CONFIRMED: Theo Is A SHE! Meaning Claire Mawisa Was Lesbian All Along

(PIC) Theo Nhlengethwa sure looks like a boy to me - but his ex sings a different tune

(PIC) Theo Nhlengethwa sure looks like a boy to me – but his ex sings a different tune

Following decades of speculations about Theo Nhlengethwa’s gender, Lifestyle Tabloids has learned that this Boom Shaka band member is actually female, courtesy of his ex girlfriend, Top One Entertainment presenter Ayanda Thabethe.

“I met Ayanda and Theo many moons ago through a mutual friend, makeup artist Iko Mash. They were dating at the time and living vat-en-sit style in Midrand. A few months down the line, I bumped into Ayanda at Club Icon and asked where Theo was. Her exact words were; I broke up with ‘her’ a while back,” claims our deep throat.

“Ayanda was drunk, so her senses to protect Theo’s best kept secret were offguard. We spoke for over an hour. She kept on using words such as ‘she’ and ‘her’ when referring to Theo, so it couldn’t have been those Engrish mistakes. She was Theo’s lover, they obviously saw each other naked.”

But Theo Nhlengethwa is hearing none of this. He’s adamant that he’s a real man with all things dangly between his legs. He says he’s no lesbian, let alone a woman.

In 2002, Nhlengethwa announced a nude calendar project he was shooting with former Simunye sensation, Zandi Nhlapho to put his gender scrutiny to rest once and for all. It’s now 2013, and we’re still waiting… *crickets* *crickets* *crickets*…

There’s been rumors of depression and suicide attempts surrounding Theo Nhlengethwa in recent years, and understandably so. Following the untimely death of Lebo Mathosa, Boom Shaka’s star has since dimmed. Thembi Seete’s ‘Haketsebe Nka Iketsang’ solo project was dubbed the most annoying of its time by TVSA, while Junior Sokhela was last seen evicted from his Berea flat.

Boom Shaka was then rumored to be working on a come back album to be launched at the Hansa Festival of Legends, but our excitement was short lived upon finding out who the source to this rumor was; GP’s gossip gangster, Mika Stefano. As predicted, the launch never happened. That’s Mika for you!!!

Anyway… So if Theo Nhlengethwa is female, this means the gorgeous Claire Mawisa is lesbian (or has lesbian tendencies). She once dated Theo at some point, but probably got tired of the dildo. LOL!

If there’s any truth to this revelation, the big question is;

Being homo is fabulous in South Africa. There’s a lot of education around gay tolerance and acceptance all thanks to our government and the public broadcaster. Why the hell is Theo still hiding his (I mean her) true gender?

PS: Hormonal pills can give any woman a Caster Semenya voice and a Sello Maake Ka Ncube beard. Not that we’re saying that’s the case with Theo Nhlengethwa!

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. lejazzee says:

    kwaaaaaa this article really cracked me up big time. Definitely if somebody says “she” more than once then that’s the truth. In that nude shoot Theo will stuff tons of socks in “her” underwear just to have a manly bulge.

  2. Ayjay says:

    I didn’ t realize Africa had these type of Freaky Dicky going onlike that….mmmmm

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