“God Hates South Africa & Nelson Mandela Has Split Hell Wide Open,” Says Christian Cult To Picket At Madiba’s Funeral

Westboro Baptist Churchs Steve Drain told eNCA.com in an exclusive interview that members of the cult organisation were planning on picketing Nelson Mandelas funeral in an effort to reveal that his “philandering” have brought God’s wrath on the country.

JOHANNESBURG – While the world and its leaders paid their deepest respects to late Statesman Nelson Mandela this week, an extremist Christian group in the United States has been planning to picket his funeral.

Speaking in an exclusive Skype interview, the Westboro Baptist Church told eNCA.com that “God hates South Africa” and “Nelson Mandela has “split hell wide open.”

Westboro elder Steve Drain said he and other members of the Kansas-based church want to bring this message over the Atlantic to tell the country this weekend, during Mandela’s official State funeral in Qunu. 

Members of the notorious cult church posted videos and pictures of posters reading “Mandela in hell” and “Divorce + remarriage = adultery” on social media sites throughout the week, indicating their intention to fly to South Africa to speak out against Mandela’s “philandering” ways. 

“The Lord Jesus Christ preached vehemently against divorce… and somebody who you’re lauding and well nigh on worshipping as a dead man, Nelson Mandela… his wife is Evelyn,” said church elder Steve Drain in an exclusive Skype interview with eNCA.com. 

CNN has reported that, over the last year, more than 360,000 Americans signed a petition to the White House to have the Westboro Baptist Church legally declared a “hate group.” 

Three other petitions against the organisation have also received hundreds of thousands of signatures. 
The Obama administration announced in July it is not designated to assign the label to the group, refusing to comment on it, but agreeing that the practice of protesting at military funerals is “reprehensible.”

“His wife is not Winnie, his wife is not Graca. His wife is Evelyn… and what he did was he tomcatted around on her,” he said.  

“He didn’t want to hear that he was an adulterer so he put her away. Threw her to the curb like a piece of garbage.”

The church, which consists mainly of members of the large family of Pastor Fred Phelps, has earned many enemies in the United States picketing against homosexuality and gay rights at the funerals of soldiers and other well-publicised events. 

Phelps preaches God’s hatred and intolerance, insisting that the acceptance of gay people and the practices of divorce, adultery and abortion, among others, consistently incur His wrath and lead to deaths and disasters. 

“God’s hate is merely one of his perfect attributes, like his love, his mercy,” Drain explained. 

He said Mandela had lost two of his children and caused South Africa untold problems because he divorced his first wife and took undue credit for helping bring about an end to apartheid. 

“Nelson Mandela is just a figurehead and what he wanted was the praise of men, more than he wanted the praise of God,” Drain said.  

“And it’s to his eternal shame now, because it’s game over for Nelson Mandela because he’s in hell.

And we’re going to come preach to you about it,” he said. 

These sentiments come at a time when millions around the world have been recognising and remembering Mandela’s achievements and contributions towards peace and reconciliation in South Africa. 

Drain said he had contacted law enforcement officials in Johannesburg and was waiting for the go-ahead. He did not specify who the SA officials were.

“We are law abiding citizens,” he said.  “We don’t hate anybody and we don’t incite anybody to hate anybody,” he said. 

“We’ll be the only ones who truly love by a bible standard, because we’re willing to tell you the truth of the scripture, that you’re sinning against the Lord you’re God and you’re worshipping a sinner.” 

Drain said the group had passports and was in the process of booking flights to Johannesburg. Mandela’s funeral will take place in Qunu in the Eastern Cape on Sunday. – eNCA

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21 Comments Add yours

  1. MandelaN says:

    He is the black man that’s why its a big issue!You can’t accept that a black man like Mandela is admired world wide because he has brought freedom in South Africa..get over yourself Steve Drain,you must be reading the wrong Bible after all. Oops Sorry you still holding to the old testament but let me just say Ruth you remember her:)Re-marrying is no longer a sin!Let Mandela rest in peace you white jealous Americans!!!tongue out!

    1. 777-yes says:

      “Holding to the old testament”??? Why would you think/believe that the old testament is no longer valid? Our Lord laid down rules and laws, He said abide by them.

      1. Tumstar says:

        People like you forget that not everyone has the same beliefs. not all of us believes in either the new testament or the old. Stop shoving your beliefs up our asses!

    2. Tumstar says:


  2. Tumstar says:

    Gosh! Attention seeking idiots. I fully agree with MandelaN, it is all based on the fact that he’s a black man. What if he goes to “hell/heaven”??? it has NOTHING to do with anybody. Let them come to Mzansi, we shall be waiting for them singing that Zuma song….

  3. umona lona! who are u to judge? how many americans who are in hell? u ppl are busy killing ppl around the world

  4. agnes says:

    fucken idiot. what do you know about mandela or south africa? you are a white stuckup racist who cannot accept that a black man is loved by all races. dont you dare come to south africa because we will teach you a lesson you will never live to tell the tale.

