I Lost My Virginity Twice: Reveals A Woman With TWO VAGINAS!!!

(PIC) Graphic showing difference between normal and double uterus

(PIC) Graphic showing difference between normal and double uterus

Hazel Jones always wondered why she suffered from terrible cramps and heavy periods during puberty. But it wasn’t until she turned 18 that she was given her astonishing diagnosis – she had two vaginas.

The blonde 27-year-old from High Wycombe has the million-in-one condition uterus didelphys, which means she has two separate uteruses and cervixes as well.

But she told ITV’s This Morning she was comfortable with having the condition, despite the fact she had to effectively lose her virginity twice.

“Once I found out what it was I told everybody,” she told TV hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

“I thought it was amazing and it’s definitely an ice-breaker at parties. I thought I was pregnant but my ‘bump’ was a melon-sized TUMOUR.”

She added: “If women want to have a look, I’m quite happy to show them, it’s not something I’m embarrassed by.”

Hazel went to the doctor after her long-term boyfriend told her she was ‘different’ in the genital area.

Sitting next to Hazel, Doctor Dawn Harper explained: “When developing in the womb girls start with two tubes. These fuse and the septum breaks down and forms one uterus.

“In around one in 3,000 cases the septum stays within the uterus but to actually have two separate uteruses is much rarer.”

Hazel said previously she had found sex very uncomfortable, but now she didn’t suffer any adverse effects. She turned down surgery as it could have left significant scar tissue.

She revealed: “When I was younger I thought I was having cystitis and urine infections from a young age when I was tearing the middle septum.”

She added that she once asked a school friend which ‘hole’ she should use for a tampon, but became too embarrassed to continue the conversation after her friend thought she meant she put it up her bottom.

She added: “I used to suffer from horrendous cramps and my periods could be very heavy. I now know that my periods were worse because I have two wombs.

“So if I get pregnant I have to be very aware not to get pregnant on the other side.”

Dr Harper added that Hazel was more likely to have a breached birth as her uteruses were smaller and she was more likely to need a caesarean section. She must also have double smear tests when checking for cervical cancer. But Hazel is unphased by the prospect. “I have a great sex life,” she said. – Mail Online

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California Allows First-Ever State Recognized Human-Animal Marriage

(PIC) Paul Horner and his dog Mac at their wedding on Monday in  front of family and friends

(PIC) Paul Horner and his dog Mac at their wedding on Monday in front of family and friends

San Francisco, CA — On Monday history was made at the Chapel of Our Lady at the Presidioin San Francisco as the first-ever state recognized human-animal marriage took place.

Local resident 35-year-old Paul Horner was the groom during the ceremony. Joining him was his faithful dog Mac who is 36-years-old in dog years. Mac also decided to be the groom but ended up wearing a white veil at the last moment.

Father McHale who officiated the outdoor wedding told reporters he was extremely happy to be a part of this joyous moment of life.

“This is the definition of true love my friends. There is nothing more sacred than the bond between a man and his faithful dog,” McHale said. “Now, since it is recognized as a legally binding marriage in the state of California, Mr. Horner and Mac will have all the same tax benefits and everything else coming to them that a regular married couple would receive. It’s a fantastic day to be alive!”

So how could this have happened?

In the book of California’s State Laws and Regulations there is a little known law that was passed as the state was first forming in 1850. According to article 155, paragraph 10, it clearly states:

If a man and a man can get married and a woman and a woman can get married, if ever comes that day, then a human and animal will have the exact same rights to marriage in every eye of the law. God help us if this ever is to happen!

In attendance was Horner’s entire family who flew in from Hawaii to witness the event. Mac had her puppies on hand and making a special celebrity appearance was Alex from Stroh’sand Spuds Mckenzie.

“I just love my Mac so much, I can’t wait till we can finally get back to the honeymoon sweet in Montana where bestiality is legal. Gosh, get with the times California! We can marry here just fine, but love making is a big no-no,” said Horner.

“People keep asking me why I wanted to marry a dog. I told them I just want the same god given rights that every person in California is allowed to have. Don’t tell me I can’t marry my dog. I don’t tell you that you can’t marry a 500 lb woman with gas issues. That’s your decision. Don’t tread on me. I love my dog and I know he loves me a hundred times more than any gay wedding out there.”

With this wedding between a man and a male dog now on the books, one can only ask what is in store next? A man marrying a toaster? A toaster marrying a dog? A toaster marrying a toaster?

America, what happened to the sanctity of marriage? – National Report

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Sugar Mama Drama For Orlando Pirates Defender

THE sugar mama’s got him by the balls! Orlando Pirates’ no nonsense defender Ayanda Gcaba (27) is gatvol with his baby mama, Kim Everton (34).

Kim, who works at Harmony Mine in Welkom, is said to travel from the Free State to Jozi just to order Ayanda around.

Friends of the soccer player, whose nickname is “Lesilo”, told Sunday Sun that Kim’s got him by the balls and demands that he marries her. “Kim would accuse Ayanda of sleeping with young bitches,” said Ayanda’s close friend.

It has also emerged that Kim is insecure about her age.

“He’s embarrassed to have a baby with a woman who is older than him. He wants to end the relationship, but he’s scared of Kim,” said another friend in soccer circles.

Sunday Sun also understands that Kim wants to quit her job to live at Ayanda’s house.

“Kim moers him when she feels he’s not giving her attention. She wants him to renovate her mum’s RDP house in Welkom. He promised her that if Pirates had won the CAF Champions League, he would extend the RDP. But after Pirates had lost, Kim’s dreams went up in smoke,” said Kim’s friend.

Sunday Sun approached Kim about the drama and she said: “Where did you get this? The people who told you this (story) are jealous, because they want to get into Ayanda’s pants.

“I met him before he played soccer and we have a lovely one-year-old child. I might be older than him, but that doesn’t matter,” she said.

Ayanda hung up the phone when the SunTeam contacted him for a comment and ignored an SMS sent to him. – Sunday Sun

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