who “couldn’t make it” to the march.

“Well, I can afford KFC. Black supporters where promised Streetwise Two in exchange… Many of them only get to eat KFC on Christmas, and that’s if they’re lucky… Blame it on poverty and unemployment created by the ruling party…. There was no need for me to be there,” alluded Peter Steyn, a property developer hailing from Morningside, Sandton.

In fact, buses carrying township DA supporters were filled to the brim to show a united front against the government’s “bogus” commitment to creating 6-million work opportunities through the expanded public works programme (EPWP). The DA has haughtily dismissed these as only short-term temporary work, and not “real jobs”.

Peter Steyn went on to say, “If I want to tan my skin, I go to Cape Town or Knysna. If I want to loose weight, I go to Virgin Active. If I want to see a stampede, I watch Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. Imagine a white person jumping up and down like a bloated monkey, it will look silly. Let them do all the barbaric chanting for us.”

Neels Potgieter, who is DA’s councilman for Ward 9, Hyde Park, gave a more diplomatic stance regarding his absence at the showdown.

“Marching and holding placards has been a long standing tradition within the black community, a culture which white DA members respect with no reservation. As such, it would seem rather patronizing for any white person to mimic that. It is exactly the same as a white person speaking to a black person in a black accent, this equates to mocking the black accent. White people fight at boardroom level, not in the streets,” Neels said.

Dubbed the rent-a-black, rent-a-leader party, the DA has been accused of using blacks as voting fodder. Last year the party came under severe scrutiny following its proposed Diversity Economic Empowerment [D.E.E] policy, which will ultimately see a well-off white person who benefited from past economic injustices deserving an equal chance of empowerment as a poor black person who inherited centuries of generational poverty.

Another white DA member, who spoke on condition of anonymity, laughed off and said;

“If they can be convinced that eating grass brings them closer to God, they can be convinced to do anything… Blacks are so dof man.”

(PIC) ANC supporters holding bricks

(PIC) ANC supporters holding bricks

The ANC has reportedly made an urgent court application seeking protection from the DA’s march, stating that the opposition party was “armed to the teeth”. The application was dismissed by Johannesburg High Court.

Speaking on Power FM, ANC’s spin doctor, Jackson Mthembu, said the DA was preparing for war.

“They are coming armed to the teeth, with helmets, batons, shields. They have even booked places in hospitals. That can only be the actions of a party at war….”

Police reportedly fired stun grenades to stop a group of about 100 ANC supporters from intercepting 6000 DA marchers. The group of ANC supporters threw rocks and bricks at the police before splintering into smaller groups, leading to a game of cat and mouse between them and the police, a few blocks from Luthuli House.

Helen Zille described the march as “successful” to broadcaster eNCA afterwards, saying the DA had achieved its objectives.

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  1. Tifo says:

    Why is it that this was never reported on because had it been the members of the rulling party saying such things about White South Africans it would’ve been all over the headlines, nationally and abroad. Secondly, we hear DA saying that the EPWP is not sustainable employment but the very same DA offer such opportunities to young black people in Gugulethu, Nyanga and other townships around the WC. DA saying thy could create 500 000 jobs if thy came into power but thy have been in power in the WC but the have failed to delivere 100 000 quality permanent jobs for the people of the WC. DA is full of racist opportunists who use the media for Publicity Stunts. They say that the ANC led goverment has failed to deliver basic service delivery hence the country is on fire but when our people protested for services in the WC the DA was quick to say that the protests were organized by the Youth League shifting blame from their own lack of service delivery.

    1. swordsaint says:

      It wasn’t reported on because this is satire. Parody. It says so approximately 12 lines above your post. The main stream media don’t report on satire as fact, because it isn’t fact. It’s satire. If you’re unsure of what satire means, do a Google search for the word and its definition. Then maybe visit TimesLive and read how the province with the least reported racism is… the Western Cape. And then after some soul searching, perhaps return here and apologise for accusing the DA of something the facts show to be not true.

      1. will0wisp1 says:

        Thank you swordsaint, for trying to talk some sense into people here in the comments section 🙂

      2. Sorry but I do not get your point in relation to what the comment said and since when is Timeslive a reliable source for statistics and to quote you ‘least REPORTED racism. There are no facts to corroborate that the DA is a non racist party. Originally the DA was a racist party in fact because before the alliance it was a recognised party within apartheid South Africa which enjoyed the fruits of exploitation. The problem with any neo liberal I know is the inability to listen to the plights of the people they claim to so love and want to ‘help’. What the commentor raised are valid points about the development of the previously disadvantaged groups in the Cape…Swordsaint I also have a word for you…patronising. You need to do some Soul searching and ask yourself as a liberal (i presume you are) why some people who were disadvantaged by a system YOU benefitted from should still be in dire poverty in a ‘democratic’ state that seeks ‘equality’ for all…

      3. swordsaint says:

        Hi there, Freeverse. I’m sorry I’m only replying now. I saw this a few days ago and even though my customary style is to reply quickly, I think we can have a dialectic, an honest one, without points scoring. Having given it some thought I would like to reply properly:

        (1) My point, which you required clarity on, is simply that this incident, which was the commentator’s launching pad into his diatribe, is non-existent. It never happened. It was used presumably to illustrate a point which itself could be interpreted in many ways. One way is the ‘racist demon’ in Whites and this White Party, and what they really think.

        Another way is how Black Folk have their own racist demon in interpreting the support among Blacks for the DA (House ****** – I only allude to that disrespectful word because it carries powerful emotional baggage among African Americans against those who are seen to betray their culture and help the oppressors. However allude is as far as I’ll go because I’m not interested in hurting anyone especially not with words that categorise them as a one dimensional caricature).

        (2) You claim the DA is a racist party because of its roots with the Democratic Party and the fact it was recognised as legitimate to compete in government with the NP. The problem with this is its too simple. There was a large network of Germans who worked within the Nazi Government in order to bring it down – going as far as collaborating with the Allies in World War II. Some may have been doing it because they just thought Nazis went too far, others did so because they couldn’t stomach the race hate the Nazis had for Blacks, Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, and so on. Working within the system, the DP was more overt in its opposition to Apartheid, but never had enough political power than to hinder the Nats as much they could. That’s also a simplified explanation, but one that is LESS simplified and counters your argument. Besides, Helen Zille, its current leader, was a member of the Black Sash and they were very overt in opposing Apartheid. It was even she who broke the news on Steve Biko’s brutal and senseless murder by the corrupt forces of the Apartheid government.

