“E.TV Stole My Idea,” Says uKhozi FM’s Afternoon Drive Producer

(PIC) The visibly distraught uKhozi FM producer, Msizi Nkosi

(PIC) The visibly distraught uKhozi FM producer, Msizi Nkosi

When Msizi Nkosi, uKhozi FM’s popular afternoon drive producer switched on his telly this past Tuesday evening, he didn’t know the shocking reality that was about to knock on his door.

Slouched on his couch after a long day of work at the SABC towers, he decided to switch his channel to e.tv, a decision that nearly gave him a heart attack. To his shock and disbelief, Against All Odds with Mpho Lakaje graced his TV screen, a concept similar to what he once proposed to e.tv.

“In December 2011 I sent a proposal to e.tv. It was a TV concept titled ‘Against All Odds’, a show that would look and profile people who succeeded against all odds.

“Today there’s a TV show exactly like that on e.tv and it’s also titled Against All Odds,” he shared on his Facebook wall for the world to see.

Comments came flushing like a broken Vaal Dam wall, with people expressing their disgust on how low e.tv has stooped, while others chanted “don’t let this slide, sue them Msizi – sue them!”.

Amidst all the drama, about five people confirmed that this was indeed Msizi’s original idea, sparking more fury over this alleged intellectual property theft.

“In fact, when I saw it advertised, I called Msizi E. Nkosi to congratulate him on the fruition of the project, only to discover otherwise. I say, explore legal options and I will testify as your witness,” wrote Dumisani Hlophe.

“… I also read your document and I did a budget for it. I even did all the proposal documents for SABC and delivered it myself,” chipped in Phumla Mkhize.

For those who boycotted watching welfare channels, Against All Odds is e.tv’s current affairs show which profiles ordinary people who rise against devastating odds to achieve extraordinary success. Hosted by award winning journalist, Mpho Lakaje, the show unearths individuals who challenge conventional thinking to reach what seem like impossible goals every Tuesday at 21h30 pm.

Lifestyle Tabloids has since learned that the show in question has been running for a while on eNCA (eNews Channel), raising questions about the merits of Nkosi’s claim. Were they all oblivious to this?

Despite this, Zamathili Luthuli Nkomo asserted that she also read Msizi’s proposal document before it was send to e.tv, while Thoko Budaza expressed her shock on how the channel never bothered changing the working title.

Probed on which action is he going to take against the broadcaster, Msizi Nkosi said he is still very traumatised and overwhelmed by what Mzansi’s second biggest channel has done to him. With tail between his legs, his usual bravado has taken the back seat for now.

“I’m busy with really important stuff right now. Hopefully in the next few months I will find time to deal with this properly,” he said.

Attempts to solicit comment from e.tv’s programme manager, Keshni Rajoo, proved unfruitful.

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