BREAKING NEWS: Editor Arrested For Publishing Photos Of Nkandla

(PIC) Africa's most forbidden photograph

(PIC) Africa’s most forbidden photograph

In an attempt to assert its stance over the recent security mayhem prohibiting any media from publishing pictures of Jacob Zuma’s Nkandla homestead, this morning Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa, under the instruction of State Security Minister Siyabonga Cwele, issued a warrant of arrest against City Press editor, Ferial Haffajee.

News of Haffajee’s arrest, reminiscent to acts executed during the old apartheid regime, has send waves of shock, anger and disbelief across news rooms, with SANEF deeming it as illegal and downright unconstitutional.

“In a country that presents itself as liberal and democratic, a country where the right to information and freedom of speech is enshrined on its constitution, this happens? Is this Zimbabwe where journalists are arrested for writing truths about their pathetic government? This is shocking beyond measurable proportions, ” said one unpleasantly surprised SANEF member.

Sources close to the situation claims that the men in blue “just rocked up” and disrupted an editorial meeting held earlier on between Haffajee and her team.

One journalist, who wished to remain anonymous out of fear of following her boss lady to the docks, claims the police ambushed Ferial like the most wanted jail bird without as much as reading out what her charges where.

“It was like watching an episode of Molo Fish… We just stood there in total awe… The government is really desperate in trying to silence the media. Tax payers money was used to pay for Nkandla and covering such is in the interest of the public, not a security breach. We can’t even write about what just happened without risking going to jail,” lamented the distressed and fearful journalist.

According to a statement released just moments ago by the State Security Office, the arrest of City Press’ editor is one of many to follow.

“…we unequivocally want to send a very strong message to members of the media who have blatantly and arrogantly ignored the state security’s call to stop publishing pictures of the honorable president, Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma’s private residence, failing which WILL result in a federal offense punishable before the court of law..,” the statement read in part.

“We also appeal to residents of the republic to report anyone seen publishing such on social media platforms, as this is an offense under National Key Points Act…. We intend on taking appropriate legal measures to ensure that all culprits are brought to book…,” the statement further alluded.

Siyabonga Cwele added that it was the security cluster’s constitutional mandate to protect national security and the security of the president. “We will continue to do that (and) we are not going to outsource our function to protect the president,” he said.

Ferial Haffajee’s arrest comes amidst the controversial Protection of Information Bill, which, to a large extend, will see government’s [unwritten] self-enrichment policy come to pass without fear of ever being exposed. To add salt to injury, ANC’s Jackson Mthembu, who did not mince his words when probed for comment, welcomed and celebrated the news.

“Let this be a lesson to publications that are hell-bent on destroying the reputation of the ruling party. I am unashamedly rejoicing, and a track from my soon to be released single, “Don’t buy City Press – Don’t buy!”, will be blasting on repeat.

“We are tired of these women trying to wear men pants. Thuli Mandonsela should follow suit…” said the visibly excited Mthembu.

The past two weeks has seen a war of words between the security cluster and Public Protector Thuli Madonsela, where the government approached the courts for an interdict to stop the release of her Nkandla report. The court action was later withdrawn as the cluster did not “have any appetite for running in and out of courts”.

Presidential spokesperson, Mac Maharaj, could on be reached for comment.

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71 Comments Add yours

  1. Meshack says:

    Jacob Zuma should also be arrested for stealing tax payers money

    1. Craig says:

      Zuma should definitely be arrested for theft, fraud and the many other crimes he has committed as well as breaking the constitution. Too many brandies and coke with his mate Robert Mugabe, master thief and power hungry ego maniac extraordinaire. Monkey see, Monkey do it seems!

  2. Pule Modise says:

    Waaat??? WTF????

  3. Qwabe C says:

    Thnk God I’m a proud DA member. This is what you get for voting for the ANC

  4. Zapiro says:

    Viva ANC Viva! What a great start to a week

    1. Bob says:

      Unbelievable, so much for press freedom and a globally eulogized constitution and democracy

    2. Nix says:

      It’s called abuse of power! How scared must the ANC be to resort to such tactics! Go Hellen Zille!

  5. Nkanyiso says:

    Everything comes with responsibility democracy included.

    1. and the press/media is responsible for highlighting abuse of power!

    2. Is that applicable to the ANC and president to. O sorry I will get arrested for asking that question.

  6. mark says:

    Do you have to arrest woman….are your thugs not brave enough to take on men….grow up and face the music you bunch of idiots.

    1. Hmmm says:

      Why should they rather take on men? Are women not capable of defending themselves?

  7. sma says:

    who said its a tax money you wanted a president to stay in a shack….plsss

    1. Rina Burger says:

      He grew up in a shack, so whats the diffrence, plsss

    2. Yanga says:

      don’t be ignorant here .. of-course its taxpayers money ..we don’t expect him to stay in a shack, a decent mansion will do .not an estate like that its pathetic, immoral and disgusting on so many grounds.