        (3) On my being a Liberal. Good assumption. Wrong, completely, but still a good assumption. I prefer not self-identifying as anything where possible, because that’s how people categorise you.

        (It’s a human condition thing, it is because our brains consume 1 / 6th of our body’s resources, which is a massive amount compared to other mammals, and it likes to “cheat”, i.e. go into a low-energy consumption mode, wherever possible. This is why some people PUSH the door when it reads PULL. Their brains are taking short cuts without them realising it.)

        Back to categorising, it’s a part of our nature but it leads to disgusting things like Apartheid and also calls to wipe out all White people who are all racist except for one or two who joined the ANC, or something.

        (4) If I have to categorise myself, the descriptor I’m most comfortable with is: Secular Humanist. We stand for all of Humanity, not one group, and believe in non-selfishness to further Humanity into a much better future. Trust me, if I was President, I wouldn’t have an Nkandla, I’d be pushing education for all, and I’d break the back of some of the teachers unions if they made the mistake of contradicting the rights all children have for a good education. Trust me, I know the value of advantages, and education with decent nutrition is a good start but of course there are plenty of other issues to deal with.

        (5) You are making an assumption about my race. I could be among many other races, or not even from South Africa, but I think its important I don’t identify my race, and that’s because I’m not proud of my race. Or any race. Not on their own. And I also don’t like being categorised by my race, whether ill or positively. But on the subject of advantages:

        (6) Which advantages are you speaking of? All you can infer without actually being EXTREMELY PATRONISING, which you will recall, you accused me of, is I know how to use the Internet – so do you.

        And I know how to construct an argument properly, while also seeing the problems (i.e. indicators that hint at a lack of appreciation for the Reality of Life and the complexities in any system, human, natural and otherwise).

        You also can tell I’m a critical thinker, obviously because I avoid emotional rhetoric (in general, but I am only human) and focus on the points, and why they are either logically correct or logically incorrect.

        Incidentally, my Philosophy class was mixed in terms of Race, from Black to Coloured to Indian to White, male and female, and that means any advantage I had as a result of being White in terms of my education was negated by the time I studied with this talented and multicultural group.

        You don’t know if I’m struggling financially or well-off, you don’t know if my family risked everything in fighting Apartheid or were happy to turn a blind eye.

        But whatever my race, I will tell you my grandmother was charged with High Treason, and my grandfather locked away in a political prison for constantly clashing with the Apartheid government and helping anyone charged under Apartheid era laws. And that my mother suffered in her upbringing because they constantly were struggling financially.

        At the time, my grandparents foresaw no reward for themselves, and they never really got one following Apartheid’s end, except for a decent pension for their role in the struggle. My grandfather was an attorney but was poor, and that’s because he helped Thabo Mbeki and others many many times without expecting payment – and at the time, many of those chaps, like the future President Mbeki, were struggling financially too.

        I only bring this up because you brought up the point of benefiting. Benefiting like with a R200 million upgrade to my house which was shown to be diverted from social projects? The President of the ANC is exploiting his position of power and after 20 years in power, the ANC itself has failed at giving OUR children a real chance for opportunity. Simply by being stubborn, corrupt and greedy when it comes to our schools. Will you now argue against their descendants and their advantages – at the expense of a great many still suffering – or will you rather worry about the DA because it emotionally feels like they are something they’re not?

        If I seem patronising, it’s because I don’t tolerate racial or gender-based hate (i.e. Oscar Pistorius must go to prison for a very very long time, because the evidence points to a moment of rage and not a case of mistaken identity and I can’t stand misogynists).

        I don’t tolerate it and I won’t accept it and just as my grandfather fought against the White Racists in power, it seems I must do the same with those who are becoming or have become Black Racists. I won’t excuse my mind, my reasoning nor my critical thinking because I come across as patronising. That’s YOUR opinion for not constructing as good an argument as I. Liberate yourself from emotional based rhetoric and accept there are harsh truths that contradict your own religious-like devotion to a party no longer related to that great, great man and thinker Chief Albert Luthuli.

        (Although I’m making some assumptions here about you – how does it feel, if I’m wrong, to have assumptions made these assumptions?)

  2. Gilbert says:

    True Zwe

  3. phinda says:

    To hell with DA nd white people.

    1. swordsaint says:

      To hell with racists! No, not the DA or white people. YOU. Plenty of whites are racist. Plenty have a very integrated attitude and get on very well in integrated environments with people of other races. AND besides, you’re getting emotional over a satiric article. There could be an article titled: “Angry blacks get mean and nasty to whites after reading a satiric article intended to satirise something or other – perhaps satirising how SOME NOT ALL BUT POSSIBLY ONLY A MINORITY of black folk hate all white people as expressed in the comments section”.

      Yeah I know I know, that headline would never happen. It’s waaay too long.

      1. You are the most ignorant knowing notheing about the black majority. Satirical, find out what that means to us, in our languages and see that you fall far off the mark, and actually realise you’re the one that is the butt of the joke. There is no Mandela and “Reconciliation” or Mbeki’s “Renaissance” to hind behind as a fig leaf to pandour to your superiority complex. Soon you will realise that in a multipolar world where BRICS nations are on the rise, that Superiority Complex is hubris. For 20yrs we gave you the world’s best Statesmen to encourage you to assimilate and reconcile with Africa and Africans.

      2. swordsaint says:

        Oh Odidi, ignorant? Listen, buddy, you sprout complete nonsense. Firstly, you are guilty of the same flaw as the Apartheid Government mentality.

        How do you know I do not support those presidents you “gave” to me? Pity Motlanthe never became president. He really would have been our best president. I wrote to him twice to express my support of him. You disgust me, making inferences about me that had nothing whatsoever to do with my post.

        As for black people, and satire, well, its self-racist of you to think you speak for an entire race. You are part of the problem, and obviously are racist, and racist in a way that Vervoerd would understand. I don’t have a superiority complex because I am white (which you don’t even know for sure) and because you are black.

        Trust me, I count many black folk as mentors and teachers, but that’s because they aren’t morons, but instead are learned men, and considered, and fair.

