Kwela Tebza Owes Gogos R30 000

(PIC) Flamboyant Afro-Blues group, Kwela Tebza

(PIC) Flamboyant Afro-Blues group, Kwela Tebza

AFRO-BLUES group, Kwela Tebza, has left three trusting gogos heartbroken! The gogos from Meadowlands, Soweto, say they loaned their stokvel money to the award-winning group, but they failed to repay it and have allegedly been avoiding the gogos’ phone calls. The women are furious and want their money back!

The three brothers who make up the group – Tebogo, Mpho and Tshepo Lerole – allegedly borrowed about R30 000 from the gogos and promised to repay the money in March, with R9 000 interest.

One of the stokvel members, Nomsa Ditshaba, said the brothers told them they needed cash urgently for a gig in Sandton, north of Jozi. She said they fell for their story as they’d heard that the brothers’ career was blossoming and they had donated R100 000 to charity. “But now it’s been four months and they’re not taking our calls,” explained Nomsa.

The gogos survive by selling fast food to support their families. Nomsa said the brothers convinced them to loan them the money when they came with their parents and sister Carol, who facilitated the whole process.

Explained Nomsa: “We didn’t hesitate because we trusted them. But now I don’t know what to say.”

Nomsa said they deposited the money in Carol’s account – but she has now distanced herself from the matter. Nomsa said they are now anxious because they didn’t sign any agreement that will serve as evidence.
“We didn’t sign anything but we have witnesses and a bank statement to show that we transferred money to Carol’s account,” she said.

The SunTeam was present when Nomsa spoke to Carol over the phone. Carol told the gogo: “He (Mpho) doesn’t answer every call. Maybe he doesn’t have your numbers.”

But when contacted for comment, Carol said: “I’m in a crowded place and won’t be able to talk now.”

Mpho just laughed the matter off. “I don’t know anything about that,” he said. – Sunday Sun

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