E.TV Steaming Over A Satirical Article Announcing Zuma’s Housewives

Broadcaster e.tv plans to take legal action “as soon as we are able” over a funny, satirical article which e.tv claims is “defamatory” and which says, tongue-in-cheek, that e.tv is doing a new reality show just before the elections, titled Zuma’s Housewives which will follow the wives of president Jacob Zuma.

The South African free-to-air commercial broadcaster which should be championing freedom of speech, now appears as if e.tv can’t handle a satirical joke when that joke is on e.tv.

e.tv is slamming the piece “announcing” Zuma’s Housewives as coming to e.tv as “malicious, false and mischievous” and says e.tv will be taking legal action – although its a satirical news story which isn’t real and isn’t meant to be taken as real.

E.tv appears clueless about the nature of the article on website Lifestyle Tabloids which first appeared yesterday – although its marked “satirical” at the end of the article, and also states that “the publication of this article is protected by our disclaimer policy”.

Lifestyle Tabloids says in that disclaimer policy that its satirical articles should be viewed as “only a parody” and that these articles are “written to highlight the state of nations, celebrity and current affairs and should therefore be regarded as humour”.

Lifestyle Tabloids does satirical news stories similar to The Onion in America.

In the satirical article, it is said that e.tv will be doing a “housewives reality show set against the backdrop of president Jacob Zuma’s Nkandla village “profiling the pleasure and pressures which four women encounter as wives of a South African president” and that it will start on e.tv just before 2014’s general elections.

Media savvy readers, industry experts and qualified journalists know that no broadcaster anywhere in the world would ever do a show with high political exposure just before an election of specific people linked to that election out of fear of possible favouritism.

In the funny article, Lifestyle Tabloids’ breathlessly report on what is to become “Africa’s most watched television show”, with creator and series producer Shaka Sisulu promising that “the dramatics, footage of the housewives’ jealous rivalry and jaw-dropping cat-fights will remain unedited, reassuring Bonang Matheba and Kelly Khumalo that they are not the only straatmates alive.”

e.tv, which seems unaware that the article is satirical in nature is blasting the article – incorrectly calling it Lifestyle Tabloid without the “s” in an official statement – and saying “e.tv is not associated with a programme such as this”.

e.tv says the article is “defamatory and also undermines the channel’s integrity”.

e.tv is currently broadcasting shows such as Cheaters in which people are shown who cheat on each other, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Totally Outrageous Behavior Caught on Tape as well as Playboy Playmates and Bikini Babes.

e.tv appears to have taken the article on the website at face value, thinking that it is real reporting on a website where other articles carry headlines such as “Editor arrested for publishing photos of Nkandla”, “President Robert Mugabe’s son reveals his homosexuality” and “Quick & Easy Mobile Abortion Clinics Proposed” – all stories which are clearly satirical in nature and marked as such.

“We do not understand the motive for its publication and do not wish to speculate,” says e.tv in a statement about Zuma’s Housewives.

“We do not know if it is a publicity stunt with an ulterior motive or whether it was published with a more malicious intent, but e.tv wishes to express its disappointment and concern at the publication. e.tv will seek to find the company or individuals responsible for the publication and will most certainly take legal action as soon as we are able.”

The broadcaster also feels it necessary to say in its press statement that an e.tv press conference didn’t take place in Craighall to announce the show. The satirical article says e.tv held a press conference in Craighall to announce the housewives of Nkandla reality show.

E.tv declined to respond to specific questions TV with Thinus made in response to e.tv’s media statement, asking what e.tv sees as defamatory, who exactly is being defamed and whether e.tv regards such a possible show about presidential housewives as bad.

TV with Thinus also asked whether its correct to say that e.tv plans to take legal action against a satirical article.
Legal action against any form of satire from e.tv in South Africa would be strange, given that e.tv’s sister channel eNCA, the 24-hour news channel on MultiChoice’s DStv platform has the satirical TV news show Late Nite News with Loyiso Gola which features Nkandla on a weekly basis in its own satirical references.