    3. craig says:

      Its people like you that support a government like this, hence the mess we all sit with. Tow the line and lose that chip residing right there on your shoulder. I can promise you one thing…you wont go anywhere as long as you harbour on the passed and as a result, support the party that ‘fought through the struggle’! The struggle is now over…the only struggle we now face is idiots like you that feel its ok to steal MY money and every other law abiding citizens hard earned cash. Infact I tell you what…Ill come around to your house and take R2000 from you every month a day after pay day and tell you its going towards my new car and house Im building. How will you feel then??? Pull that wool from your eyes and get over that 1970’s crap! We are facing new and even greater issues today…

  8. Mzwandile Montjane says:

    We are witnessing tyranny of the worst kind. I urge all media houses and free thinking citizens to disseminate the homestead of Zuma everywhere. To me it is now or never. Let the freedom-loving citizens of this country rise up in protest against this shameful act meant to frighten us.

    1. craig says:

      I love your enthusiasm!

    2. S Sander says:

      Way to go!!! Time for mass action, Let them arrest all of us. I salute you Ferial Haffejee

  9. Pappie says:

    What i like about our country is that people are untouchables, anc leaders in particular. The wife of the very same minister of state security was convicted of drug trafficking while the minister of police errected a security fence at his private residence using intelligence’funds and no account was given to that effect. We as South Africans must use our votes wisely to save this country that has turned into a laughing stock.

    1. Rina Burger says:

      Our police are laughing stock, bundle of clowns, with this exited Mthembu, think they are the law and could do just as they please.

  10. Maggs Naidu says:

    Lies! Whoever wrote this should have said it’s a parody of sorts.

    1. At the bottom it states: This entry was posted in Satirical.

  11. Godfrey says:

    This is total bullshit, what happened to “freedom of speech as well as the press”…..clearly we’re living in a “Democrazy” state than being a “Democratic” one. Zuma wants to introduce Autocratic leadership in SA and such must be barrickaded very fast. We cannot have another Mugabe in our country….never!
    ANC is really gonna lose it’s votes if it continues with such politically incorrect behaviour. I’m totally disgusted…..

  12. sara beer says:

    ““We are tired of these women trying to wear men pants. Thuli Mandonsela should follow suit…” said the visibly excited Mthembu.” WHHHHHAAAATTT?? are you kidding me?

    1. Tm says:

      It is because he hides behind skirts …. take any which way you want

  13. catherinah says:

    Does wearing a pants mean, bully, arrest unreasonably, be corrupt, silence the public after plundering the public, etc.?

  14. Virginia says:

    Have the ANC learnt nothing from the Spear episode? Attempting to ban an image only spreads it faster. Everyone who reads this article should share it and spread the image! In fact everyone who happens to be driving in the area needs to take pics and post them. Public uprising in support of Haffajee.

  15. Megan says:

    I’m sorry, South Africa, do you hear your leadership at all?? ‘We are tired of these women trying to wear men pants.’??? HOW can a political figure in ‘the most democratic country’ in the world be allowed to make such a blatantly anti-feminist statement? Imagine if Helen Zille or any other white politician stood up and said, ‘We are tired of these blacks trying to wear white people’s clothing’. It is precisely the same kind of thing. It is an insult to me and to my kind.

  16. Martin Gee says:

    Add to the stupidity, the blatant sexism of Mthembu. What a bellend.

    1. Wentzel Coetzer says:

      What an idiot!!

  17. Barbara says:

    if the men aren’t able to keep their pants up and do whats good for the country instead of themselves,
    then the women will.

  18. Uhm, guys this is satire (if bad satire) – not everything you read on the interwebs is true. Some common sense required.

  19. So far 23 people and counting don’t know what political satire is…

  20. I Agree…Spread that picture… What are they going to do? Arrest everyone? Remember People the government are our employees so to speak we pay their salaries. In the end they should answer to us. They are our leaders not our rulers! They can only go as far as we the people allow! If we allow them to do this, to take away our rights, to steal and not be held accountable then at some point we will end up like zim. Remember we put that clown in a position of power and we can also remove him…. or rather he should remember that. He is a servant of the people…

    1. Tm says:

      They do not see the big picture “Cry the beloved country” .. what a shame ex Zambian .. or should I say Northern Rhodesian. I am at the end of my tether …… and now biting the bit …… VIVA cANCer ……

  21. amelleablelife says:

    Please note that this is satire, and not real events. This article is a great illustration of the way things COULD go. But I do think it’s wrong that there is no indication anywhere in the article that this is not true (as yet at least!).

  22. Bongz says:

    It’s very clear Jack Daniels mthembu is high on something. The ANC is just fucking up and making a mess of everything day in day out. I think it’s about time we take a stand and do something about this. JZ and his stupid cronies should just be shown that they are not bigger than the ANC and the country, they’re just flushing our beloved ANC down the toilet. Enough is enough!!!

