President Robert Mugabe’s Son Reveals His Homosexuality

(PIC) President Robert Mugabe crying foul over homosexuality

(PIC) President Robert Mugabe crying foul against homosexuality

“THEY are worse than pigs, goats and birds…. We will chop off their heads…” These are homophobic utterances of one Robert Mugabe, a Zimbabwe president who has made his stance towards the LGBTIQ community very candid.

Unbeknown to him, Robert Mugabe is carrying the seed of homosexuality himself. His third eldest son, Chipape Mugabe, has revealed his true sexuality at an emotional interview with a U.K radio station, consequently confirming a cliche; “Karma is a b*tch!”.

“My coming out of the closet was an important move in that much as my father is advocating anti-homosexuality, his own blood carries the very cells of what he deems as worse than pigs….” Chipape Mugabe told the Good Morning U.K drive-time radio DJ.

Chipape, who is studying towards an MBA at Oxford, explained that it is very crucial for Zimbabweans to start exercising the power of independent thinking and stop letting “dictators” like his dad ambush how they think.

Robert Mugabe has an extensive history of violent and homophobic statements. During last January’s elections, this president ran on a platform that assured “hell for gays” if his party won, promising laws that would make LGBTIQ individuals rot in jail for life.

“As a gay person and a very independent thinker, I feel Zimbabwe can do so much more than dwell on making the lives of minority groups a living hell. The question that everyone should always ask themselves before persecuting anyone gay is; how is he sleeping with another man directly affecting my life and how will torturing him propel my life to the better? The answer to both is zero,” articulated Mugabe.

Like many closeted gay men across the globe, Chipape Mugabe also fell on a trap of having to get married and have children so as to hide his true sexuality from the public, especially from his very homophobic father. He has since separated from his wife but says his revelation has brought them even closer.

Probed on how the Zimbabwe president is taking the news, Chipape said: “My father is probably still very shocked, therefore I’m giving him space to allow all these news to sink in, more so, to get him used to the idea of having a gay son. I sincerely hope my revelation will allow people to stop and think; what if my own child is gay?

“I often say; being straight is not an indication of strength much as being gay is not a weakness. What defines our strengths and weaknesses is our ability to rise against all odds and shape our own lives for the better. What are you doing with your life?” concluded Chipape.

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101 Comments Add yours

  1. Pabalelo matebele says:

    He that is sinless let him be the 1st to throu a stone do u see now moghabe what goes around comes back around

    1. Anonymous says:

      Try that again in some real language, please.

      1. Evan says:

        Why such a jerk? He made sense. It’s clear what he’s saying. Not sure why you couldn’t read it

  2. Phuti says:

    daddy is going to cut ure head boy…..

    1. Gu2 says:

      LetsRoll ufuna nton’ apha?

  3. Alex Obi says:

    This is an exact definition of what it should be like. Being in the closet as gays has worsened the LGBTIQ safety conditions. We should learn to defend ourselves and speak for our right .The time has come for us to be accepted in our society more especially in our dear African countries. Being gay isn’t a defect,its simply an expression of one’s feeling towards the same sex. I pray we could have more of CHIPAPE MUGABE in Africa.

  4. angelface says:

    Karma is indeed AN UNAPOLGETIC BITCH,

  5. Sometimes I wonder how homophobic people will react to the revelation of their loved ones being gay. To be a fly on the wall during the father-son conversation that will ensue after this coming-out-of-the-closet

  6. Linah says:

    Wow ain’t karma a bitch Mr Mugabe yohhh

  7. @Lovelock_M says:

    I applaud Chipape Mugabe’s bravery to come out. God created gay people, no one can defy that. Homophobia has to end and we all must embrace & make the world a better place !! PEACE!!

  8. Apinda says:

    Reblogged this on memories, dreams, reflections and commented:
    “As a gay person and a very independent thinker, I feel Zimbabwe can do so much more than dwell on making the lives of minority groups a living hell. The question that everyone should always ask themselves before persecuting anyone gay is; how is he sleeping with another man directly affecting my life and how will torturing him propel my life to the better? The answer to both is zero”

    1. Phil M says:

      And you still want our women to produce children for you ? why not form a gay colony for yourselves and see how long you’ll exist ? Ues gays are humans too but clearly humans with a very disturbing biological and psychological problem.The gay strain is a stain on humanity whichever way you see or put it.

