Nelson Mandela Died In June; Family Finally Admit

Nelson Mandela’s funeral was planned a year ago. The Nelson Mandela family has finally admitted that Nelson Mandela is dead by announcing on December 5th (2013) that the former leader of South Africa is no longer with us.

The charade began in June of 2013, and Guardian Express has maintained Mandela has been deceased since we were informed of his passing in June via one of our reporters embedded in South Africa. That reporter had received a text message from her close friend who works for the South African News which stated that Mandela had died the night prior.

Since June, The Guardian Express has come under attack; first from a “denial of service” attack which shut the site down on and off for three days right after we published the news that Mandela had died. That denial of service attack was traced back to South Africa.

The Guardian Express was also attacked by people denying that the Nelson Mandela family was carrying on a charade. However, we stood by and continue to stand by our account that Mandela was declared permanently brain dead with total organ failure in June of 2013. Now, today, the family has finally decided to give up their charade.

We sent an additional reporter to South Africa who returned with an audio recording of two top government officials confirming the fact that Mandela was totally brain dead and was declared so on June 11. However, his family refused to turn off the life support machines hooked up to his body. Thus, the family could keep him artificially “alive.” Their motive? To settle a huge lawsuit against Mandela’s estate.

It was revealed that Mandela’s family was suing him for control of his estate and since it is impossible to sue a dead person, it seems Mandela had to be kept “alive” with machines until a resolution could be found for the lawsuit. Thus far, there is no word on whether that lawsuit had been settled, but there are already many speculations in the press that this announcement today will begin the battles over the Mandela estate afresh.

The Mandela daughters and granddaughters have shown a good deal of greed when it comes to Mandela’s legacy. It has been reported that their fighting over his money got so bad that Mandela “lost faith” in his daughters and worried that their concern over money was overshadowing their concern for family harmony.

The Mandela funeral was planned a year in advance, according to reports. The funeral date is set for December 14 and there is a comprehensive schedule of events leading up to that date. The Mandela family has finally given up their charade which they have been carrying on since June and have admitted the former South African leader is dead. – The Guardian Express

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153 Comments Add yours

  1. angelique says:

    Aren’t you all tired of the hate?pointing fingers and dates ,it was wrong klah,all of it !let it go.move on our children don’t need this burden,apparteid is over,thank god!

    1. Francois says:

      I afree with Angelique, thank God apartheid came to an end before I could be damaged by it.

    2. NikkiLove says:


    3. The Anti Man says:

      What’s tiring is people being idiots and ignoring the facts. Life won’t be better just because you pretend it is…

    4. botha says:

      what a joke apartheid is alive and well thanks to the blck..bas.

      d.. .As a white male in south africa you tri and find a job

      1. Jean Becker says:

        I agree because you white and have the knowledge you cannot get a job but if you were black and no knowledge you sure do. Talk about apartheid its in reverse. Go to malls and see who is doing trolleys of shopping makes you think as its not the whites.

      2. ethan white says:

        Botha don’t say that cause us white people are bringin back racism I shouldn’t say us actually its people like you,please apartheid is gone noww for all I know it shouldn’t come back

      3. Kathy Clark says:

        Now you experience what the average black man felt like during the apartheid years – must have been so humiliating. Yes it’s wrong now, but good that it makes us aware of how they suffered too. Best option is to empower yourself and start your own business. 🙂

      4. Estelle says:

        As a white female in South Africa, it might help to get a job if you can learn to spell and use punctuation correctly.

    5. jp says:

      I never hurt an African in any way in my lifetime. However, on the other side of the coin, I have seriously considered moving to the location occupied by my employees; because it will be a bloody cheap move – my stuff is already there!

      1. Brilliant chirp, many a true word said in jest, JP. By the way, love your moves on the rugby field, both for the Sharks and the Boks.

    6. neil palmer says:

      apparteid may well be over but what has replaced it ? . One bunch of crooks for another


      1. Chris says:

        You should be embarrassed writing such utter rubbish!!

  2. Nyakhondowe Grace says:

    all i say RIP Madiba

  3. Eliztha-Alette Jacobs says:

    I think it’s sick, and his death had nothing to do with apartheid!!! Wish people can learn to spell!!!!