        Idiots like you, irrespective of race, who love to generalise, who don’t have the intelligence to see the world fairly and accurately, don’t give me a superiority complex either.

        What you do give me is fear, because it is this kind of stupidity that leads to atrocities. Whether against Whites, Black Folk from other countries even Black Folk who happen to be a different tribe or language group.

        PS I love multiculture, and make an effort to understand other cultures. So I know you are talking nonsense when you hide behind your race. Despicable and unintelligent as you are, you’ve only got ugly rhetorical tricks to justify a pathetic world view: a racist generalist one. Speak to me when you’ve learnt your lesson, or can argue better.

  4. Desmond says:

    Hey dont really care what you say n do I for 1 will never vote for the DA and Im sorry if I cum off as ignorant but thats the reality of the matter whites in this country havnt really changed they laugh n call us names behind our backs n smile n say political correct statements when ppl are watchin, I grew up well off went 2 white schools lives in suburbs all my life n sum of my best friends are white,yes the ANC has failed us there n there but do you really think the DA will do better I for 1 dont believe that not even for a second…

    1. Thabie says:

      I was, infact, considering voting for the DA but after these appalling rants, I feel proud is saying that i shall let the ANC continue to rule in corruption than see racists that merged with the National Party threaten my and my child’s future.

      1. Mpu says:

        Viva ANC

      2. Mr Academic says:

        Perhaps you look at the bottom of the post before you change your mind: It is a work of Satire

      3. swordsaint says:

        Viva emotional clouding of judgement, viva. Viva reading satire as real and throwing one’s toys, viva. Viva not stopping for a second and considering this critically, viva. Viva not responding to the facts, like the province with the lowest reported amount of racism was in fact the Western Cape (by a huge margin) viva. Viva rhetorical arguments and being confused as to the main issues really tearing this country apart, viva.

    2. bears says:

      ANC have failed us but voting for DA nope am sorry to use this language fuck white people they think they are smelling better than black they must go to hell. ISIZWE ESABAMNYAMA. Even TATA failed aparted WHO will?

      1. Kieran says:

        Fuck white people? How far have we fallen? Seriously. Look at policy, look at track record. I’m not saying vote DA. I’m saying vote knowing who and what you’re voting for.

        ‘Fuck white people’ means that you think that all white people fall into one category – which is racist. There are racists, bigoted tools that are white. Can’t deny that. There may even be a majority of white people. But don’t let them make you into a racist, bigoted tool. There are people of all races that are trying to make the country a better place for everyone. Don’t discount those efforts based on race. You’re the only one who loses when that happens.

  5. matsobane says:

    This simply shows that the legacy of apartheid still lives on even after 20 years where whites sees themselves as superior and more important than Black life! They can fool some, but the majority of our people will never be fooled by DA and white people. They will forever be our enemy!

    1. JC says:

      “They will forever be our enemy”…it’s that sort of attitude that allows the racist attitudes of the past to live on. You say that some can be fooled, and you’d be right, you have been fooled by this untrue article.

  6. Lufuno Mulaudzi says:

    The article above is just a propaganda by the ANC because the fact is DA is multi racial party. It has never tolerated racism and it is only fools who will believe the article which was written by somebody with a clear agenda to potray DA as a racist party because the majority of poor black join a DA march on the day. People are just stupid to think, to an extent that they just believe every crap they read. Can we say ANC is racist for having former Big Brother House mate, Brad who happen to be white as one of the guards together with other whites friends. Brad had ANC logo tattood in his arm. Who knows if this idiot Nel exist or even if he is a member of Freedom Front Plus?

    1. mothasi says:

      Ur so naive Lufuno… and totally sound like an airhead…

      1. JC says:

        Before spouting claims about naïveté you should get informed yourself and look under what section of this site the article was published (“This entry was posted in Satirical”)

    2. Sips says:


    3. Voice of reason. says:


    4. Born Free says:

      Oh how i pity you Lufuno, you are exactly what the DA need a black workhorse who has his head in the clouds not seeing what is happening in the real SA but believes what the white nationalist has your back, NEWSFLASH: when you turn that back of yours they laugh at the stupid monkey who is trying so hard to impress them.
      I grew up in a fairly wealthy family and went to one of the best schools in South Africa but I can can tell you this 98% of all white South Africans think they are a better breed than thier black counterparts, some just show it more blatantly than others.
      I think the fact that Helen Zille was the only white in the DA marching should say something to you brother. I hope for your sake you wake and smell the coffee and see the real SA coz if you dont get your head out the clouds the only thing you will be smelling is the KFC you will be promised to march for the white man while stepping on your black brothers toes. Nxxx you silly fool

      1. swordsaint says:

        Yes, I’m sure you have evidence to back up a number like 98%. That’s a pretty high number, and justifies treating a particular race group as “the same”. 98%. Phew. We might as well throw the lot of them into camps, eh? 2% margin for error is standard statistics anyway. Conveniently. Yes, lets destroy racism by destroying everyone with a skin tone from olive and above, because Born Free has the 98% proof via rhetorical self-experience or something,

        Incidentally, from pics of actual reported and photographers on the ground, it seems some of the 2% were there getting bloodied, not just Zille, but it’s cool, dudes, we can still genocide the frak out of Msanzi, because if 98% are anecdotally hateful of other races, and who could not trust a poster on a satirical blog article with the name ‘Born Free’, then we must import the panga… oops sorry, I was stereotyping there. I apologise. Won’t happen again. Now. Let’s get these White Devils!

  7. Lufuno Mulaudzi says:

    Sorry I mean to say Steyn not Nel.

    1. Bongi says:

      Yes Lufuno DA is a multi racial party, the one that has white members having separate toilets from blacks in their offices in Limpopo. Shame I pity you!

  8. maesela says:

    I am not mad, I am not voting for that stupid party, and yes I do have white friends I have heard them talking those kind of stuff, I will stick to blacks party thanks you

  9. Bongi says:

    What boggles my mind is this noise about tax payer’s money this, tax payers money that. Whites stood by and said nothing when the very, very, very corrupt apartheid gvt used tax payer’s money to kill black kids in the townships. Instead they cheered and said their money was being put to good use. Today they act as if they are the only tax paying citizens. Our parents were also tax paying citizens then and their money was used to kill their kids. But today they expect us to ‘MOVE ON ALREADY’ just bcos black blood was spilled. It’s racists like this DA member, whatever his name is, that harden black people’s attitudes towards farm murders.

