Zuma’s Housewives Reality Show To Launch On E.TV

(PIC) President Jacob Zuma flanked by Zuma's Housewives cast

(PIC) President Jacob Zuma flanked by Zuma’s Housewives cast

At an exclusive press conference held today in Craighall, Johannesburg, e.tv has announced what is to become Africa’s most watched television show.

Set at the backdrop of the controversial Nkandla village, Zuma’s Housewives will be a reality series profiling the pleasures and pressures four women encounter as wives of a South African president.

Addressing a handful of journalists, Monde Twala, e.tv’s channel head, expressed his excitement on this landmark project.

“Today marks the birth of a groundbreaking show in the entire history of television… Never, since the existence of mankind, have we seen a reality show capturing the private life of a president and his family… We are overly proud that this is happening within our shores, more so on e.tv,” said the beaming Twala.

According to e.tv, commissioning Zuma’s Housewives was a crucial move in addressing challenges faced by women in polygamous marriages. The show seeks to do so by highlighting how these four women respond to social, political, traditional, religious and family pressures.

Said Shaka Sisulu, creator and series producer: “The series will profile the often voiceless and politically inactive women criss-crossing the president’s bedroom. We will cover pressing issues such as how a man with many wives get to choose which one occupies his main bedroom for the night, or whether they all jump in on the same bed…”

Similar to international formats, the show will also focus on conspicuous spending. Adding to the dramatics, footage of the housewives’ jealous rivalry and jaw-dropping cat-fights will remain unedited, reassuring Bonang Matheba and Kelly Khumalo that they are not the only straatmates alive. Viewers at home will be left aghast as MaNtuli throws tantrums at interior designers upgrading her matrimonial home.

“….Most importantly, the show’s secondary objective is to vindicate and consequently put to rest perpetual conspiracies surrounding the president. Never-seen-before footage will highlight how the president and his family actually spends tax payers’ money. This will include an exclusive tour inside Nkandla homestead,” added Sisulu, also known as ‘Lipgloss’ to many.

Although e.tv was coy on revealing more details, is it said that the show will go on air just before the national elections.

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46 thoughts on “Zuma’s Housewives Reality Show To Launch On E.TV

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  2. Let’s no be critics about this matter I hope we all want to know what is real happening behind closed doors in Nkandla Pres JZ mansions, ain’t we? I’m so exited sifuna ukwazi!lol

    • not actually. We really DONT care to know what happens behind the presidents closed doors. We already have too much information re: shower. I would like to have respect for him as an elderly person atleast.

  3. Really now Mr South Africa President reality show??????? Haaibo so siphi isithunzi sakho wee Baba?
    Mihla ne zolo wena uhlala une’iindaba zase stradini… uma kungasi ngama eToll nguwe na bafazi

  4. Oh please! Anything can be manipulated behind the camera and when it’s turned off. This is just a way to, again, lie to the public. They all need to seriously grow the hell up and act their age. I hope that a new party gets voted in

  5. It would be very worthwhile and millions and billions of ppl would watch if Nkandla was blown up or demolished! That would be great.

  6. As Mozambican, let me say:
    Adorei ler a noticia e tiro o chapéu ao Presidente Jacob Zuma, “JZ”, por mostrar atitude e ter vencido pre-conceitos. Esta atitude mostra tambem que o camarada de armas, é um Homemdede verdade. Obrigado, Nyambonga, khanimanbo, Thank you…

  7. Some of u are just as stupid as they think they smart. Especial u whites. I wonder who told u that u are the intelligent creatures on earth. If it gets edited so what, if it does or does not how can prove. If this is done to get votes so wht?. Why South Africans attack the person instead of an organization? Even if u want to attack the organization, when are u going to challenge them with yo innovative and effective ideas using relevant Chanel’s? U so embarrassing

  8. it wil b my first time to watch aprivate life of a President if it so important why e-tv cnt let us watch how De klek lives his private life

  9. Interesting…I would love to watch it. Those who have issues can always change the channel. I’ve seen documentaries on Bush, why not Zuma.

    • “Documentaries” about Bush… not “Reality Shows”. Documentairies are for politicians, Reality shows are for celebrities. And when I think of reality tv, the first very frightening thing that comes to my mind is “Keeping Up with The Kardashians”.
      I swear Zuma is trying to punk an entire nation. This is a whole new low even for Zuma.

      • I agree. It would actually be interesting to see a documentary about JZ’s life, if only to see what he actually DOES all day. A reality show is for people who want to be famous. End of story. The fact that this is associated with the President is embarrassing and shameful.

  10. This is taking things too far. its not necessary, we are really NOT sitting at home wondering what’s happening at the Presidents home , neither are we asking ourselves which wife is occupying his bed. We really have bigger problems honestly

  11. Skhumbuzo thank U these so called critics they need to step aside and shush hence they have nothing to say about this country which is gud whether individuals or the state, attittude is their downfall they accept that blacks are here and here to rule, yes we have challenges because we are still a young democracy get over it and get a life, people should be tourist and get to see what the GOV has done for SA and stop making silly stupid remarks all the time they were so protected and given everything on a silver platter now that they huddle like everyone they make so much noise

    • Go and read The Constitution. We all have a right to free speech unless of course you think it only means to say things YOU agree with. Get over yourself. We’ll all say what we like whether you or the ANC agrees with it or not.

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