      1. philip says:

        The only strain on humanity is your way of thinking Phil! Who the fuck made you God? Your women? Go back to your cave with your under developed lobes,,, you clearly think with your balls!

      2. Scott says:

        Who are you talking to, Phil?

      3. Katlego says:

        If you could clarify what you mean when you say “Our Women” because You don’t own women, and what they choose to do is their own decisions, I say say this in relation to serogacy, or even artificial insemination, no homosexual man can ever force a women to give them children, and if you are saying we are a stain to humanity, do you mean heterosexual infertile women and man are also a stain? Homosexuality has existed since time immemorial and since then the world has been getting more and more populated by humans, so don’t feel threatened by us, just live your life and to help you deal with your concern, go out there and make as many babies as you can cause out of them a couple might come as homo.

      4. Danson says:

        Phil M – ‘our women’ ???? That says it all about you straight away – single minded is one way of putting it. And there is a huge flaw with what you have suggested, so obvious I am surprised that you haven’t noticed it yourself before posting (but again that demonstrates your mentality). Why not form a gay colony and see how long Homosexuals exist??? Well, to answer that, first we must answer this question: where do gay babies come from? Do you know? here is a clue – the same place straight babies come from, the same place all babies come from, they are given birth to by women. So, with that in mind, lets say a gay colony is formed. Eventually some people in that colony will die of disease, accident or just natural old age. However, homosexuals will still be born today, tomorrow and for all time just have they have always been born all the way through human history (and with all other animal races as well you will be intrigued to hear). So, homosexuality would still exist on that basis. Even without a gay colony, it would still exist because it is part of the biological process of life, for all mammals not just humans (that is fact by the way) I would suggest you get your head out of your ass, or out of your bible, or both, and actually refer to science that provides the proven facts and answers to many questions and misconceptions relating to homosexuality. There is nothing biologically wrong with homosexuals, they are as perfect as anyone in that respect. As for psychological – again psychology does not come into the biological aspect of life, if it would that would essentially mean sexuality is chosen by the individual – can I ask when did you decide to be a heterosexual? You didn’t, because you have no choice in the matter, it’s the way you are – you couldn’t be homosexual if wanted to, it is biological (check the scientific and medical proven data and facts in this subject, not your own ill-conceived opinions based on jack shit). The only people who display clear signs of psychological problems are those that depose homosexuality on the grounds of religious fiction or their own ignorance to people other than themselves. You are a prime example of the problem faced here, complete rubbish as the foundation of your whole argument with no facts or proven data to back it up, clearly demonstrated by your feeble comments regarding ‘our women’ and the suggestion of homosexuals being wiped out if all were colonised (I have to admit, that did make me chuckle actually – what, you think gays going around recruiting other guys to be gays?)

      5. WB says:

        Just how ignorant can you be? Where do you think gay people come from? Who gives birth to them? STRAIGHT PEOPLE! So this idea of a ‘colony’ of all the gay people is ludicrous. Everywhere there are still straight couples, they would still be giving birth to the same percentage of gay people! Please use your brain before expressing your highly ridiculous thoughts and presenting them as if they make sense – they do not!

      6. Musca says:

        Ignorant, uneducated & a bigot , congratulations Phil M.

      7. A non-retard says:

        Shut up ya freak. There have been gay people in society from the earliest paintings and writings and society still managed to produce an arsehole like you. Don’t worry so much.

      8. ANONYMOUS says:

        thats very true even the bible against that , n now people jus act like being gay is not , ITS NOT …

  9. Skosana says:

    Yeah this is very hurtful, coz nw as a president u majesty cn’t kill ur own blood. Is very important to think b4 saying something indeed.

  10. Kevin Heartless says:

    Why did God create Adam and Eve? Homosexuality is wrong on so many ways but if you gay ppl don’t wanna come in to heaven that’s ok u can burn down there when satan is gon anal fuck u all day, thank you

    1. That gal says:

      Kevin, you are not only heartless.. You’re also a moron. Unlucky.

    2. Don says:

      It has been scientifically proven that there was a “Big Bang” that created the world, millions upon millions of years before the Bible says that “God” did….!

      There are NO Texts/writings to prove that the bible isn’t just the rambling a of some incoherent old fool from millennia ago.. Why on earth would you follow some old book, in which there has NEVER been any proof of it being “the word of God” and judging people based upon words inside this work of fiction – because that’s all it is without proof of its incarnation.