    EFF here we come so we can sort this lot out.

    1. Wim Kotze says:

      Actually your parents paid hut taxes at a far lower rate than whites. Whites even paid for blacks education, and obviously didn’t get much value for their money.

  10. andile says:

    im discussed and petty the ignorance and gullibility of our black community…. they r desperate for hope that they willing to be pawns of a party that will only lead them to the gutter. I jst pray to god that they soon realise that, they jst being misled by these while people who r jst too good to do there own dirty work. they jst stand on the sides looking at stupid black people and their barberic ways. Quotes: “jumping up and down like bloated monkeys”

    Ps: Fustrated reader.

    1. swordsaint says:

      Speaking of gullibility… Did you see this story is posted under “Satiric”? You must have missed it. But ironically, it seems you’re the gullible one. Gullibility is harmful when it leads to generalisation against an entire race group: for example, the National Party convinced a significant amount of white votes in 1948 that they had to fear a “swart gewaar”. Silly racists set back this country by more than 50 years. Notice a connection between that and your post..?

  11. franco says:

    A leopard never changes its spots…..Whites don’t like Blacks, #enough Said.

    1. Will says:

      This is the most ignorant thing I’ve read in a long time…

    2. swordsaint says:

      Sorry, you either are White and racist, or are Black and racist, either way, you’ve got no basis for this. Especially since THIS ARTICLE IS SELF-ACKNOWLEDGED AS BEING FICTITIOUS*.

      *Satire. It says it’s filed under that section. If you’re unsure of what satire means, please google it.

  12. Sipho says:

    Ag shame for those who are singing a DA tune, they can go to hell and vote for the MRs . Same story here they are still having white separate toilets in their offices. Ask Lindiwe she knows

  13. maGumede says:

    we must know that its not the governments duty to drag us into schools to study for a better future. government has opened opportunities to free education even at the universities. it is not his duty to pay you salaries and make yu wealthy for chilling at home and joling around. nesiZuli siyasho sithi uvuna okutshalile. if i were to get an opportunity like our government i would build a R206 m comfortable home. where do you expect him to live in? in a shack? seriously ?

  14. nonky says:

    Black people catch a wake up call and face the reality that u r being used and made a laughing stock by the white community. Stop humiliating yourselves.

  15. Bongani says:

    I’m saddened by all this underlying racism still rife in our country from both black and white people. Looks like Tatas years of hard work has gone to wast. I’m sure all these people making these comments were the first to show condolences and cry over Madiba. Now this is how you show your appreciation by being racist and bitter exactly the opposite of what he fought and stood for.

  16. Bongi says:

    To the imbecile Brooke who thinks she knows more about the history of this country than the rest of us. Do you really think black ppl care about a few whites who died while enjoying some burgers at wimpy?(lol lol lol) NO WE DON’T. We care more about black ppl who were hunted like dogs, murdered and incinerated by that sorry excuse of a man de cock while and his henchmen laughed, drank beers and had a braai.

    To hell with you and yo kind, we couldn’t care less what happens to you.

    Viva MacBride Viva

    1. Brooke says:

      Haha and racists disgust you? Or is it only when you assume its the white that is the racist but its ok for you to chant racist slurs towards white people?
      I probably do know more about our history than you because I dont have some little grudge that causes me to be blinded to both sides of a story. Your people were killed because they violently protested and were endangering the lives of police… would you not also protect yourself from a huge angry mob that would kill you if you did not project yourself?
      Get your facts straight bongi! Seems like you’re the biggest most brainwashed racist of all the people commenting! Honestly get your head out of your ass!
      You dont care about innocent white people being killed so what makes you feel I should now care about not so innocent black people being killed while threatening the lives of others?

      1. Bongi says:

        brooke brooke brooke! Brainwashed? NO, that’s you, brainwashed into thinking white pain is more important than black pain. Racist? a big YES

      2. Brooke says:

        Nowhere did I say that white pain was more important than black pain.. seriously! Youre the one saying that black pain is more important than white pain because to you us whites are just a waste of air basically…And if you’re a racist for crying out loud stop accusing me of being one you idiot! Congrats on being a complete hypocritical ass!

        Im done stooping to your level because quite frankly its a waste of my time.. this shit doesn’t keep me awake at night like im sure it does you.. so enjoy your hatred and may it boil inside you forever because I dont care and I for one am going to sleep like a baby tonight because none of what you say or think actually phases me!

    2. swordsaint says:

      I agree, racism and the allocating of all people into a specific group, and then treating that group as sub-human, is totally wrong. I hate all those with olive skin and lighter, because they’re like quasi-people in their horrific racism. We must end racism by destroying all those of a different race from us! Viva genocidal massacres while sprouting hypocrisy, viva!

  17. Zwe Seme says:

    Tata this tata that spare us the tata talk. Here is problem right now and yo tata is a sell out that everybody yell bout.

    1. Bongi says:

      That’s why they love only him but hate the rest of us Zwe!

    2. Ntombi Tshabalala says:

      Amandla cde, truth be told, he sold us out, we should have never listened to him but should have gone ahead with our plan with Mama Winny, well, its never too late 4 pay-back!

  18. Goddess ya Tlokweng says:

    I’m still waiting to see or hear what the DA seniors will do or say about the comments from Peter stain and the DA ward councillor. I’m never gona worry about white farmer killings anymore, now I know why our people do it.

  19. thomas sokolich says:

    I’m a white 20 year old guy who was never born in the aprtheid era… and the way I look at all this nonsense, is that all these government parties are just playing us all for fools and they’re playing on the emotions of people to create a bigger dividie amongst our people. Did some white people say that about black people in the da? Probably so. Thats the sad reality of the matter. People, wake up. Young and old, whoever has these prejudices and discrimination/apartheid tendencies… wake up! Does this country need more hatred or war? No. It needs answers. It needs jobs and it needs unity, acceptance and it needs a new leader. Someone who looks in on this mess with an outside perspective. Someone who isnt worried about politics but is more worried about the people of this country and finding ways to solve problems. It doesnt need someone who wants to take advantage of the corruption, it needs someone whos willing to end it. Because lets face it, “POLITICS” actually means drama. I think I should run for president and make my own party because at this rate I’d do a much better job than any one of these politicians, since I’m everything I just said. Makes me so pissed off with peoples stupidity in this country, its ruining our chance. You think that we’re making madiba proud? Not a chance.