TV with Thinus also asked e.tv why the broadcaster says that “we do not understand the motive for its publication” if the Lifestyle Tabloids site clearly states that it does political satire under the “About Us” category. Anyone can quickly access what the site is about to find out more about the website.

Did e.tv research the site before e.tv issued the press statement on the article? The broadcaster didn’t answer. Did e.tv read the disclaimer which is published at the end of the article where it says no party should rely on the information and act on the contents of the stories, especially satirical stories?

E.tv’s spokesperson Matla Ragoasha tells TV with Thinus in a general response that the article in question “was not being seen as satirical by a number of journalists who were asking questions regarding the show.”

“Given this, the channel felt that the article could be easily misinterpreted as genuine. The e.tv publicity department received numerous queries from journalists throughout the day. The reader of the website would need to look into other pages to work out that it is satirical,” Matla Ragoasha tells TV with Thinus.

“e.tv feels that the article misrepresents our brand and content strategy.”

Lifestyle Tabloids’ editor-in-chief Kenneth Bassito Mahloane, didn’t respond to a media enquiry made regarding e.tv’s reaction to the satirical piece.

It’s unclear whether e.tv contacted or tried to contact Kenneth Bassito Mahloane and Lifestyle Tabloids before the broadcaster released today’s press statement. – TV with Thinus

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Viva 2014 Cape Town Jazz Festival Viva! The Countdown Begins

South Africa’s largest live music festival, The Cape Town International Jazz Festival (CTIJF) will be celebrating its 15th year on the 28-29th of March 2014 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC).

In this commemorative year, the festival will bring together the best local and international artists from the past 15 years.

Referred to as ‘Africa’s Grandest Gathering’, nearly 60 000 people attended the CTIJF events, free concerts and workshops in 2013. South Africa’s own premier live music event has become so popular that tickets sell out within just weeks, so fans are encouraged not to miss 2014 as it is expected to be a record breaker.

In time for the festive season, tickets go on sale on Thursday 28 November 2013 and are available from Computicket. To celebrate the 15th anniversary, early bird specials are available to the first one thousand people that book tickets.

CEO of espAfrika, which organises the CTIJF, and Festival Director, Rashid Lombard says next year is going to be very special.

“Fifteen years ago, we couldn’t have imagined that the festival would have such a massive impact. It’s got its own beat now – and we just love the fact that we are able to keep giving people what they want and to promote jazz as a music genre in this country. Surprisingly, jazz is much bigger than people think – it really does have broad appeal as evidenced by the growing ticket sales.”

Continuing to support the power that music has to be a sustainable business contributing to the economy and to overcome all manner of life’s challenges, Patricia De Lille, Executive Mayor of Cape Town confirmed:

“This musical celebration (CTIJF) epitomises what this administration aims to do in building an inclusive city by bringing together people from diverse backgrounds throughout the city and the rest of the country to enjoy the musical talents of local artists and renowned international superstars. The City will continue to support this festival to promote the heritage of jazz music and ensure that it continues to attract large crowds.”

Minister of Arts and Culture, Mr Paul Mashatile says: “The Cape Town International Jazz Festival continues to provide audiences with an array of the best international and local music, which helps give our artists exposure and unlocks further opportunities for them. The CTIJF also contributes to providing a larger skills base in the creative sector which helps strengthen our sector’s contribution to the economy, by creating much needed work opportunities and the building of sustainable livelihoods.”

And on that note – for reaching 15 years – Viva Jazz Viva!

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President Robert Mugabe’s Son Reveals His Homosexuality

(PIC) President Robert Mugabe crying foul over homosexuality

(PIC) President Robert Mugabe crying foul against homosexuality

“THEY are worse than pigs, goats and birds…. We will chop off their heads…” These are homophobic utterances of one Robert Mugabe, a Zimbabwe president who has made his stance towards the LGBTIQ community very candid.