  23. Gavin Bolton says:

    This article has made my day, I just cannot control my laughter, in fact I have just peed my pants, oh my, oh my,oh my, how the wheel has turned. Has the ANC gone from representing the oppressed to being the oppressor.

  24. Dee says:

    Why can I find NO report of this arrest in any other newspaper? Not even the City Press has reported this. Please could the journalist back-up this story with further facts!!

  25. Herbert Holze says:

    What a stupid Government do we have. We can be proud to see such nerds sitting in Parliament. Do they also take on Google Earth? What a bunch of IDIOTS.

  26. Isabel Webber says:

    It is time politicians realized that they are EMPLOYED by the taxpayers in this country and are answerable to said taxpayers! As an employee in a company you may have certain benefits but you do not have the right to enforce your will on others and demand special treatment! They are not gods and are not above the law!!!

  27. Thuto says:

    Where do you get these news?

  28. Wentzel Coetzer says:

    What a joke! What must the world think of us, rise up South Africa, there is no place for arrogance like this in South Africa!

  29. Melodi says:

    You must be childish or a fool not see that public funds were used to build Mr Zuma’s residence.
    As for a shack! Who would expect a president to stay in a shack? Did our former presidents stay in shacks?
    Its outrageous and disgusting to see that the rulling party is becoming the very oppressive system it was fighting against. It looks the struggle is over for South African citizens.
    Pity its a black on black this time!

    1. simphiwe says:

      Yes in opinion you might see us as fools but we still do not believe that our president does that because I believe what the president said about this whole thing. Guys is this a first time that something like this happen in SA. Thank Mr mthethwa for sending a strong message to these pathetic journalist ‘why are we silent abt the afrikaner state in the Democratic country ?

  30. Andre says:

    ENCA have not reported this incident yet. Time 12.15. Disgusting.
    We the people must vote to get this arrogant and belligerent government out of power.

  31. Gagging the media with threats, and now arrests. Hushed reminiscence of the supposedly long gone police state.

  32. Bob says:

    The White House takes tours till 2pm……….. Zuma you fool

  33. It’s what you get when you vote mampara’s into power.

  34. Haydn says:

    Not sure this is accurate, no news agency has reported on this at all.

  35. Zoleelay says:

    Lets all publish the pictures and set it as our facebook profile and see what he does

  36. henk de Beer says:

    Must be the 1st of April

  37. simphiwe says:

    I’m sure they don’t.

  38. Rozelle Jonker says:

    I am enjoying this! What idiots run this country! My goodness – how pathetic and insecure JZ is! We actually have him by the short and curlies! Hahahahahahaha

  39. Come on guys… every dictator needs his palace.

  40. sistah says:

    Hahahaaaaa! People can be so gullable

  41. bossk says:

    I thought the article was funny but that people missed that it was said with the tongue firmly rooted at the cheek is even more funnier! Even the hint that the publication of the article is protected by a disclaimer policy seemingly did not give a lot of folks a hint. Let’s take a hint good folks and see this for the satire that it is intended to be.

  42. W.P says:

    I cant believe he has a tuck shop, such a low mentality

  43. mike says:

    Just a reminder of what the National Key Points Act actually says about security upgrades….

    3 Duties of owner in relation to Key Point or Key Points Complex
    (1) On receipt of a notice mentioned in section 2 (2), the owner of the National Key Point concerned shall after consultation with the Minister AT HIS OWN EXPENSE take steps to the satisfaction of the Minister in respect of the security of the said Key Point.
    (2) If the said owner fails to take the said steps, the Minister may by written notice order him to take, within a period specified in the notice and AT HIS OWN EXPENSE such steps in respect of the security of the said Key Point as may be specified in the notice.
    (3) (a) If the said owner without reasonable cause refuses or fails to take the steps specified in the said notice within the period specified therein he shall be guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding R20 000 or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding five years or to both such fine and such imprisonment.

  44. Karl says:

    “Let this be a lesson to publications that are hell-bent on destroying the reputation of the ruling party. I am unashamedly rejoicing, and a track from my soon to be released single, “Don’t buy City Press – Don’t buy!”

    So it’s got absolutely nothing to do with security and all about defending their apparent reputation!

  45. martin says:

    They will rather risk a multi million law suit than to acknowledge they were wrong

  46. Jacques says:


  47. Stu says:

    It is a very embarrassing time to be South African.

  48. jacques says:

    that meant to say “divided” you even make auto correct seem like less of a frustration

  49. Nomawethu says:

    Kungumhlola obomvu ukuqaphela ukuba urhulumente wethu ngoku wenza kanye laa nto yayisenziwa ngooVervoed and the likes.Nizibiza abeNKULULEKO?Yinkululeko le nto?Animoyiki uThixo nakugqiba ukona?Siphi isazela senu?

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