    1. zwelethulibuyile says:

      U know there are white ppl like you that i always wish that they are the one that arrived in 1652. I am sure that SA wud b a better country for everyone.
      Racism, tribalism are things that wl never end but ts a choice. There are white ppl who cant tolerate other white ppl even us as black we dnt tolerate other blacks but this wudnt be an issue if ppl think like u.
      There were white ppl who looked after our ppl back then. They made sure that their maids children went to school, they live in a healthy environment. Would build houses for our black brothers. Ts a pity that those kinda whites who always knew that blacks are Gods creatures were never acknoledged cos to other whites they were dng something wrong…
      Thomas i wish God create more ppl of ur calibre. U such an intelligent young man. I ll make sure that i keep in mind that there are whites like u. Before i start calling a white a man a racist i ll firsr consider few things.
      God Bless u.

    2. Brooke says:

      Nicely said, but unfortunately the sad truth is that what you just said wont matter to many of the people who are commenting here. They cant see past the colour of a persons skin and would rather suffer with an incompetent government that in fact doesn’t give a damn about any of its citizens just because they believe a white government is going to oppress them amd do them an injustice because of what has happened in the past. Hoping for change in this country has honestly become such a futile attempt at the almost impossible with the mindset of so many of our people.
      If you read some of the comments you’ll see that no matter what we say they won’t think differently and when someone does try to say something about change etc they are called an idiot and slandered just because they are trying to stand up for what they believe in. Its sad that people think the way they do because if they don’t stop there will never be change in this country.

  20. heppya says:

    The issue of today should not be about black and white, the issue of today should be about what the leader is providing or not providing for the country. A true leader is not defined by the colour of his/her skin but by what their character and morals are. Why are we still talking about race after so many years of freedom. What has happened in the past was terrible and unjust but what is more terrible is the fact that we refer more to the past than what we do to the future. We need to ask if the leader we have in power now has the citizens of the countrys best interest at heart when he makes decisions. It’s not whether he is white or black- why is that still a factor. We are all South Africans.

    1. T K Biggy says:

      Happya, you sound like you are from another planet, let me put you up to speed. A race is still a factor in South Africa becauase the white people perpertuate it and they still feel they are superior. They even after 20 yrs of democracy still think a black man is stupid and can not amount to anything. I personally ran out of patience and think white folks need to be attacked brutally like they did to our people back in the days. Yes there are few that are genuine and actually wants to unite with non-whites and make it work for the rest of us. However it’s just a small number which its effect is invissible. Thus call me racist if you like but I will not change my ways I still maintain that the Mandelas tried to work things out peacefully, even sacrificed a lot for the sake of it and these people are still persistant that they are better than the rest of us. I now say let’s route them out by force, take from them like they took from us, we basically we do to them what they did to us, that will be fair to level the grounds

    2. DD says:

      Don’t be fooled. What was done in 100 years cannot be reversed in 20 years. The damage is too much. We cannot talk about a leader instead of ourselves. Why hide behind a leader instead of coming out of the closet?

  21. Bongi says:

    brooke, I sleep like a baby at night i’m sure u don’t since yo kind is so full of hate. someone said that’s why u lot die young. lol lol lol lol

    1. swordsaint says:

      No brother Bongi, NO. “Lol” is a European term. Therefore it is racist. Please do not tell the White Deviless “lots of love”. That is all.

  22. T K Biggy says:

    I am getting a lil impatient with these white tendency, they have caused enough damage already in this country. A black man after being enslaved treated with gruesome inhumanity, still did not seek revenge instead forgave them allowed them to keep the land a size of a city for one person whilst in black areas 50 families share a land a size of a white man’s garage they are still mistreating the black people. I say black people let’s jump up and down like bloated monkeys and vote for EFF. Mandela tried to make peace and it doesn’t work, it’s time we fight fire with fire. Let Juju be in power and expropriate the land from these ungrateful arrogant bustards, they must go back to Holland, we have heard enough of them. Juju will sort them out

  23. zwelethulibuyile says:

    U Brooke u are a racist shlama. Listen here if u say u brought change in our country, who asked you to. The world is so big why u never tried to find another place where u can build like u did in SA. We wudnt even know tht we loosing out. When white ppl brought changes in our land why they never grow with us. Why we were turned into slaved? Thats the question u need to ask urself.
    The reason why there is corruption in our country ts because of white ppl.
    I rather b ruled by a corrupt black man than a white person who wil turn us into slaves.
    I am sure that whenever Zille hugged a black person when she gets home she uses Jik to clean herself. That fucken woman is fuckin racist.
    I hate whites that talk bad of us nd say we had nuttin wen they stole our land. Ofcourse nuttin cud be done then cos ur forefather had guns, we had onnly spears. So nje jus bk off. We ll find the way out

  24. Ntombi Tshabalala says:

    Evil will not leave Africa until we get rid of ALL of them, they do not deserve forgiveness for in their eyes they did nothing wrong and moreover, they still continue with their BS attitude and discriminatory tendencies to this day, they think they are sooo better than us, they need to be driven out of our land and YES by FORCE! To hell with these pinkish racist pigs, we’ve had enough man! How much more are we going to take? They must go and leave us to deal with OUR leaders and all the problems in OUR country, rha! Nx!!!

    1. swordsaint says:

      You need to look up the definition of ‘racist’ and read it very carefully. You might also want to look at ‘genocidal’, ‘maniac’, ‘psychotic’ (hopefully it’s not too late for you to get medical treatment at a good psych ward) as well as ‘anger management’.

      1. Ntombi Tshabalala says:

        Go screw urself POES! I have every right 2 be angry MOTHERFUCKER and YES if I could I would wipe out ur entire race just like u tried 2 wipe out so many others, Red indians in America, Aborigines in Ozie and US here in our own land, may u devils burn in hell for eternity!!!