      And if you believe in what the bible say, you should NEVER get your hair cut, NEVER eat shellfish, women should be slaves to men and so many ridiculous notions that a “just God” would NEVER sanction..
      Oh and finally, if you believe in the Bible, perhaps you should take note of one of its other lines: “judge not, lest ye be judged”!!!! In other words, keep your opinions and thoughts to yourself!

      1. Phil M says:

        What has God got to do with this ?

      2. Rachel says:

        I don’t believe in the hate this president spouts at all but on the cover of new scientist magazine last year it said every top scientist in the world still doesn’t know how we came to existence. Big Bang or not. Millions of Christian scientists believe the bible and have no problem with God using a Big Bang. Just try explaining where our complex DNA code developed. You should read the language of God by the worlds top scientist who discovers the human genome code

    3. John Thomas says:

      We all pity your lack of intellect Dear Boy. The only frustrating thing is that when you realise that religion is illogical hokum – you’ll be dead and unable to rationalise your ignorance.

    4. Iain says:

      your surname says it all…

    5. French78 says:

      A word to the “wise”, Kevin. People who say things like that…. God doesn’t let them in to heaven either. So I guess I’ll see you in Hell 🙂

    6. Austin says:

      Being anal fucked all day is what gays dream of you absolute tosser. Take your 1900’s style attitude and shove that one up your arse!

    7. Alex says:

      God created Adam and Eve? That’s funny, I could have sworn that we evolved gradually through millions of years into our current form, how could science get it so wrong! *facepalm*
      If there does happen to be a god, people like you will also burn in hell – it is not for you to judge, by the tenets of your own religion, fool.

      1. Sephiroth619 says:

        Its also quite funny that none of the bible bashers ever talk about lilith, who was adams first wife, who left him as he was trying to control her. So does that mean Adam is a divorcee? is that not against old testament law as well? God freaks like to pick and choose what they believe, which is probably why they have scientifically been proved to have a lower IQ than none believers

      2. Rachel says:

        Read ‘the language of God’ by the worlds top scientist Francis Collins who discovers the human genome code (a Christian) most of the top leaders in our society and history like Martin Luther king are/were string Christians.

    8. DeeDee Taylor says:

      Are you from the Deep South of USA? You sound like a hillbilly idiot when you spout that crap. You need to either let things be, or shut the f*ck up. The end.

      1. Jubalani says:

        You sound as bigoted and idiotic as he does! Resorting to judging and condemning an entire group of people is as bad as his homophobia.Judge not least you be judged.

    9. CardiffTop says:

      You silly man! If God is a reality isn’t it true that he preaches love for all? Now then why aren’t you following in his foot steps and demonstrating that love? If God really does condemn gays , then isn’t it also true that every time you straights look at woman in a lustful way you are also codemned?
      The truth is that being gay is not a choice it is how we were made, so go back and blame your God as he “created us”!

      1. Phil M says:

        Do you ever plan on having kids ? and if yes,how do you plan on doing this ? The issue here is not about hate,its about the grim reality that homosexuality can not exist without heterosexuality .I once asked a gay pal (who is now deceased ,he had rectal problems, couldn’t hold his stool and decided to end his life) if homosexuals could form a gay colony and live separate from straight people for just a 100 years,would they continue to exist by themselves ? his answer was NO .So yes we agree that gay people are human and deserve the life they have in them BUT they wouldn’t exist beyond the word GAY ….keep satisfying your sexual desires annaly but never make the mistake to think that its OK ,it simply isn’t.

        Good luck

      2. Ryan Smith says:

        As a reply to Phil M.

        Listen to be honest, it’d be tough, but in today’s day in age we’d probably be able to clone ourselves with science.

        Also as unnatural as you may think being homosexual is, even if you were to send out every homosexual born to their separate island, you’d be sending till the end of humanity.

        There’s always going to be gay people. It’s always going to be a natural occurring thing. The only thing not OK here is people who refuse to accept the fact that they’re just as natural as you or anyone really.

    10. Bad Wolf says:

      if Heaven is full of nasty foolish sheep like u I’ll be happy to go to hell cos that’s where the free-thinkers will be. Get a brain & start thinking for yourself

    11. Someone else says:

      It appears to me that you’ve read some rare kind of satanical bible, which I have no knowledge of. If, however, these images also exist in the canonized version, I kindly request you to inform me where it says that satan is into anal fucking.