    1. I think he could have lived longer if he did not have a lung infection as a direct result of the manual mine work while on Robben Island ……

  4. Taryn says:

    I am so sorry, but the government nor his family are excused for what they did to him in order to overcome a lawsuit. Its tragic and disgusting that Nelson Mandela fought for so many things in and out of jail, yet this is the thanks and appreciation he gets for the government and his own family, I am pretty sure Madiba is cringing in his grave. To me Madiba should have left his wealth to people who actually deserve it, not to family who only have greed in their hearts. Its a shame that he was put through such distasteful acts of greet and selfishness by those he actually thought loved and cared for him. I wonder if at the actual funeral if they even felt anything for their father, grandfather, great grandfather as they would have most likely said their farewells in June of last year already and all this hype over Madiaba’s memorial/funeral was just another publicity stunt, a way for our government to waste money and to get attention, too shameful. Madiba may have been legally dead, kept alive by machines, but your spirit stays with you till the very end…..wonder what Madiba must have thought looking down on all this, listening to what everyone around him had to say… pretty sure he would never have wanted this for himself. I am sick of people mentioning apartheid, but perhaps it wasn’t such a bad thing considering the ignorance and stupidity the “people of the country” are doing, I am ashamed to be a part of it.

    Madiba I salute you for the man you were before you went to jail and I salute you for all you had accomplished in jail and when released, that I will forever remember, but when you stood down, everything fell apart and the new incharge made a mess and a spectacle of what you had accomplished. May you rest in peace in God’s arms where you belong.

    1. Selbyflex says:

      I mentiond a very gud statement. Trust me i feel u on everythng u said

  5. emmeline says:

    This is no surprise at all. They will kill oe sell out their own family because they are all so greedy! They made South Africa the biggest entertaining circus with so many clowns! But the must remember our God is Almighty and icon and King off Kings!

  6. mandle ndoda says:

    Even himself Mandela,was damne crook since he sold blacks for just a 30 pieces of silver

  7. Thembisa mali says:

    heee y dey play wf our mindz n waste our tax


    1. Hannetjie says:

      This is absolutely sick!!!!!!!!!!!!………they cheated a whole Nation……shame on you……………..He was a man of great integrity ……… and sorry!!!!!!…..they are a lot of vultures……..hope they get……NOTHING…..they…….. DO NOT DESERVE IT…….BECAUSE…… them……he was just……’something’… who make them famous…… they didn’t love him…….we as ‘normal’ people……love him…and still got the greatest of respect for him………shame on you…….you are not ‘worth to be named……Mandela’……wow….now I feel much better……… …hope they can read this…

  8. lerato says:

    If u thout apartheid is over u a so wrong, we are still living in it and nw that tje person they were protecting is no more we shall c, as for Tutu we dnt know if they are afraid of him since I ws nt forn with trueth and reconciliation commision. True colours shall be revieled soon…… Couting

    1. Sally says:

      And what standard did you get to in the new black-empowered SA – spelling and grammar is atrocious. And then you want equal opportunities?

      1. nombu says:

        I am so sick of people commenting on spelling and drama mistakes, and I am also sick of the few white people on this page who think the are superior than black people in God’s eyes we are all the same.
        You must all GET A LIFE and don’t pretend you don’t have your own family issues .Leave the Mandela Family alone as a sign of respect for Mandela

      2. sam says:

        I see Some of the white folks in here think they better than some people when it comes to the Queen’s language. Well, maybe for a few of u in here it might be so but the reality out there is quite different. Take me for example, my diction, enunciation and pronunciation of English is far better than most afrikaaners i deal with daily. I come from a township school by the way…

  9. abigail says:

    The Guardian Express should be ashamed of itself president mandela’s grave is still hot and already yall making money on his behalf whether he was dead of alive it was nobody’s business that he was kept alive the editor of Guardian Express must pray that he/she won’t have anyone in they family that you don’t want to loose and keep on life support may you paper close down

    1. Bronwyn Freeman says:

      They kept him on life support because they were in a court battle with him and then covered it up, doesn’t seem like there was any emotional reason for doing it other than lust for money and greed.

