SHOCKING: Vote ANC & Get A FREE Prostitute! ANC’s New Election Campaign

(PIC) A prostitute commissioned to campaign for the ANC. Gwede Mantashe behind her.

(PIC) A prostitute commissioned to campaign for the ANC. Gwede Mantashe behind her.

It’s BYE-BYE food parcels and HELLO free prostitutes. In a desperate attempt to win votes, the ANC has embarked on what can be classified as the world’s most shocking election campaigns yet, by adding sex workers to the equation.

According to an exposé published by a popular Sunday newspaper, this jaw-dropping campaign was officially launched during the January 8 Statement held in Mpumalanga, where an array of prostitutes were whisked from [literally] all corners of Gauteng province to join in umzabalazo.

“I have never seen so many short skirts in one place at the same time… It was like watching an episode of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not,” said one very excited Mpumalanga man, who added that after this spectacle, he will definitely be voting for the ANC.

Following years of empty promises, fraud, corruption, sexual scandals and the extortion of taxpayers’ money, South Africans have lost all faith in the ruling party, with many confirming that they’ve heard enough and will not be voting ANC into power again.

One gatvol township resident went on to say that the only time they get to interact with ANC leaders within their respective community is once every five years during election campaigns. After winning, they disappear and it’s business as usual; lavish living, nepotism, fraud, corruption etc.

In light of this, the ANC is certainly getting nervous. The proliferation of new political parties mushrooming everywhere is also adding to the pressure, the recent one being Desmond Tutu’s gay political party called ‘DRAAMA’ [Democratic Religious Alliance Against Minority Antagonism].

According to well placed sources at Luthuli House, the tinned-fish and Iwisa maize meal food parcel strategy was no longer working for the ANC, therefore the party had to explore other ‘innovative’ ways to garner votes.

It is alleged that the initial ‘campaign testing stage’ held in Mpumalanga was a resounding success. Well trained ‘ladies of the night’ were given a ‘brief’ to wear the shortest skirts and shorts with no panties underneath and to lift their legs higher than Mount Everest when chanting struggle songs. It is alleged that the “below the belt bulge” was trending amongst comrades at the venue.

Said ANC’s spokesperson, Jackson Mthembu: “According to ANC’s protection of information act, we are not at liberty to discuss our election campaign strategy with the media. Whether we use prostitutes to campaign for us or not is an internal matter and will be treated as such.”

Leading to the elections, it is alleged that a toll free line will be made available for horny South Africans to call in and have raunchy phone sex sessions with the prostitutes. The prostitutes will also make house calls for those looking for a more physical action.

Additionally, insiders claim that male and female prostitutes will be deployed across all voting stations to ensure that all voters are kept ‘entertained’. Due to small penile size issues endemic amongst South African men, the campaign opted to use male prostitutes from Nigeria, Ghana and other West African countries to ensure that female and gay voters are left gasping for more.

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9 Comments Add yours

  1. Pulane Ellen Matee says:

    oh Lord where is South Africa going? We have to promote this thing that is killing our kids our future generation, A.N.C please create jobs for the same kids you are promoting to sell their bodies and give them jobs and think about the words of God that the body is the temple of God to our kids and allow them to go back to school and be the good future children of our country. Please I plead to all women of South Africa we must never ever allow this to and about our kids. D we really pray when we allow this to our nation. always when its time for election we think of God going to churches but allow things like this No No No No PLEASE NEVER NEVER AGAIN do we really forget those words from Dr. Mandela

    1. loraine says:

      i agree with you…. Satan is using politicians to destroy us all! Sies man dont they go to church and listen to the word of God?

  2. Trapped says:

    Props for bringing in foreigners for the girls, hopefully they can now stop being so miserable all the time and go back to work . . . Just wish I could go back to work . . . Street has been blocked up all week by these officials and delegates pounding out their differences . . . Empty beer bottles fill the street to the neck . . . Food supply getting low . . .

  3. You Won’t Get wat You Vote For, Nada Nothing. Forget About Houses Water & Food. Goodbye SA!

  4. Camilla says:

    This is absolutely DISGUSTING!!!! How on earth can the ANC be using something that is illegal in SA to promote their party? Does the ANC not stop for one minute to think how these woman feel. For heavens sake give these woman the opportunity to have decent jobs as apposed to being sex slaves for this most disgusting, inadequate, ruthless government!! This so called party has been promising decent futures, jobs, homes, food. And this is how they decide to repay the community! By having these woman abused and only servicing the horn dogs of this country. What kind of a message do they think try are in actual fact sending out? Are they out of their minds!!!!!!!! I am so horrified and angry at this! Something must be done! We can NOT let our country go down the drain in this manner. Please do NOT support this crime!!!!

  5. Angus Clarke says:

    Whahahahah! Brilliant article. Nothing would suprise me, as these ANCheep clowns are really scraping the barrel to try & re-gather votes from Everything for Free (or EFFOFF) party. I particularly like Jackson “No Brains” Nthembu non- informed, baseless comments. As usual, he must have just finished 4 x JW Blues before commenting.

  6. Darren says:

    This is so disturbing I can’t believe it can be true. Literally I can’t believe it, are there other sources for this? Surely not even the ANC would do something like this? If this is true it’s the last straw for me, this is disgusting and I’ll be moving to a different continent 😐

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