    12. Cardiff boy says:

      Just Adam and Eve Kevinheartless? But what about Lily? Look her up. Reckon she and Eve ever tried anything together when Adam was asleep in the bushes?
      Satan loves your hateful thoughts by the way, he keeps them as pets. That makes you Satan’s bitch.

      1. Sephiroth619 says:

        You mean lilith, adams first wife.

      2. Cardiff boy says:

        Yes thanks a bunch for the technical correction Sephiroth619, I believe the point was made no thanks to you.

    13. Jamie Makepeace says:

      I’m not going to attack you like everyone else. I’m going to educate you.
      You are commenting from a religious standpoint.
      Homosexuality isn’t mentioned in the bible. Not even once. Jesus doesn’t refer to it. No-one does.
      The common misconception from Leviticus 18-22 is that ‘man shall not lie with man, it is abomination.’. (This has now been PROVEN to have been mis-interpreted from literal Hebrew translation.)
      Firstly – Leviticus 18 is known by scholars as something called ‘the holiness code’. It has been proven to have been written by someone called Ezekiel. He added his own texts to the Bible. His word is NOT the ‘word of God’. His additions were intended as Laws of the land to make it easier to determine Israelites from people of other nations.
      Secondly – The LITERAL translation of the text reads as follows. “And with a male thou shalt not lie down in a woman’s bed; it is abomination.”.
      This means that a woman’s bed was her own. Other than the woman herself, only her husband was allowed to enter her bed. There were even restrictions on WHEN the husband was allowed into his wife’s bed. Any other use of her bed was considered defilement.
      Other verses in Leviticus 15 also directly correspond to this.
      Nowhere else in any teachings or verses anywhere in the Christian Bible does it refer to acts of homosexuality apart from the same laws in Leviticus 22 that condemn incest.
      Sodom & Gomorrah – the sin of Sodom was lack of Charity. They were condemned for violent rape of guests (male and female). Not homosexuality.
      Finally – There are 2 same-sex couples mentioned in the Bible. And they were highly regarded in the book of Samuel. David & Jonathan, and Ruth & Naomi. (The first of which is where the term ‘how the mighty have fallen’ comes from)
      All four of them were given seats by the side of God in the Kingdom of Heaven.
      According to, you know….The Bible.

      As an additional point – even IF your misinterpretations were true, the penalty was ‘put to death’. Not sent to hell. Not refused entry to heaven. Death. And if absolved of their sin before death by a priest (by way of repentance) – entry to heaven would be automatic.

      So yeh – get an education on a subject before commenting on it and making yourself look like the IGNORANT IDIOT you are.

      1. kevthepoet says:

        Awesome response and it’s given me inspiration for some theological research.

    14. simmon says:

      Its people like you that hold the rest of humanity back.
      The rest of us want to come together and move forward, but whilst people like you spout your inbred hateful views, we are doomed to live in a cruel and spiteful world.
      Your no better than a racist.

      Why is it that you religious types are the ones to spread hatred and evil in the world?

      1. Rachel says:

        Jesus loves you. Ask him yourself. You will know when you sense his presence around you… And more. But start by asking. God is love and full of mercy.

    15. Josaurus says:

      if heaven’s gonna be filled with judgemental, selfish and ignorant people like you then you can have your heaven. i’ll join the rest in hell where we’ll be smoking weed and chilling all day with satan and live in peace

      1. Rachel says:

        That’s why Jesus hung out with the prostitutes and drunks because they understood his love. And the religious ones got furious. Read the end of religion.. Great read

    16. Calling Kevin says:

      Hi Kevin, unfortunately God had to create Adam and Eve so that they could breed and eventually arrive where humans are kind, loving and non-judgemental. Unfortunately you are one of the by-products in this process that will never make it to a higher order of thinking. Shame – its okay… there is place for you too on the planet. Heaven does not care about sexual preference but by how good you are to all other creatures in your life. So I hope you are allowed into heaven based on the fact that you like to have sex with women Heartless Kevin.

    17. anengiyefa says:

      Your heaven is fiction! I don’t want to go there, thank you!

    18. Wake up the sleepers says:

      Yes, because people who believe in a talking snake should be in a perfect position to tell the rest of us what is normal.

