V-Mash Bags Role In New Top Soapie!

(PIC) Hard times: V-Mash once slept at a train station as she couldn't afford a measly train ticket

(PIC) Hard times: V-Mash once slept at a train station as she couldn’t afford a measly train ticket

SHE was a woman who brought our TV screens to life, back in the day, when she presented Jam Alley! But in the past decade Vinolia Mashego, aka “V-Mash”, had been reportedly miserable, depressed and even suicidal.
Some friends and family turned against her when she was down and out and no longer the most sought-after TV presenter, actress, MC and entertainer.
Last year she landed a job as a TV presenter on a live interactive music video show Pls Call Me, alongside the energetic Zanele “Nestum” Nyakale and funny-man Pule Welch.
It seems this is the year for V-Mash. She has landed another big role in the popular Mzansi Magic Lokshin soapie, Zabalaza.

The source close to the situation says V-Mash is back with a bang.
Our source said: “She was approached by the producers, not the other way around.”

The source added that V-Mash will start shooting soon.
“Things have not been going well in the last ten years and she seems to have found God and is back on her feet.
“You guys also wrote a story about her hitchhiking and not having money. And that shocked many people. They now want to help her,” the source said.
Another insider at Zabalaza said: “It is a prominent role for her and this means that she’s not going to fade away anytime soon.
“We’re all happy for her and I hope she keeps her friends in-check this time around because this is a lifeline she will never get anywhere else.”
Mzansi Magic’s Bongi Potwelwa told the People’s Paper: “All I can say is that she has a show on Mzansi Magic called, Please Call me.
“As for Zabala, I have nothing to say as yet.” – Sunday Sun

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