    2. Hannetjie says:

      ‘don’t want to loose’………..sorry………they don’t care… they are fighting about……’stuff’…..while ……’his grave is still hot’…..he was a man…..with great integrity……and he doesn’t deserve this…….:'(

  10. magdalene booysen says:

    This is so very sad but I’ve suspected it all along that mandela could have died earlier. I read the news and came to the assumption that someone is trying to cover up the truth.

    What is even more sad is that Nelson mandela was trapped in a little cell for 27 years for our freedom and yet again, God has chosen his path and his family felt they needed to fight about ungodly things and they faught against God in their battle. Once again Mandela was trapped, this time not between steel bars but between unselfish, ungodly family. If this is true then I have lost all respect for them.

    Now Nelson Mandela can rest. Leave it be

    I have to say that the gaurdian did good reporting – whether they came under fire, they stuck to their story. Great reporting!

  11. dina says:


    1. Jean Becker says:

      The tax payer who else?

  12. Mabhunumuchapera says:

    The height of irreverence and irrelevance! The great Tata Mandela did his bit to make our world especially South Africa a better place to live in. Apartheid was evil.
    I know many of you making prejudiced statements here are unrepentant, rabid racists…….you shall continue to wallow in the pit of self hate. You fool yourselves that you find the black man and anything black disgusting…….shame on you.
    This information I share will be treated with the usual bigoted derision and disdain of wily supremecists: In our African culture, when a Chief or a King is deceased, announcement to the public is deferred for months even up to a year, in order to wind up the deceased’s estate and clarify issues of succession. This question begs no further clarification.

  13. Anne says:

    No matter when he died he is dead so may he rest in peace. He did a lot of good for blacks and whtes and we are all proud of him. Rest in peace Tata Mandela

  14. Don’t care where it is people have the right to do things the way that they see fit if it took half a year it took half a year but the real news is a great man has been laid to rest thank GOD”. We will miss your greatness for all of the Complexities that he went through he is a peace GOD” bless you Mr. Mandela for i never meet you “I Love You”…….Yours Truly B.T.III

  15. Raymond says:

    So what , Is it going to make a difference in our life?

  16. Hitler says:


    And, After all that has been said and done…..
    And after all that we have been through…….

    Let us leave this world a better place for our future generations to come… SAFE, SECURE, NO POLITICAL VIOLENCE, CORRUPTION-FREE AND CRIME-FREE…



    May we never endure the pains of the past…

    Rest In Peace Daddy Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. God bless ur precious soul.. And all the souls who have gone before us… Including the past opressors (black and white)

  17. it must have been sheer torture for the ones that really cared for him!!!!!!

  18. Natasha Roodt says:

    I always wonder about the news, are some thing not worth protecting, You clearly have not thoght about the legacy of Madiba’s name , If this is how his greedy mongering family want’s to act let them.the money will dry up but the Nelson Mandela Legacy will live on we are testiment of it ,we live free in South Africa because of him,let sleeping dog’s lie. The Lion Sleeps in the hills of Qunu …. Your paper should try some Madiba tolerance , but then again , how is your Bills gonna be paid ?

  19. hiphop4youth says:

    Such a Shame, this is really sad 😦

  20. Jean Becker says:

    Thought he died sooner than they said. Shame on his family fighting over material things its disgusting.
    May he rest in peace.

  21. Ebrahim Hull says:

    May God bless us all with understanding and mercy, love and forgiveness.

  22. Philani Marasha says:

    Homie u just being racist, apartied is still alive true bt its nt because of a black bas, u just in denial

  23. Steve says:

    Good riddance the terrorist is dead, now can the rest of his croanies follow suite asap!

    1. kaycie says:

      Shame on u,u evil Pig..u dnt deserve to live,u such a moor ungodly hater….sies man jy is moorsag,u should hv died along wth yo forefathers who hated mandela N those u were against a democratic S.A u should be ashamed of your self u so disgusting

  24. dissapointed says:

    really dissapointed in mandelas family for disrespecting hes legacy by not letting him rest when he really died. Was it just n PR stunt for the release for the movie.

  25. Chris says:

    To be declared “brain dead and have total organ failure” is to be legally dead no matter what is said by family or Doctor and it would be illegal not to acknowledge that fact so unless you want to believe that all the medical staff were also in on the conspiracy then the odds are that this report is total b***s**t. Please take away the emotions and just look at the basic facts and feasibility thereafter ….