    19. Danson says:

      I don’t know, why did God create Adam and Eve? I know the answer because I know what the story says in the in the Old testament. And that story doesn’t mention anything about Homosexuality so you need to elaborate what your point is there. And besides, Humanity has got past all the creation myths, we know how the earth was created. We have science and proven fact to thank for that. If you are still referring to out of date fictional fear-mongering, then you are out of touch with today’s world. Biologically homosexuality has been proven to be natural, not something born out of surroundings or external conditions, neither created by choice of mental imbalance. Proven biological and scientific fact. So what exactly is your argument based on other than the bible says so (it doesn’t, it really doesn’t, if you actually know what you are talking about) or just because you say so?

      1. Dudesicle says:

        ” answer because I know what the story says”

        You blieve in “stories”?

  11. Hlompho says:

    WoooowwWww!!!!I am soo beyondly whelmed by this!!!#proud of ur move buddy!!!keep on the light shinning!!!wow

  12. Adri Noble says:

    What a brave son, Robert retract your words. “Your own flesh and blood is proudly gay” # i salute you son

  13. julie cadden says:

    What a very sad person you are. Aren’t Christians suppose to be non judgemental?

    1. Dudesicle says:

      No. The Christians are the most judgemental row there is, only second to fundamentalist Muslims

  14. molatelo says:

    thump up brother…don’t worry daddy will comes around

  15. Godo says:

    Satire people, satire!!!!!

  16. what goes around comes around. Gutted!!

  17. ijo says:

    What an idiotic thinking of someone not to believe in God’ creation.

  18. tebogo says:

    Is he gonna chop off his son’s head too #wondering hehe Mugabe weee..

  19. BLACKIE @PLOTS says:

    Now, cut off that head, mugabe.
    Stand by your rotten word.

  20. Akogecko13 says:

    This would be a fine script of a movie.

  21. Maybe next year we will read about old Bob Mugabe organising a Harare Pride March……he will look hot in a frock and some high heals and he can lead the parade! :)… at least my question has been answered….I always wondered why the hell he was still alive….it was to see the day his son came out as a gay guy! 🙂

    1. Dudesicle says:

      You have a lot of faith regarding people. No, Mugabe will not look “hot” regardless what he wears. He is and will always be a homophobe. And his son’s coming out will add to nothing as long as the gays of Zimbabwe continue to suffer.

  22. Josaurus says:

    respect brother, respect

  23. MD says:

    It even says it is posted in ‘Satirical’…..

  24. zimbad says:


  25. trixy says:

    Homophobes are those who are most afraid of the fact that every now and then that they have a gay thought in their head. Homophobes have hate that stems from fear, fear of becoming gay. If you are comfortable with your own sexuality. There is no need to be worried about anyone elses.

  26. Nelson says:

    mugabe I know will not fall for this. If u r man enough go home in Zimbabwe and tell them u r gay in the public.

  27. Tia says:

    This sounds like a political move to me,my guess is someone paid him to “come out of the closet”, Try again,you didn’t get me on this one.

  28. karlton says:

    Yes Mugabe has done wrong, but this gay shit you want to pin on him just because his so called son claims to be gay is all insanity. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah all because of sodomy, it pains me to see some people take the courage to right stuff cursing God, you are a creation of God and don’t invite his wrath to come upon you. I shall not judge anyone, if ya’ll people gat nothing sensible and respectful about God, please put the shut to the up and save yourself endless plagues upon your life. For all have fallen short of glory of God, but don’t brag about being wrong and being in darkness, coz darkness gives birth to destruction, and light bears eternity. Walk as the children of light and be of righteousness and rightfulness.

    1. Calling Kevin says:

      Oh cry me a river. Why don’t you die and go to heaven and leave us all alone.

    2. Nomsa says:

      Amen, who steals and brags who kills and brags who lies and brags yet gay people want to sin and brag who does that…Mugabe”s son is sinning.And its pretty normal for him to rebel the way he has against his father. His stupid I must say. If a child comes out and does the opposite of what he has bin taught he is fool. People must not just say things without thinking…

      1. Ryan Smith says:

        “People must not just say things without thinking…” LOL

  29. Taz says:

    As much as this man is brave, he is also very stupid. We are not talking about some random father or mother here, we are talking about the dictator leader of Zimbabwe, who has now been publicly “shamed” by his son in front of his nation and the whole world.

