Trade and Industry Minister Seeks Report On Khanyi Dhlomo’s Luminance Transaction

(PIC) Business mogul Khanyi Dhlomo posing at her controversial luxury boutique, Luminance

(PIC) Business mogul Khanyi Dhlomo posing at her controversial luxury boutique, Luminance

Johannesburg – Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies has called for a report into the R34.1m funding of a boutique in Hyde Park, Johannesburg, by the National Empowerment Fund (NEF), Business Day reported on Wednesday.

The ultra-stylish boutique is owned by Khanyi Dhlomo, her mother Venetia and business person Judy Dlamini, who is married to First Rand CEO Sizwe Nxasana.

Davies spoke about the matter after briefing Parliament’s trade and industry committee on Tuesday, the newspaper reported.

He reportedly said he wanted to determine whether the funding of the high-end boutique, called Luminance, was in line with the NEF’s mandate and whether there was a need to strengthen that mandate.

“We are looking to see whether this transaction is in overall conformity with the directions of the NEF and whether there is any need to make any changes to the mandate,” he was quoted as saying.

“At this point… I cannot pronounce on the transaction as I have not received the report.”

NEF CEO Philiswe Mthethwa was quoted as telling City Press on Sunday that the amount was a legitimate investment.

“This is the first major investment in a business owned by black women. They seek to transform a sector dominated by whites and foreign interests,” Mthethwa reportedly said.

The 700 square metre store opened last week and carries nearly 80 high-end labels including Givenchy, Stella McCartney, Oscar de la Renta and Alexander McQueen. – News24

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Grammy Award Winning Fugees Video Director Gets 40 Years For Having 6 Children By His Six Biological Daughters!

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An award-winning music director found guilty of fathering children with his daughters will spend the rest of his life in jail.
Aswad Ayinde, 55, of Paterson, NJ, was sentenced to 50 years in prison Friday after being found guilty in the second of five expected trials in which he is accused of repeatedly raping his six daughters, resulting in six children being fathered. Mr. Ayinde was found guilty in his latest trial of having intercourse with a daughters when she was as young as eight-years-old. The second sentence adds to the 40 year sentence Mr. Ayinde received in a 2011 trial for sexually assaulting a separate daughter.
Mr. Ayinde is known for directing the music video for the Fugees 1996 smash hit ‘Killing Me Softly.’
In a disturbing disclosure during his first trial, Mr. Ayinde’s former wife said he was trying to create a ‘pure family bloodline’…

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Oh PLSss Lunga Shabalala – Drop That Umbrella You Call A Girlfriend

(PIC) Alleged love birds Lunga Shabalala and Naomi Noinyane

(PIC) Alleged love birds Lunga Shabalala and Naomi Noinyane

I read this story and went #sigh! Those who know Lunga on a personal level will know what I’m talking about.

IT’S official! Ladies who have been having dreams of dating SABC1’s Selimathunzi hunk, Lunga Tshabalala, should just forget it.

The heart-throb, who has women of all ages going crazy with his looks and body, has been taken by another hottie, Naomi Noinyane, model and former Top TV’s Top One presenter and the face of beauty product, Palmolive.

This week, Lunga confirmed the relationship, and said: “I’m in a comfortable space with her and care very deeply about her.”

The two were recently spotted at a Strictly Come Dancing event in Jozi, about three weeks ago, holding hands and looking in love.

A source close to the couple said: “They’ve been together for a couple of months now. Lunga is so smitten with her, I mean she’s beautiful and they suit each other. They can’t keep their hands off each other. neither are they scared to express it.

“Lunga has a gem in his hands. I’ve seen how they look at each other and one can safely say it’s love.”

Naomi who is trying to make her mark in the industry was one of the four chosen presenters for Top TV’s entertainment show, which was canned almost immediately after it was launched, alongside prince of rap AKA, Chanelle Ellaya and Ayanda Thabethe. – Sunday Sun

PS: Are they sure? Remember Jafta and Samkelo’s alleged affair, while we knew VERY WELL how Jafta rolls?