Unbeknown to him, Robert Mugabe is carrying the seed of homosexuality himself. His third eldest son, Chipape Mugabe, has revealed his true sexuality at an emotional interview with a U.K radio station, consequently confirming a cliche; “Karma is a b*tch!”.

“My coming out of the closet was an important move in that much as my father is advocating anti-homosexuality, his own blood carries the very cells of what he deems as worse than pigs….” Chipape Mugabe told the Good Morning U.K drive-time radio DJ.

Chipape, who is studying towards an MBA at Oxford, explained that it is very crucial for Zimbabweans to start exercising the power of independent thinking and stop letting “dictators” like his dad ambush how they think.

Robert Mugabe has an extensive history of violent and homophobic statements. During last January’s elections, this president ran on a platform that assured “hell for gays” if his party won, promising laws that would make LGBTIQ individuals rot in jail for life.

“As a gay person and a very independent thinker, I feel Zimbabwe can do so much more than dwell on making the lives of minority groups a living hell. The question that everyone should always ask themselves before persecuting anyone gay is; how is he sleeping with another man directly affecting my life and how will torturing him propel my life to the better? The answer to both is zero,” articulated Mugabe.

Like many closeted gay men across the globe, Chipape Mugabe also fell on a trap of having to get married and have children so as to hide his true sexuality from the public, especially from his very homophobic father. He has since separated from his wife but says his revelation has brought them even closer.

Probed on how the Zimbabwe president is taking the news, Chipape said: “My father is probably still very shocked, therefore I’m giving him space to allow all these news to sink in, more so, to get him used to the idea of having a gay son. I sincerely hope my revelation will allow people to stop and think; what if my own child is gay?

“I often say; being straight is not an indication of strength much as being gay is not a weakness. What defines our strengths and weaknesses is our ability to rise against all odds and shape our own lives for the better. What are you doing with your life?” concluded Chipape.

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Zuma’s Housewives Reality Show To Launch On E.TV

(PIC) President Jacob Zuma flanked by Zuma's Housewives cast

(PIC) President Jacob Zuma flanked by Zuma’s Housewives cast

At an exclusive press conference held today in Craighall, Johannesburg, e.tv has announced what is to become Africa’s most watched television show.

Set at the backdrop of the controversial Nkandla village, Zuma’s Housewives will be a reality series profiling the pleasures and pressures four women encounter as wives of a South African president.

Addressing a handful of journalists, Monde Twala, e.tv’s channel head, expressed his excitement on this landmark project.

“Today marks the birth of a groundbreaking show in the entire history of television… Never, since the existence of mankind, have we seen a reality show capturing the private life of a president and his family… We are overly proud that this is happening within our shores, more so on e.tv,” said the beaming Twala.

According to e.tv, commissioning Zuma’s Housewives was a crucial move in addressing challenges faced by women in polygamous marriages. The show seeks to do so by highlighting how these four women respond to social, political, traditional, religious and family pressures.

Said Shaka Sisulu, creator and series producer: “The series will profile the often voiceless and politically inactive women criss-crossing the president’s bedroom. We will cover pressing issues such as how a man with many wives get to choose which one occupies his main bedroom for the night, or whether they all jump in on the same bed…”

Similar to international formats, the show will also focus on conspicuous spending. Adding to the dramatics, footage of the housewives’ jealous rivalry and jaw-dropping cat-fights will remain unedited, reassuring Bonang Matheba and Kelly Khumalo that they are not the only straatmates alive. Viewers at home will be left aghast as MaNtuli throws tantrums at interior designers upgrading her matrimonial home.

“….Most importantly, the show’s secondary objective is to vindicate and consequently put to rest perpetual conspiracies surrounding the president. Never-seen-before footage will highlight how the president and his family actually spends tax payers’ money. This will include an exclusive tour inside Nkandla homestead,” added Sisulu, also known as ‘Lipgloss’ to many.

