THOUGH mum and stepdaughter are resting in peace, turmoil rages among the family left behind.

Firstly, it seems that although late Afro-pop diva Lebo Mathosa is not forgotten, her graveside is abandoned and falling to pieces.
People visiting a nearby grave saw Lebo’s broken tombstone and kindly put a fallen piece on top of the grave.
Ever since she was buried, Lebo’s tombstone has been the main attraction of section R at Phumulani cemetery, but now it’s the talk of the town in Daveyton, Ekurhuleni.
Sunday Sun found the late Brand New Day hitmaker’s tombstone in a bad state.
A source close to Lebo’s family says after her stepmum, Nomvula Mathosa passed away, her brother Solly Mathosa has left his own house and bullied his way into his late parents’ house, abandoning Lebo’s graveside.
“None of Lebo’s family members came by on Christmas to clean up her grave or restore the fallen pieces,” the source said.
A family member, who doesn’t want to be named, said: “Solly tells us Lebo wasn’t their sister.”
On top of this, another storm is raging within the Mathosa family.
“Solly and his younger brother Peter are fighting over their late parents’ assets and Lebo’s estate.”
Sunday Sun has also learnt that Lebo’s biological mum, Judy Peter, hasn’t received all the money due to her from Lebo’s estate.
Jurgens Bekker, Judy Peter’s attorney, said:
“Some money in terms of a court settlement was forthcoming, but there’s still money outstanding.”
He added: “As a result, Lebo’s estate has not been finalised yet. This was further complicated by the death of Mama Mathosa, whose estate has also not been finalised.”
But Solly told Sunday Sun: “I got permission from the high court to move into my parents’ house. I’m trying to protect my father’s belongings from people who don’t belong to our family.”
About Lebo’s grave, Solly said: “It’s not an issue. We’ll fix it.”
Lebo’s sister, Queen Mathosa, said: “I’m not in touch with my family because they like creating a lot of drama.” – Sunday Sun

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