    As much as it would be amazing for “daddy to come round” he wont. Why? For a number or reasons. Firstly he is Robert Mugabe, the man is terrible, his actions during his leadership have been atrocious and are just signs of someone unhinged.

    The second, and this unfortunately is bigger than the fact that the man is a psychopath, is culture. If you think for one second that the culture (similarly religion) ingrained in this man and his nation, whether they support him or not, would allow for him to accept a gay son then you have another thing coming. There is no such establishment or unwritten law in this culture as well as others (other African and Caribbean) that says a parent should always love or even respect a child, although the it should ALWAYS be upheld the other way around. As a result the son will just been seen as another person “worse than pigs” and i’m sure hes already been disowned and had his existence denied.

    As much as his son is brave, he now has more pressing issues than giving his father space. He needs to start arranging measures to ensure he doesn’t end up with a space between his shoulders. Sad but true.

    1. Calling Kevin says:

      Gay BOB does not need his son to bring shame on him. He has done that himself by killing his people and his country. To hell with him. He deserves every bit of bad karma that is now coming his way.

    2. zzzLDRzzz says:

      Sadly, I think this is indeed the Chipape’s new reality.

      As a total aside, what do they have against pigs, goats and birds?

  30. tony says:

    It’s not just crucial. It’s very crucial!

  31. Nathi says:

    Whether his admision save any good his demonic father has caused far more pain and suffering of millions of his people, killed and sent many into exile even blind people. Gay or strtaight is a personal choice that can not affect other people, but dictatorship is another thing. Mugabe is a murderor despot and his homophobic mentality towards gays and lisbains stink. Mugabe towards elections told a stadium full of people that gays and lisbian shal be challanged to produce children within one of marriage, should they fail he wil be arresting them. Now he must arrest his son and insult his son.

  32. Christopher says:

    I command the evil spirits which are ruling you life to die in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

  33. Moorglade says:

    All these muppets that haven’t noticed this was posted in ‘satirical’.

  34. Daniel Berrner says:

    When I think of Karma, I think of “bad things happening to bad people”. I wouldn’t say that this is Karma, because this is a good thing happening to a bad person.

  35. Judy Carlson says:

    Hugs for you, Chipaoe ❤ You're very brave & hope this ends in a happy family connection. Have to say I'm worried for your safety. Please be very alert & careful. TKS for your courage. My grown kids aren't accepting, 1 out of 4 still talks to me. My partner's family does, even tho they're religious!

  36. zzz says:

    As Christians, pls do not judge as the bible says. Rather pray n ask God to protect you n yo families for it is not our duty to do so. leave everything to God. He is the creator who has got a reason for everything. He knew everyone when they were in their mother’s womb. So if you want to go to heaven jus focus on yo life and to Jesus coz no one has powers to change anything on earth except for Him.

    1. shamzie says:

      Amen!! well said.. being a Christian myself, i look only to God for answers.. God is not surprised by anything that happens.. He is not phased by people publicly denying Him because He says even if all of humanity refused to worship Him, the rocks & mountains & the rest of creation would still worship Him.. the best we can do in a world that is falling apart is pray for ourselves, for our families, our children & their children’s children until Jesus returns!

  37. qeta says:

    i honestly think that what chipape did wad brave n big up for that.

  38. Prince says:

    As Educated as Mugabe is He’ll jst understand or cn just go chew sand for all I care!

  39. Ngoni says:

    Leave Zim President Alone. Shame on u gays. You are all morons. Chipape stay there forever!!!!!! U have been paid to act like a fool. Xxxxxxx. You have spoiled my day!!!!!

    1. hummingbee says:

      Pamberi navo it’s their right to be happy Mugabe is an asshole

  40. Elaine H says:

    As a woman I do not feel the need to respond to Phil Ms ridiculous claim to me. However, I would like to say how brave Chipape has been. Well done – you have made a stand for all persecuted gay men, not only in your country, but across Africa and the world. I applaud you.

  41. deejayzee says:

    Lol senzo and s’busiso…..I hate NGOCHANI

  42. nobert says:

    he is seeking attention only,i wonder how much they paid him for the interview.

  43. Spencer says:

    U a not a tru son of the soil boi . I truly agree with comrade president , your father gayism is inhuman . Hatidi varume vanofemerana mugotsi

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