“Kwela Tebza Is Not Involved!! She Threatened To Involve Zulu Hit Men,” Kwela Tebza’s Mother Writes To Us

(PIC) Thembi Lerole flanked by her flamboyant sons, the Kwela Tebza boys

(PIC) Thembi Lerole flanked by her flamboyant sons, the Kwela Tebza boys

Following an article published by Sunday Sun regarding the alleged R30 000 loan drama between Kwela Tebza and the Meadowlands Gogos, Mama Thembi Lerole, a mother to the trio, wrote to Lifestyle Tabloids’ Editor-In-Chief explaining the Lerole side of the story;

Hi Kenneth,

Kindly receive this email.

On Wednesday, myself, Carol Lerole, and my husband went to Sunday Sun offices to see Aubrey Mthombeni, the journalist who originally wrote the article. Carol confirmed to Aubrey that she is in fact the one who went with her friend, Nancy, to the loan shark in question, Nomsa. Carol was introduced to Nomsa by Nancy, who also stays in Meadowlands.

The whole thing was agreed between Carol, Nomsa and Nancy. On the day in question, Carol had also called us to give her a lift to town, which we did. Upon our arrival to collect her, the three of them were in a navy/black golf. The following day Nomsa subsequently deposited the money in Carol’s account. Carol has a catering business and at the time, she said she had to cater in Kuruman and was unfortunately never paid for that project.

From the beginning, Nomsa never involved all these other women she’s mentioning now. She thought she will make a profit but unfortunately that did not happen. Well to be brief, she started calling Carol, and Carol kept on assuring her that she will be paid. When a month passed, she raised the amount to R9000, consequently leading to Carol avoiding some of her calls as she felt the amount was too high. She then threatened to involve Zulu hit men should Carol fail to pay her.

As the Lerole family, we are aware that Carol borrowed money from Nomsa, but that doesn’t give her [Nomsa] the right to hold the whole family accountable for Carol’s deeds, especially since none of us got a brass cent from that transaction.

Firstly, Carol is an adult, the money went to her account, it was not shared by Mpho, Tebogo, Tshepo and my company, Kwela Tebza. So this thing is a whole mess now, even if you would like to help, you can’t because uNomsa is NOT handling this in a proper and professional way. She is more interested in seeing the whole Lerole family and Kwela Tebza in newspapers. What satisfies and entertains her is BAD PUBLICITY. When will she be paid by Carol? That doesn’t matter to her!

Secondly, Nomsa is not a Gogo. She is almost in the same age group as Carol. She never complained to any of us the Lerole’s, nor came to us as Carol’s parents. Instead, she ran to Sunday Sun, who just believed whatever she said without even calling us for comment. Their call to Carol doesn’t give anyone permission to write as they like without proper investigation. All South African citizens have rights. The Constitution protects us all.

Mpho, Tebogo and Tshepo are Leroles, their surname is not Kwela Tebza, much as your identity is Kenneth Bassito Mahloane, not Lifestyle Tabloids’ Editor-In-Chief. Hence this whole thing doesn’t give me much choice but to file a lawsuit, no one came to me and apologized, I’m also human.

I hope this email will receive your favorable consideration.

Thembi Lerole

Twitter: @L_Tabloids
Facebook: Lifestyle Tabloids


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