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Dear Minenhle: I Am Warning You About Itumeleng Khune. I Went & Did HIV Tests. Another Open Letter

Dear Minenhle,

Please note that I have nothing against you and I am not writing this letter to hurt you or to spite you. I couldn’t think of a better way to reach you. Let me get straight to the point.

When I heard the rumours that you were dating Itumeleng I considered the news as nothing but rumours. Until not long after that when the ”mineleng“ brake up made headlines on every newspaper in S.A. I then felt the need to confront Itumeleng about you, him, boity , samkelo and the girl who posted photos of herself inside a car that had the exact same interior as Itumelengs and she was boasting about their relationship. He denied all the accusations and honestly I believed him over rumours because he has never given me a reason not to trust him or to even suspect that he was cheating on me. Two weeks down the line I missed my periods and I informed him I missed my periods. We were both overwhelmed about this because it was unplanned. immediately we concluded I was pregnant and he told me if I am he will not force me to have the child if I do not want ‘IT’ and if I decide to have the child he will respect my decision and he will take full responsibility for his child even thou this will destroy his career to some level. He told me this couldn’t have happened at a bad time, now everyone is going to believe that he is a cheating heartless bustard that the media portrays him to be. More people will lose respect for him and more people will hate him and this will mean more scandal and his name all over S.A media and this might cause a huge dent to his career forever. I understood where he was coming from and I really empathised with him because I know how this industry can be cruel and didn’t want to ruin his career that he has worked so hard for and mostly because I love him and we were both happy when I took a pregnancy test and it was negative simply because we were not ready and we want to do things the right way.

After this life went on we grew even stronger, until the 19th of June 2013 when one of my friends munched your update on instagram about you going to BRAZIL and another one from Facebook I am not on any social network, I don’t pay attention to rumours, I am one person who strongly believe that at the end the truth always has its way of coming out no matter what. Your updates on both the social Medias raised my eyebrows I must say.

I knew ITU was going to BRAZIL but I had no idea he was going with you. I was told another story that I was stupid enough to believe. Like I said Itumeleng has never given me a reason to believe any of the rumours, I have access to his place whenever I want too and had never been there and found anything that might raise my suspicions, ooh besides some leopard printed gown I found in his wardrobe which I did not even crack my head about it because I asked him about it and he told me some story that I believed but now I know the gown belong to you if not, I guess to one of his varsity or Soweto girls that I always hear stories about him and them or one of the girls who sometimes call me and tell me izindaba zami and how he is their man blah blah blah.

When Itu came back from Brazil I confronted him about you and the whole BRAZIL story, our man I am sure you know him with his short temper or maybe his a different Itu to you. He told me he will not entertain such rumours and blah blah blah for the first time I stood my ground and informed him that if he walks away before we resolve this he must know there is no coming back it’s over. That shook him a bit.

At that time I believed it was because he loved me and he didn’t want to lose me but now I know that was bull it was all for his own interests. His explanation was that he was not completely honest with me when I asked him about you.

He told me he cheated on me with you but came to his senses and realised it was wrong, it was selfish, it had no meaning and that is why you guys broke up, until you surprised him with two tickets to BRAZIL for his birthday. You have told everyone you the two of you are going to BRAZIL he couldn’t embarrass you and honestly he was not thinking straight he just got into that plain without thinking, especially because he was away for a long time and while he was away I was busy accusing him with girls from wits and he was not in the mood for that especially on his birth day that is why he left.

I knew that was rubbish or so I believe, but I decided to play damn like I said before I believe the truth  always has its way of coming out no matter what. A day after all this, I was not feeling well, left work early got home tuned on my TV and it was on SABC 3. I was just in time when Noeleen announced that after the brake the two of you will be discussing your relationship with Itumeleng Khune. Just when I heard this I felt sicker, I felt anxious, tears rolled down my face. I felt it in my blood that you were going to confess about your relationship with my man, the man I trusted with my life, the man I stood up over my friends and family, the man I chose to believe over everyone. The only man I have given my heart too. The man whom we set and spoke about our Future together. The man I could not imagine my life without.

At that moment I Wished somehow you will tell Noeleen that you are not dating Itu or the worst could be you dated and it didn’t work out, you both moved on but you still good friends (silly I know lol) but deep down I knew that was not going to happen and I was right.

