‘Arrogant’ AKA’s Weekend Drama

(PIC) Hip Hop superstar, AKA

(PIC) Hip Hop superstar, AKA

AWARD-winning hip hop star AKA was booked to perform at a weekend event but before he would agree to set foot on stage he demanded a lot of strong booze. Event organiser Junior Lavie who booked him to perform at the Friday night event at Cube in Umhlanga, Durban, said AKA demanded two bottles of Moet & Chandon champagne, two bottles of Belvedere vodka, two bottles of Skyy vodka and eight bottles of Valpre water and Red Bull.

AKA’s drinks costs R3500.

Tickets to the event cost R200 each.

More than 10 of his entourage got in free.

The promoters recorded a loss of R9 500.

Daily Sun was at the scene when it went down and the Jealousy hitmaker threw a fit after he demanded that his entourage be given free access to the club and be served the alcohol. The scene he caused involved bodyguards and it took DJ Chynaman an hour to calm him down in the parking lot as he wanted to leave without performing.

Junior told Daily Sun: “That boy is too arrogant. I had an argument with him when he wanted us to accommodate his entourage in the club.

“I had to let him and his people in as he had to go on stage at 3am and this delayed the whole line-up.

“Then he demanded expensive booze for him and his followers and threatened to walk out if he didn’t get what he wanted.

“That argument lasted for an hour and half, causing delays to DJ Bongz performance,” Junior said.

DJ Chynaman told Daily Sun: “I just tried to resolve the matter because I didn’t want the situation to get ugly as his fans were waiting for him inside the club and didn’t know what was happening.”

A fuming DJ Bongz said AKA must learn to be professional and show respect for people and his job.

When contacted for comment, AKA said: “Firstly, I am not at liberty to discuss anything.

“The matter was resolved and I don’t know who Junior is.” – Daily Sun

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  1. black says:

    But now hang on….had it been an international artist who asked for the same courtesy the promoter woulda bent over backwards and spent more than what AKA’s demands amounted too. get over it.

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