Although e.tv was coy on revealing more details, is it said that the show will go on air just before the national elections.

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BREAKING NEWS: Editor Arrested For Publishing Photos Of Nkandla

(PIC) Africa's most forbidden photograph

(PIC) Africa’s most forbidden photograph

In an attempt to assert its stance over the recent security mayhem prohibiting any media from publishing pictures of Jacob Zuma’s Nkandla homestead, this morning Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa, under the instruction of State Security Minister Siyabonga Cwele, issued a warrant of arrest against City Press editor, Ferial Haffajee.

News of Haffajee’s arrest, reminiscent to acts executed during the old apartheid regime, has send waves of shock, anger and disbelief across news rooms, with SANEF deeming it as illegal and downright unconstitutional.

“In a country that presents itself as liberal and democratic, a country where the right to information and freedom of speech is enshrined on its constitution, this happens? Is this Zimbabwe where journalists are arrested for writing truths about their pathetic government? This is shocking beyond measurable proportions, ” said one unpleasantly surprised SANEF member.

Sources close to the situation claims that the men in blue “just rocked up” and disrupted an editorial meeting held earlier on between Haffajee and her team.

One journalist, who wished to remain anonymous out of fear of following her boss lady to the docks, claims the police ambushed Ferial like the most wanted jail bird without as much as reading out what her charges where.

“It was like watching an episode of Molo Fish… We just stood there in total awe… The government is really desperate in trying to silence the media. Tax payers money was used to pay for Nkandla and covering such is in the interest of the public, not a security breach. We can’t even write about what just happened without risking going to jail,” lamented the distressed and fearful journalist.

According to a statement released just moments ago by the State Security Office, the arrest of City Press’ editor is one of many to follow.

“…we unequivocally want to send a very strong message to members of the media who have blatantly and arrogantly ignored the state security’s call to stop publishing pictures of the honorable president, Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma’s private residence, failing which WILL result in a federal offense punishable before the court of law..,” the statement read in part.

“We also appeal to residents of the republic to report anyone seen publishing such on social media platforms, as this is an offense under National Key Points Act…. We intend on taking appropriate legal measures to ensure that all culprits are brought to book…,” the statement further alluded.

Siyabonga Cwele added that it was the security cluster’s constitutional mandate to protect national security and the security of the president. “We will continue to do that (and) we are not going to outsource our function to protect the president,” he said.

Ferial Haffajee’s arrest comes amidst the controversial Protection of Information Bill, which, to a large extend, will see government’s [unwritten] self-enrichment policy come to pass without fear of ever being exposed. To add salt to injury, ANC’s Jackson Mthembu, who did not mince his words when probed for comment, welcomed and celebrated the news.

“Let this be a lesson to publications that are hell-bent on destroying the reputation of the ruling party. I am unashamedly rejoicing, and a track from my soon to be released single, “Don’t buy City Press – Don’t buy!”, will be blasting on repeat.

“We are tired of these women trying to wear men pants. Thuli Mandonsela should follow suit…” said the visibly excited Mthembu.

The past two weeks has seen a war of words between the security cluster and Public Protector Thuli Madonsela, where the government approached the courts for an interdict to stop the release of her Nkandla report. The court action was later withdrawn as the cluster did not “have any appetite for running in and out of courts”.

Presidential spokesperson, Mac Maharaj, could on be reached for comment.

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“Quick & Easy” Mobile Abortion Clinics Proposed

With funding from the Obama White House, the Department of Health and Human Services, Immigration and Naturalization, as well as a variety of social action and women’s groups, Planned Parenthood today, announced that major changes will be taking place in their abortion on demand, delivery services.

A Planned Parenthood representative, speaking exclusively to the National Report, lamented that abortion numbers are down significantly from those of previous years which had, for some time, been increasing.

“In order to address this urgent problem, we have had to take a look at our business model. Fewer abortions affect our ability to raise donations, leaving us in such an uncomfortable financial position of not only being unable to provide more abortions, but having had to lay off many of our most dedicated community outreach workers.