      2. swordsaint says:

        Okay, Ntombi, It’s clear you do know what ‘racist’ means. You live the experience, taken the race hate deep within your heart, corroded it with dark shadows.

        Devil? I’m not infested with the demons; rational thinking and love for my follow humans has liberated me. My soul is free. Yours is boiling with sour sores and bleeds atrophy.

        So sorry you linked me to atrocities from another age, mate. But I’ve got less in common with those killers and butchers than you, with your unsated desire for death of another based on skin friggin’ colour.

        Of course, your argument, about linking race to genocide means you’d have to try kill your whole family, clan, everyone wearing ebony, any African, there’s as much blood on all the people’s of Earth’s hands as one another.

        Murdering your fellows, then murdering yourself is the logic of YOUR argument. Or desire.

        Which is ridiculous and grotesquely unfair, but you’re the one who’s linked Idi Amin, Charles Taylor, Sese Seko and the organisers of the Rwandan Genocide to your specific skin colour.

        See, that’s the problem with racism, and genocidal hate specifically. It’s senseless. Your hate makes you hate for the sake of hate. Good luck with that.

      3. zee says:

        You rule my world.. I’m black and I love white people. Its time black people stop blaming white people for the way the mess up.

      4. swordsaint says:

        Hi there, Zee. Thank you for your compliment, it’s much appreciated. Just one slght thing, and I mention it to be fair: I think it’s more accurate to say SOME Black people blame Whites.

        You obviously don’t, and I know many others who don’t either. In general, there is a trend, it seems, to hate on Whites, but I have no idea how big or how much weight it carries overall. I do think it’s as dangerous as the White hate during Apartheid, or the hate anywhere at any time of one group for another. I don’t mean to be patrionising (I was accused of it in another post on this thread) I just feel its important to be distinct about these things.

        Having said that, I would like to add that seeing your response to my post really made my day, enough to do something I normally don’t do on forums:


  25. Lisa says:

    Whether this article is real or not it still gives us an indication of what racist white South Africans feel about black people.
    After watching the DA manifesto today I decided that I will be voting for them during the elections in May (for change, for control and balance), but articles like this really make me think twice, they make me realise how South Africa still has such a long way to go in terms of building a Rainbow Nation free of racism and unnecessary hatred.
    I have no problems with white people and I feel that racist (even xenophobic) people (black, white or Indian) really need to look inside themselves and find out what it is that can really make them hate someone they don’t know based on who they were born as. It’s unexplainably evil/ignorant/daft really. The ANC IS getting too comfortable and a little greedy, but they HAVE been doing a great job, most of which is not reported. But until racism in South Africa (the kind of racism expressed on this post and comments, the kind of racism that makes me feel uncomfortable living in an area surrounded by a racist minority) is fought against, I will never vote a white party. Until then it will be ANC (or another party who have my best interest at heart) all the way

    1. swordsaint says:

      Don’t worry, Lisa, take heart. Firstly, this is a wordpress site, not a news agency.

      Secondly, this article is self-acknowledged fiction. The Lifestlye Tabloids disclaimer at the top clearly states that some stories are satiric or parody and therefore not a recording or reflection of the truth.

      You know, like The Onion? This never happened, it is satire supposed to teach us something about our society. It’s even clearly marked near the top as ‘filed under satire’.

      IN FACT, go to TimesLive and look for the recent article about ‘Racism is alive and kicking’ it indicates the most racist (whites on black or other races) provinces in the country.

      The province with the LEAST reported racism is, yes, the Western Cape. Gauteng wasn’t tallied, but all the others were.

      Under the DA, racism drops to a trickle compared to other provinces.

      Food for thought.

    2. zee says:

      That is so true and we owe it to our past heroes and future generation to ensure that it doesn’t happen.

  26. Sboza says:

    Because of the history of this country. A white man will never lead this country in this century. The majority of this country will never accept/ allow that to happen. This is a fact. So it doesn’t matter what the DA says. No white leader will lead South Africa . Not in my century.

    1. swordsaint says:

      I don’t care about a white leader; it is WAY past the time we had a woman president. Black, coloured, Indian, whichever, as long as she is strong but compassionate. It is a travesty that 20 years into our democracy we still have not had a serious female contender for the presidency. This worries me that those in power are secretly undemocratic. How can a country founded on the FREEDOM FOR ALL not be ready for a woman president?

  27. Wendy Siavhe says:

    Let God rules:Nkosi Sekeli Arfrica

    1. Albert says:

      This country needs nation builders, not individuals who get carried away by racial hatred. Black and White; we all have a responsibility to build a united and better South Africa for all.

  28. Sipho says:

    Viva the downfall of the corrupt ANC ! We are indeed stupid to believe we are free …free from what ? Brothers and sisters let’s use our vote to show Commrade Bra Joe that he must now listen to us the people – I’m voting EFF ..Viva EFF

  29. ProudtobeSA says:

    I hear all of your arguments & understand where every single one of you is coming from, but now i need you to understand where i am coming from here…

    Every single one of you is generalizing because of skin colour, but what we are all forgetting is that just because it was a predominantly “black” march does not mean that the “whites” do not care, it simply means that the “blacks” are more open to express their views.

    I was born in 1987 into a single mother household in a “white” family. I had no better education than anybody, i went to a government school where my mother could not afford school fees. The first time i heard anything about racism was from a “black” person. I was very young when apartheid was abolished and still don’t quite understand how it was ever there in the first place…

    One thing i would like the country to recognize now though, is that the “whites” are no longer the majority. We only have approximately 10% of the population at a push, so who is really the majority? I get that we were previously advantaged etc., but seriously guys, can we not just find a government that has the country’s interests at heart and not the colour of our skin?

    I remember reading a story called “Yellow Dog” when i was in school and perhaps all the racist people of the world should read it. In life we are different, in death, we are the same…

    1. swordsaint says:

      Nope. I rechecked my posts. I didn’t generalise at all. I didn’t have any specific comments about any specific races in fact.

      Also, if you read some of the posts including mine, you’d have seen we mentioned something along the lines of: “Everybody be cool! This event never happened! The authors of this article specifically filed this under ‘Satiric’!”