I set and watched you declaring your love for each other. How you enjoyed your trip to BRAZIL. How happy both of you are. If I survived that day I can survive any difficulty brought my way. Never felt a pain so sharp that I ran out of breath. I hated you, I called you names and believe me if I knew where to find you that moment, I would have drove to you and I have no idea what would have happened when I got to you but I am glad and grateful I didn’t. This was the most difficult thing I have ever had to deal with in my life can’t compare the pain to anything not even losing my father because there, I had all the support and people to talk to. With this I was alone. I could not go back to the same people I kicked out of my life because I thought they had something against my good man, I even thought they were jealous of us. The people who tried to open my eyes and I was too blind to see everything that everyone else saw.

A Couple of days after, I came to my senses and realised that I had no one to blame. Not Itumeleng, not you but myself. I prayed about all this and I regained my strength not knowing I have another thing coming. Your birthday, A friend of mine sent me a picture of a CLS 500 that you posted on a social media and that rumours say you got it from ITU as a birthday present .I was back to square one deeply hurt honestly do not know why because I am not married to itu and what he does with his its none of my business.

To cut the long story short Sunday before he went to camp I called him and had a long talk about everything. He denied being in a relationship with you. He told me the Noeleen interview was a media stunt that he was not warned about. He told me that he can come where I was he will call you and put you on speaker so that we deal with this once and forever  but he was just saying that because he knows me well. He knew under no circumstances will I agree to such.

But all this made me realise I deserve better. This was a lesson to me it was either me or someone else. That Monday, I went and did HIV tests and I’m grateful I’m safe. My purpose for this letter is not to break you guys up because I have nothing to gain from that. I am done with ITUMELENG. I just felt a need of informing you what kind of person you dealing with what you do is purely up to you. If I didn’t write this letter to you I will feel like I found out I was HIV positive and didn’t inform you knowing exactly that we screwing the same man. I am glad that I am warning you about his cheating rather than if I was informing you that I tested HIV positive and I have no doubt it is from the same guy you screwing. I wish I can meet you and take to you personally but this have nothing to do with me no more. I am done with ITUMELENG. But should you feel a strong need that you want to meet tell yena u ITU to inform me because by the content of this letter he will know exactly who is it from.

Best Regards.

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Top 16 BAR.ONE Manhunt Contestants Unwrapped

Who has the brains and the brawn to rule them all? The 16 finalists in Nestlé’s BAR.ONE Manhunt have been announced, and all signs point to a tight contest as South Africa’s toughest men slug it out for victory on our TV screens.

Starting exclusively on SABC1 on Tuesday, 30 July 2013 at 21:00, the third season of this reality programme is poised to be more adrenaline-packed and thrill-laden than ever.  

The 16 modern-day Hercules have been selected from across the country for their combination of strength and intelligence, following an intense auditions process.
The contest looks set to be a battle royale between Gauteng and the rest of the country, with nine of the 16 hailing from Johannesburg, Pretoria and surrounds. Four contestants are from Cape Town, two from KwaZulu Natal and one from East London – so will the coast produce the man with the most, or will it be victory for GP?
The contestants range in build from big and bulky to small and lean, but they all know that being buff and tough will only get them so far in this competition: they’ll need to man up and face the demanding challenges with as much mental stamina as physical prowess.
With occupations ranging from engineer to personal trainer, from policeman to filmmaker, they’re an eclectic bunch – and it’ll be interesting to see where the various friendships and rivalries develop.
The BAR.ONE Manhunt, hosted by actor and kwaito star Howza and filmed on location at various exotic local and international destinations, unfolds over 13 turbo-charged episodes, every Tuesday night at 21:00 on SABC1 from 30 July 2013.
Contestants will be pitting their skills, wits and endurance against each other in a bid to take home the handsome prizes including R500 000 in cash from Nestle, a Hilux Double Cab – DC 3.0 D4D RB Raider and a Yamaha Grizzly 300 quad bike sponsored by Bidvest.