  5. linds.dlams@gmail.com says:

    you see paster you still need salvation you haven’t have Jesus yet though there bible said judge not but you already judge Mandela that He is in hell only God knows that not you so go find the real salvation not what you have now.

  6. Nemo says:

    Come to thinkm of sinners and hell, who are you to judged…. America=ILLUMINATI……….

  7. AMANDLA says:

    Steve Drain you belong in the drain God never hates but loves and go find the something better to do. Don’t u dare mention Nelson Mandela”s name again and don’t come to South Africa if you value your life You belong in Hell

  8. Nic says:

    I agree that Mandela’s wife was Evelyn not Winnie or Graca.
    However, I cannot tell what happened in Mandela’s spiritual life in his last days. He may have gone straight to hug our grandfather Abraham

  9. cheslon says:

    I read through this hogwash briefly and I must say, if the God of Drain and America hates SA so much why don’t they leave us the f*ck alone and keep their God for themselves? You contradict what your bible states. Wether Nelson Mandela is in hell for having 12 women at once in his bed, we the people of this great nation respect and love him for the efforts he put in to bring us to where we are.

  10. Child of the King says:

    Our beloved Madiba lived the fruit of the Spirit. He did not hate and like Chirist who mixed with the lepers and tax collectors, so did Madiba with the poor, the sick and even controversial leaders like Mugabe, Gadafi, Castro and various others. Why dont you use your negative energy and put it to good use by slandering Mugabe. Perhaps you could go there and preach to the Zimbabweans about their State President ( or are you chicken, you only pick on dead people! I would be very keen to see if you have anyting positive to say about anyone. I say come to South Africa, so you can experience and see for yourself what Madiba has achieved through his attitude of forgiveness and non violence. See our children now receiving equal education, see I can now kiss a black man in public, see our children can go the the same beach as the white man, see we as a country are united, we are patriotic, something that in the apartheid era was not possible. God used Nelson Mandela to bring peace and freedom to our country. How can you say that God hates South Africa. He has blessed us with such an amazing leader. All I can say is that I will pray for you and your cult that God will show you the way and forgive you for slandering His name.

  11. Mlino T says:

    After all who is Steve Drain????? A dracula or what???

  12. South African says:

    What’s wrong with everyone? Judging from all the comments, all I see is hatred. I wonder what our kids will be like if the adults behave like this now.

  13. khosi.b says:

    Steve Drain m nt agnst u or ur church, m not 1 to judge bt u need to hv all ur facts bf attacking some1 dt can not answer for himself… If u wanted pick on Madiba u shdnt hv waited till he was dead to do so. U say u r christians pray an loves in a true bible manner. If u thought the man was a sinner myb u shud hv tome to mzansi then an pray with him dn wait for him to die an slander his name. He was the worlds great leader let him rest in peace

  14. Zweli elton says:

    Illuminati is taking over the world and the propaganda that the world leaders is telling us has already shaped the world according to how they wanted the world to be governed.

  15. mphojane says:

    Drain, who told you that we all subscribe to your Christian religion? Why don’t you preach to your own leaders in America who have killed so many people in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Lybia, Japn, (atomic bomb of 1945). Fuck you , you hypocrite! I am a South African and also do not support Mr. Mandela’s settlement with the minority government of the apartheid regime.However, I do not need people like you who have a lot to fix in their own countries for causing so much mayhem in so many countries around the world.

  16. mphojane says:

    Who is this idiot who condemns Mandela about killing innocent people at Wimpy bar and some other places? Where were the white people when their government was shooting and killing unarmed black school children for demonstrating in June 16 1976 against being taught through the medium of the Afrikaans language, a “tsotsi tall actually”, for that’s what thugs and criminals in black townships speak. The whites kept quite.

    They actually returned their government to their whites only parliament with a huge majority in the polls following the June 16 uprising. You fucking idiot, you have to be aware that whenever people fight because of politics, there’s no innocents.

    That is why the criminal government of America killed millions of innocent civilians during the Vietnam war, Afghanistan, Korea, Iraq etc. Remember the bombing of Dresden and other cities during the 2nd world war? Civilians always bear the brunt of wars all over the world, you stupid nincompoop. Until civilians stop giving their votes and trust to the politicians, they shall always be the victims of the wars waged by the corrupt politicians and their money bag supporters.

  17. gugu says:

    u r also fake God needs u not to fight for him.and Gods ppl are no part of this world meaning they involve themselves not on political matters even if he commited aduletry Jesus showed us how to judge that when jews brought to him a woman who commited aduletry. u seem like Gods P A i guess u should know God well and who are u to even talk for God on who he hates or not are ur u perfect or ur father sonpls shut up and leave south afroca alone or bring us a perfect president that u know it kills u to know how a black man was able to b just and as u dont know how hell looks like still shut up amd mind ur business the name u crave for u will never get for u will die in a plane as u come to frustrate south africa stay on ur country and fuck off rubbish

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