    2. Tammy says:

      I think South Africa need more people like you bro…we can’t afford to keep voting for the party that misleading people…it doesn’t matter who the country’s votin for..so long we have someone who take the country forward.people show know again…that , not to vote is to vote anyway

  30. axionic101 says:

    Article aside, it ALWAYS saddens me to see the opinions of the people i share a country with. Most of the comments above are base firstly on a satirical article written by someone who clearly wants to make a point and uses no factual evidence to make it, and secondly by personal experience. My life has always been good enough for me. I went to a good school, never really struggled for money and have generally had a pleasant experience in life (barring a few crimes against me).

    So with that said, when i vote, I’m not voting for my life to be better, I’m voting because i believe that the people I’m voting for will help others who are far less fortunate than myself to be more fortunate.I’d love to see an old woman who is promised a house getting it, a struggling learner who is promised electricity and running water get it so he can study and take a shower in the morning before school. I’d love to see a young person who has just graduated from university get a job because they were promised it.

    I would love to see my president not spend millions on one house for him and his many wives (who I’m not sure even work?) while hundreds of families suffer and are cramped into a 2mx2m shack in Soweto.I would love to not open a newspaper and read that a minister has gone on a R 2 000 000 shopping spree in London but then comes back and makes a report saying that her office has shown a R 5 000 000 loss. i would love to see people not killing their colleagues because they choose to work and not strike, I would like to see an online blog discussion happen without reading “blacks are evil/lazy/corrupt” or “whites are evil/sadistic/liars”. i would like to live in a country where everyone treats each other firstly as human beings, and not as the tone of our skins.

    Give me a country where i can walk down the streets at night and not fear for my life. Give me a country where my girlfriend tells me she is going into town and i don’t worry. Give me a country where children are not molested by their teachers and beaten by their parents for ‘telling on the teacher’. Give me a country where people are not looking to have it easier for themselves but are instead looking to help the man down the road who has no home, or the woman at the corner who is starving. most importantly, Give me a president who has the balls to deliver this IRRESPECTIVE OF RACE! I don’t care what the president looks like, as long as he or she delivers on his/her promises.

    And yes I’m black!

    1. youngblack says:



      i know this post is not real, but i read through it along with all the comments, and i must say WOW!.
      i am an engineer not very social and must have been in the bush for a very long time if not ever since. . .
      i have always thought i understand, even though i knew i lack a historical backgroung on the true nature of this racism issue. now i realise i dont.
      my race is Angry!. some of the comments above are Grusome!. its nothing i have ever felt.
      some of the comments made by whites as well are just damn right cheeky, pointing out airheads and so on.
      i must confess i have always tried to be neutral, and still trying, but as i grow the situation tends to get tense.
      its rapidly forcing one to a coner similar to a situation where one is eighter pregnant or not pregnant.
      i like the white fellow comentee Thomas am young, confused individual who never lived through the apartheid era. i aswell want to move on not for the better life of my own but for that of my kids. but unlike thomas i am black and that in my opinion should not matter. but unfortunatley we are living in a time of change and that change is only as old as our age. within such times still livea those who were victims of the past and the perpatrators of the terror, and then there is us in the middle holding our childrens hands.
      the older generation white were biblically tought that blacks are animals. its in their religious belief.
      the older generation blacks who suffered the consequences are far from forgiveness of the torture. we are children of both groups forced to continue the wars by being showen deep scares on our parents and older friends. most of us like in our youth unfortunatley are influanced, ticked off and join the strungle. and some are of us are not yet there but simingly shall be or die standing against it all.
      i on my side am black and still standing.
      i pointed out earlier i was an engineer simply to try and explain a point.
      in my field we simulate before we emplement.
      i am glad i came across this topic and its “satiric” nature. because we have to speak out. we have to be head.
      and what the topic reveals in clear anger, fustration, and confussion, i feel is good for a better understanding for a few that will understand.
      20 years is not enough. it is the begining. it is the birth of a new child that will stand or fall. 60 years is not enough for in that era there shall still be those who fell in the present day.
      dont get me wrong. i am 130% ANC. yes the people who lead my government are corrupt, but that does not mean i will give away my ethnic group to the whites DA. and it also doesn’t means i will give away the whites to the blood starving EFF. instead i will in my life time try to reach to the few that i can get to in my ethnic group, and try to teach them how to stand. eventaully just mayby with hope it will all neutral out. a lot mite be bruised, but shall heal with time.
      our country is getting too smart too rapidly. and spontanious reactions dont always shine pink, most of the time it explodes. i am not a politician although i am aware of my suroundings.
      stand on your side, i shall stand on mine. we mite not make, but our teachings shall be invested in our children, and peace shall prosper.
      vote ANC.

      1. swordsaint says:

        Dude, I don’t think you understand how democracy works. It is mechanical in nature. Unless you think those in the ANC leadership are somehow divine, you wouldn’t want to vote for them for 60 years – for instance, if you thought they “who lead my government are corrupt”.

        Because all you are doing is stating “be corrupt I will let you do so without censure”. If a child is naughty and the parent refuses to punish him, but encourage him instead, will the child stop? Will the behaviour be corrected?

        If you vote for the ANC despite their corruption, as you yourself put it, then are you also saying no one should be punished (censured) for any crime in the hope that will alter their behaviour? Or will they get worse, become more destructive? You know the answer to that.

        Therefore, by saying “vote ANC” you are also saying, “I don’t care about the corruption, the damage it is doing to my country nor do I care if it gets worse and if I or those I care for suffer because of it.”

        Fine. But then be clear about that… this “stand by your side” thing is bullshit. Peace does not prosper when you plant the seed for warlordism.

    2. Tammy says:

      Basicly you just wanna be completely free bro.I feel you..I think what you talkin bout I just had a taste of it..livin in England fo the past decade has shown me how to be free as a human being mostly in oxford city where police don’t carry guns..that show how safe this city is..sometimes I wish if this is happening iny beloved African continent , it would be..no worries maan,help is coming

  31. moreThanADecade says:

    Childish comments, Immature people, who do not want to take responsibility for their own lives… so many racists(Black and White), it is sickening that HUMAN beings still hate each other so much after 20 years. I am black I won’t be Voting ANC, EFF or DA… I do not know who to vote for, maybe AGANG… We need someone like Thabo Mbeki someone who cares and understands economics and how they affect the country,Doesn’t matter whether that person comes from DA or ANC we just need a leader, Zuma is not a leader…People are angry because everything is just going up, while people are losing jobs resulting in increase in crime e.t.c.. I do not believe that all “White” people are the same, I also do not believe that all “Black” people are the same… I think we all both white or black differ in the amount of anger we hold against each other and against the South African Govt…Let us direct and focus that anger to constructive deeds instead of name calling e.t.c.