  26. What says:

    You can sue a dead person if they were alive at the moment of litis contestatio. what is this nonsense.

  27. Robi. says:

    Whatever. The fact of the matter is he’s DEAD. Poof, gone, so-long and goodbye. Whenever couldn’t bother me. So then come all, just let it be. This mandela character most definitely isn’t worth all the attention being bestowed on him by everyone including the press.

  28. JOSH MEDIA says:

    i knew this b4, hop you too knew

  29. Pierre says:

    Do you also believe that the first moon landing did not take place, but was filmed in a movie studio?

  30. William says:

    Holy COW – the schooling in this country SUCKS nowdays. and if you are Afrikaans., type in your own language? – Hardly anyone can spell or type.. thanks to sms’ing… in short hand…

    It is incredibly sad that his own daughters would do this to him – I stood like 3 meters away from him, while working on the first 46664 concert in 2003 – All the people in this country must PLEASE get over this black / white thing -We are all South Africans. We should together as a nation and show other countries that colour is only that….a colour!

    We are ALL the same on the inside…..

    Sleep tight Mr. Mandela !!

    1. Phila says:

      First comment I actually understand and like.

  31. Cynthia Mandishona says:

    Well, we all know he is gone now.

  32. Tangeni Shinimah says:

    It seems to me like his death was planned if the family is capable of doing this! These greedy people might have injected the old man to death years back! I truly suspect some foul plays about his death!

    1. Tangeni Shinimah says:

      He was my hero and he remains my hero! I wish he could come back to life and see how the people he truly loved fighting for his wealth! Namibia love you Tatekulu Madiba

    1. Melinyaniso says:

      Truly disgusting, not a way we should be honoring a great man like Madiba,

      Both us blacks and whites we should all be grateful and embrace Madiba’s vision of non hate, love and embracing each others differences, yes those F*ck&rs in parliament do not seem to understand this at all other than putting our hard earned tax to their own pockets,

      If the is anything we should have in common its their hate and getting them to do whats right for our country

  33. All we can say is Rest In Peace Sir…
    Also, Nelson Sir’s death has also been mentioned as one of the top events of 2013. Have a look

  34. This is sick, they delayed the announcement to December 5th to coincide with the premiere of the Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom film.

  35. Patmomoti says:

    May his soul Rest in perfect peace

  36. if this is true then its most shameful thing ever.

  37. HK says:

    Mandela was and always will be a terrorist, not even his own family gives a rat’s *** about him, but they’ll take his money every day of the week.

  38. people are so selfish beyond measures even you who call us kaffirs and say we deserve to die….what makes you think you more human than blacks! it all went wrong when mankind valued money more than anything it is sick to think that people are seeing as objects to enhance other people

  39. veronica says:

    They should have let the man go in peace shocking

  40. Semarose says:

    It is painfull to me as South African to hear what the Mandela family is doing, fighting over u tata’s legacy it’s embarrassing. Madiba was a man of peace who always want to share with the poor. It is clear that everything that tata worked for died with him no one in the family will continue to do the right thing. As for u mama Graca I salute you, you were there for him till the last day, even though it was not easy but u fought like a real women, what I can say to u is be still the Almighty will fight your battles for you.

  41. xtido says:

    I don’t understand you white people……u complain about everything…yet you white have got all the Good schools, beautiful neighbourhoods, you have got all the good jobs, most companies are run by whites. I really don’t understand why are u so selfish u whites. You do boere don’t want to see other races succeed. Mxm you talk about oppression the whole time fuck u haven’t even tasted oppression, you don’t carry around a dompas, you don’t get beat by police for being in a black comunity, you do get arrested for speaking your mind, u don’t get called kaffir and get spit at for being black, you don’t get compared to animal. Black till today are suffering. Blacks have got the highest poverty rate as result of apartheid and most parents cannot provide for their families because never had education. You boere are poisoning the status of this country you go overseas and tell foreigners that you whites are not welcomed in this country. That is the biggest Bullshit. Everyone is welcomed in this country.

  42. Anno Domini says:


  43. stardust says:

    Mandela’s funeral was a cover up to gather 91 prominent people to crown Marduk the King of Africa to initiate the final phase of the NWO.

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