“In order to begin to address this unsettling trend, we feel that, in many states, as a first step we need to move away from traditional brick and mortar clinics, toward the concept of ‘quick and easy’ mobile abortion services.

“We are also aware of the stigma attached to abortion in these backward thinking, Republican controlled states, as well as the need to assure privacy of our customers. In response, focusing on the need for confidentiality, our mobile units will be disguised as either school district and church buses.

“Given the veritable avalanche of new laws seriously restricting abortion access for teens and women, we feel that, in order to expand and continue to grow, we have no alternative but to seek a newer, more sustainable, 
business model.”

“Our plan”, the spokeswoman added, “is to travel these states, providing abortion services to anyone who asks. Our routes will include high schools, women’s sports and fitness facilities, malls, etc, if this is what it takes to protect the rights of girls and women in this country when it comes to their own bodies.

“If it were men who got pregnant instead of women”, the spokeswoman went on to say, “then you can damn well bet that abortion clinics would have outnumbered Starbucks and McDonald’s a long time ago.”

The spokeswoman also said, “Like any innovative business, we must be ready to change with the times, and go with new trends. In response, we are looking to entirely make over those clinics in abortion friendly states, acknowledging the importance of appealing to a new generation and an increasingly younger clientele.

“In order to accomplish this we have hired a team of consultants and designers who have already come up with some especially exciting new concepts. Some initial suggestions include giving existing clinic more of a boutique look, along the lines of ‘Forever 21 and Victoria’s Secret’. We are also looking at not only offering free WiFi, but providing iPads and computers as well.

“Finally, in order to further transform the often intimidating atmosphere of a medical clinic, making it more festive and conducive to our clients, we are considering options such as coffee bars staffed by professional baristas, free pastries, even an alcohol free, ‘Teen Night’, where kids can get together in an open, accepting environment without being hassled by adults.”

Asked what legal restrictions the mobile abortion delivery services might encounter, the spokeswoman stated that they would of course obey all traffic laws, as well as setting up in large, ‘Walmart and Target’ like parking lots so as not to draw too much attention, as well as, when on-street parking is all that is available, choosing only spaces designated from 2 hrs to overnight. – National Report

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Isidingo Gives Zeb Matabane The Boot

HE escaped the boot by the skin of his teeth once, but this time round, he was not so lucky . . .

Isidingo star, Don Mlangeni, was fired from the soapie. Don, who plays Zeb Matabane in the soapie, allegedly  refused to endorse a big bank which was approved of by the soapie.

According to Zeb’s colleagues, the soapies bosses wanted him to mention the name of the big bank. and to endorse it – but he refused.

“It was part of the script and when he was supposed to mention the name, he skipped it. The bosses were unhappy with him,” said one colleague, who wished to remain anonymous.

The source said Zeb felt he was being used and was not benefiting from it.

“This emanates from the fact that actors are not allowed to endorse products or companies without the boss’s consent.

“His argument was that he was only getting his monthly salary with no bonus or additional money for endorsing the bank. When he  endorses a big company like that he’s  supposed to get his share,”
said the source.

He added that the bank was paying the cast, but Zeb was not getting anything. So they fired him.

Another source said Zeb survived the chop last year.

“He was fired, but was saved by Hlaudi Motsoeneng, who intervened in the matter.”

The source said his bosses claimed that he’s arrogant. Sources say Zeb did not go down without a fight.

“He took the matter up with SABC’s general manager, who responded by organising a meeting on Monday to sort out the matter between the two parties,” the source said.

Zeb refused to comment, saying: “It’s a personal matter and I don’t think it’ll help me to take the matter to the media, I’m handling it myself.”

SABC3’s Doulha Domingo refused to comment, saying the the public broadcaster doesn’t have jurisdiction on matters relating to the cast of Isidingo.

She referred all questions to Endemol, who produces Isidingo, but they also refused to comment. – Sunday Sun

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