Michelle Slaps Danish Prime Minister And Tells Her “To Stay Away From Obama Or Else”

(PIC) Calm before the storm: Michelle Obama displays all signs of a black woman ready for a fight

(PIC) Calm before the storm: Michelle Obama displays all signs of a black woman ready for a fight

Those who saw the spectacle claim that the usually composed Michelle Obama showed her ghetto side, and was ready to take off her earrings in favour of a good street fight.

JOHANNESBURG – Reports of rivalry between Denmark’s prime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and Michelle Obama has been reeking political corridors for quite sometime, but it was only until yesterday that this long standing rumor was confirmed.

According to well placed sources from the White House, the rivalry was not ignited by an innocent yet mischievous selfie between Thorning-Schmidt and US president Barack Obama, but drama between the two States’ women has been brewing since their sorority days.

In an unreported incident which allegedly took place after the memorial service, a cat fight between the two happened at the late Nelson Mandela’s home in Houghton, Johannesburg.

“Michelle was clearly livid that Obama would even entertain taking a selfie with Helle, knowing very well how she hated the woman. Who wouldn’t? We are dealing with a Danish woman here. Those women remain uncontested when coming to who can drop their panties the fastest,” confided one political insider who saw the drama.

“We all saw Helle’s flirtatious gestures at the memorial service, and how pissed Michelle was. Let’s just say, Helle knows how to press the right buttons. The giggles between Barack and Helle got so alarming that Mrs. Obama ordered her husband to change seats or else their marriage will follow Madiba to the grave,” the insider added.

According to security personnel, the skirmishing erupted shortly after their arrival in Houghton, with Michelle calling Helle “a Danish man eater”.

It is alleged that Thorning-Schmidt was about to enter the main entrance hall where all media was barred, making it impossible for any journalist to see, let alone capture the action. Insiders claim Mrs. Obama suddenly emerged from behind like Queen Latifah in Set It Off, poked Helle and said “I’m talking to you b*tch!”.

“All hell broke loose. Before we knew it, Michelle slapped Helle sooo hard and gave her a stern warning to keep her dirty claws off her man or else…

“Michelle is a true ghetto queen, she reminds me of Madea…. I doubt Helle will look at another black married man again after this,” claimed another security deep throat who refused to be named.

It is alleged that Helle’s bodyguards quickly intervened, and the two where summoned to an impromptu meeting mediated by seasoned gay rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Dignitaries present at the smackdown were instructed to keep the incident under wraps in honor of Nelson Mandela’s memory.

The White House and Danish Ministry did not deny nor confirm the incident, but both offices said an official statement will be released once “the matter has been resolved”.

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27 Comments Add yours

  1. Mbuli says:

    I heard of this incident but thought it was a joke. What Michelle Obama did was unnecessary

    1. jack says:

      It is a joke. Come on people don’t be so foolish.

  2. Regina Motsumi says:

    So Michelle Obama is an insecure woman? Who would have though! Kwakwaaaaaaaa

  3. ThabithaN says:

    Yes I also heard of the incident. Tjo! Shocking!!!!!

  4. Noma Simelane says:

    Nelson Mandela must be very disappointed

  5. E. Kruger says:

    I’m glad this story saw the light of day. Apparently SABC reporters knew about the incident, but where given strict instructions not to breath a word.

  6. Linda says:

    Michelle did what any woman in love would do… There is nothing about insecurity here

  7. Nkosi Mali says:

    It is OK for the media to write trash about Jacob Zuma, but when the high and mighty Obama messes up they keep quite?

  8. Ntombi Maseko says:

    Money can’t buy class. The woman is ghetto.

    1. missjustin says:

      Its has nothing to do wth class.

  9. missJ says:

    There’s nothing ghetto or insecure about wht Michelle did, that woman deserve a bitch slap. She can’t flirt wth Obama in front of Michelle’s, the next thing they will be talks of how black women can’t keep their men. White trash

    1. debbie says:

      Would have done the same thing. It’s one thing to flirt with a man but in front of his wife AND he is the president of the united states… in front of the world! The classy thing to have done was to beat her ass in private

  10. missjustin says:

    It has nothing to do with being ghetto or insecurities, tht hellen # loose panty# deserve bitch slapping, how dare she flirt wth Obama in front of his wife

  11. Lineo Shale says:

    All I can say to michelle is “you go girl!”

  12. pauline says:

    whether getto or not who would sit back and watch another woman especially a blondy steal her man…. if it was me I think I would have done the same…. thatha michelle!!

  13. Justine Smith says:

    It’s a known fact that black women are the worst bitches! These black whores should stop taking out their insecurities on us white women

    1. Jeffrey Bill says:

      Are you even married?

    2. shan simms says:

      Bitch I would love for u to stand in front of this black bitch n say that

  14. Mageba says:

    She got what she deserved. Michelle do it AGAIN.

  15. Themby says:

    Michelle is not ghetto nor insecure she did exactly what any woman would do..unless ofcourse u feel nothing for your man..I would have even gone further than that slap

  16. I don’t believe that happened. I mean c’mon, the tabloids are capable of making up stories to make juicy gossip, maybe yes there ws a confrontation between the 2 women but I strongly believe it was exaggerated. And besides, even if it happened as they say it did it has nothing to do with class, I don’t care whether u r white or not I’d give any woman an ass whoopin if she dare mess with my man, especially to my face. Some bitches just don’t have boundaries!

  17. Brenda says:

    I just can’t see Michelle doing something like this but she is woman and I can see the disapproval in her facial expression. I feel a good husband should never put his wife in this space.

  18. Tangeni Shinimah says:

    She is a husbands snatcher, she deserves that slap

  19. sixtus says:

    Mitchelle is not wrong, this Helle is seducing Obama, we can’t blame her though, dat man is looking gud.

  20. lyndsay says:

    Why is this danish pms not married or is she? and if she is, she sure has no respect for her husband. I agree with you Brenda, Obama should not have placed Michelle in that position; that shows how little respect he had for her, disappointing coming from Barack, he is smarter than that. I don’t understand the fuss abt this danish pms looks, she isn’t that pretty; she looks older than michelle and like a plain jane next door; not even young and foxy, she has nothing on michelle, if looks and age has anything to do with it.

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