The top 16 BAR.ONE Manhunt contestants are:
1. Fadeen Mia (29) from Benoni

2. Hilkia Jacobs (32) from Johannesburg

3. Jefferson Lan (23) from Oranjezicht, Cape Town

4. Johan Westervelt (27) from Centurion

5. Jonathan Jonkerman (32) from Durban

6. Kimo Abrahams (34) from Woodstock, Cape Town

7. Manqoba Kubheka (25) from Benoni

8. Oz Lupuwana (25) from Craighall Park, Johannesburg

9. Bongs Ndima (29) from Marshalltown, Johannesburg

10. Sibusiso Khomola-ka-James (21) from Morningside, Durban
11. Smith Mangena (37) from Soweto 

12. Steven Michelsen (28) from Llandudno, Cape Town

13. Johannes Mapalakanye (28) from Kaalfontein, Midrand

14. Zwelandile Magaya (35) from Dorchester Heights, East London

15. Scotty Boyden (27) from Tamboerskloof, Cape Town

16. Teboho Malatola (24) from Vosloorus
BAR.ONE Manhunt is produced for Nestlé BAR.ONE by the powerhouse production company Rapid Blue. 

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Clash Of The Choirs Dumps Bonang Matheba

(PIC) Face of Revlon and Top Billing presenter Bonang Matheba

(PIC) Face of Revlon and Top Billing presenter Bonang Matheba

MUSIC show Clash of the Choirs was a BIG hit in its first season. But its second season on Mzansi Magic will be minus Bonang “Queen B” Matheba. Sunday Sun has learnt that her contract has not been renewed – and Bonang has been dumped by the producers.

An insider said: “The show will soon return to our screens, but Bonang won’t be hosting it. “They approached Pabi Moloi, and she turned the offer down. She’s on Strictly Come Dancing and it would’ve been a conflict of interest if she’d said yes.”

Sunday Sun can reveal that Minnie Dlamini was also in the running – but she’s still in talks with the producers. Another insider told the People’s Paper: “Bonang was so difficult that her managers didn’t know what to do any more. She would complain about a lot of things. If it wasn’t make-up, it was the lighting, the camera . . . the list was endless!

“Mzansi Magic bosses even wanted to fire Bonang mid-season because she was such a diva, and very fussy. Her manager literally begged them to keep her on board, and promised that she would clean up her act.”

This week Mzansi Magic publicist Bongi Potelwa said: “We had an incredible response to the first season of Clash of the Choirs SA. Once all internal communication has been concluded, we will make an announcement.”

When the SunTeam asked Bonang about the choir show, she declined to comment. – Sunday Sun

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Isidingo Does 67 Minutes Of Action On Mandela Day

Cast members from Isidingo, the hit SABC3 daily drama were joined by some members of the South African National Defence Force to celebrate the biggest Mandela Day ever by making the lives of sexually abused, battered, abandoned and HIV positive children that much happier and brighter.
Keketso Semoko, Linda Sokhulu, Kgomotso Christopher, Vusi Kunene and Mary-Anne Barlow gave up more than 67 minutes of their time to donate a substantial amount of much needed groceries to the C.H.A.N.C.E centre and spend time with the children.

C.H.A.N.C.E Children’s Home and Nurturing Centre located in Dunnottar, Springs provides shelter, food and protection for 90 children. The centre also counsels and gives support to families affected by the HIV virus; as well as giving workshops to the community regarding HIV.

The cast donned their working overalls to give the centre a much needed make over by helping clean up the grounds and painting the 9 houses on the grounds that comprise the centre.

“This iconic day reminds us that we all have a duty and obligation to care for those around us that are less fortunate”, says Risuna Mayimele, SABC3 Marketing Manager.

“We hope that our activities here at C.H.A.N.C.E. will draw attention to this centre and the incredible work they do with very limited resources.

“Ultimately the aim is to improve the lives of those cared for by the centre,” adds Mayimele.

Mayimele further explained that the 67 minutes Mandela Day activity is not a once off but actually forms part of a greater whole.

“It is part of the Isidingo Sakho campaign – a social responsibility programme that fulfils the needs of less fortunate South Africans. We will be outlining more Isidingo Sakho activities in the not too distant future,” concludes Mayimele.

Isidingo is celebrating its 15th birthday and SABC3 will broadcast the very first episode of the popular soapie tomorrow, Friday 19 July at 8pm.

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