  32. Andile Kali says:

    To be honest DA is using our poor people truth is, it dates back white people have little respect for us blacks Thank you DA for same reason samething is cmn to you guys

  33. Andile Kali says:

    when is this war starting i wana kill alot of people ANC and eff should start this civil war and kill these white people and start afresh Mandela is gone lets do shit man im sick of this some people need to die for the sack of other to live coz im breathing in m own land War!!!!! they say we are animals lets make shit real man nxaaaaaaa

    1. swordsaint says:

      Of course you want to kill a lot of people, troll. Of course you do. Now go back quietly to masturbating over snuff movies while the adults talk.

  34. Tammy says:

    The majority of South African loves ANC..the problem is the leadership..get Zuma n his cabinet out..people just felt betrayed by this leadership,..the sad truth is..people don’t know who to vote for..cos Agang leader is no longer trusted ,EEF is full of anger,ANC is corrupt,DA not much scandal yet ,but through our experience during apartheid..people are not sure..and not to vote is to vote..people should go n vote for the party they believe is gonna deliver the good…

  35. CryBelovedCountry says:

    This so called satire/parody has some very interesting FACTS and pictures of REAL people with REAL racial discrimination events on their hand and mouths.
    Tony Leon had the pleasure of stating live on different media platforms that Zille & Co. should stop pretending and being apologetic about who they truly are when the DA made public what their intentions are regarding neutralizing this democracy that “our beloved Madiba” believed in.
    As for the 2 UFS racist boys, they came out of court that day showing no remorse for the black child who is disfigured for life, in the name of racism in the previously white dominated institutions where black cleaners & gardeners were made to drink white boys pee and act like animals while those “hilarious” moments for those who were to watch the video were being captured for pleasure.
    I further more have had the opportunity to read in passing some unbecoming comments & remarks from white people who would really love to wipe out SA of all the blacks and their president. Fact there are more whites that don’t see blacks as human beings than there are those who have the character of Bram Fischer. And unfortunately those many whites are those that will be casting their votes on DA/NNP/FFP/etc. And with the additional votes from blacks, their minority status will be non-existent. And the Zille of this world can have rulership and change policies like AA, EE, BEE, etc as she already promised PRIOR to retraction of her words on national media.

  36. CryBelovedCountry says:

    Swordsaint it also makes sense that such occurrences be not told by the official media platforms as you can clearly see the results of such to the public, as we bear in mind that our public broadcaster has statutes to abide by and not broadcasting something that incited violence is one of them.
    Thus I put it to you that this piece is not by a ling short a Parody but a true reflection of what cannot be addressed at official media platforms hence even the wolves in sheep’s skin racist only truly say what they bottle up on social media platforms like these, especially Facebook as that is where I have seen a lot more of these tendencies. Lara Jones, Willem Venter, Johann Du Plessis, Peter Steyn are but a drop in the ocean.
    My question to the black folks who want to take up arms: are u capacitated to implement such? Through Oscar “the blade runner” ‘s case I got to learn that majority of white folks never returned their guns while ur peace seeking black folks did. If OP’s family can possess roughly 50 guns per household, for “sheer pleasure & collection” purposes, how much more the Anti-Bram Fischer white Characters?
    Are u ready to handle whatever comes your way or are ur just reactionary & not strategic?
    Are u aware how a war ought to be designed to favour u that u may not have more casualties than u might have envisaged?
    Are u united enough that ur so called “enemy” will not have to even lift a hand but actually get u to fight ur own in the light of u wanting to deprive them of their Dec 25th KFC.
    To the so called “rented blacks” how conscious are you of your history and the political history of DA that u can say with a clear conscience that “I put my hands in the hands of DA.” SIMPLY asking whether before u exercise ur DEMOCRATIC right that was 1st granted to ALL blacks in 1994, did u ever ask why Tony Leon showed up after such a long time as though prompted by a force beyond his powers to indicate to a black child that DA has its agenda (not on the manifesto) and they shouldn’t be apologetic about being open about it.

    1. swordsaint says:

      I’m sorry, but this sounds speculative. Put to me evidence not how an article marked as satire reflects reality. You realise that this satire could be as easily saying, Black Folk are so angry about the past (I’m not disputing the very real pain in any way) that they will go ballistically angry over a satiric article (making it a satire squared since part of the satire is showing the reaction to it).

      Or maybe it is done by Satan to stir up trouble.

      Or maybe the fact that someone wrote an article to prove some point only they truly know is no reason to jump to conclusions, get outraged and find a reason to hate a falsely categorised group of people based on colour (I hear that’s kinda how Apartheid started:

      False differences rather than Shared Humanity.

  37. zee says:

    Ow wow hey I just wonder why white people hate black people so much but yet they marry them at another point do they feel intimidated by us? LOL

  38. zodwa masina says:

    Lol ai guys calm down, if people choose to stay racist let them be,they will be left behind… I mean y bother yourselves with them because clearly they is no moving foward with them and they will most def won’t be enjoying the change that our country is seeing or experiencing. Our current president is corrupt end of story, people voted for him, now the elections r coming up, vote for the party u feel will serve u right.

    Swearing or cursing at each is just plain stupidity, we as young people are supposed to be working together and not agaisnt each other, for us to have a better country. Apartheid has long passed and I think its about time we all move on because staying in the past will only make u a looser. Tata Mandela did it, why can’t we????

  39. Mo says:

    I wish there could be a color bomb that could come to our beautiful South Africa and bomb every1 then we become the same color (purple), maybe we will get alone, sick and tired of this black and white racist shit, can’t we just move on, but on the other hand, I think its this political activists that are making all this, but for their own power hunger, their own pocket to be rich and use our tax money the way they want once they win, they all don’t care, I think I won’t vote coz I disagree with all of them, I’ll cast my vote down the drain

  40. nerd says:

    I am a fanatic of this debate…..

  41. eye opener says:

    U realy must be blind if u vote for DA

  42. Atkins James says:


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