Is Mandla Lamba In Or Out? Jail Birds Allowed To Tweet & Facebook From Prison Cells?

(PIC) Mandla Lamba during his media hogging hey days

(PIC) Mandla Lamba during his media hogging hey days

Drum magazine posed the same question last year, and judging by his facebook status just over an hour ago, we are still as confused as ever.

Mandla Lamba, Mzansi’s number 1 pathological liar who rose to fame following his laughable claim to be Africa’s youngest billionaire (at 25, mind you), was arrested about 2 years ago following an array of criminal charges, which includes fraud and culpable homicide.

Last time we checked, his bail application was denied …again, as he did not have a permanent residential address therefore a flight risk. What happened to his lavish Waterkloof golf estate, or was that also a lie?

Anyway, just when we thought good riddance, his facebook update (posted just over an hour ago) read;

“On the 10th of June the beginning of this very week, God did something so great for me and I need to testify. When the devil thought he had me where he wanted me, Grace did more than just abound. I will forever be indebted to u God, I will worship and praise ur holy name for the rest of my life.”

On the 8th of June, his facebook profile picture was changed to an old photo he once posted back in 2011, flanked by ballroom-dance seamstress Jeff Seleka. Yesterday at 7:50pm, he again changed his profile picture to an ANC logo, spiking questions on whether he’s a free man or not.

“He’s still in prison, but is able to communicate with the outside world if and when he pleases. He even has a full functioning laptop, iPad, BBM, WhatsApp, the works…” said our deep throat.

“Prison guards at Sun City are very corrupt. If you have money to dangle, you can get away with anything. They can easily arrange for Mandla to have an all night romp with a girl should he wish to do so,” confirmed another source.

For those who don’t follow Mandla Lamba on facebook, he has been very holy-holy since his arrest, posting Bible verses and motivational quotes.

Earlier this year, he uploaded a pic of himself titled “at home affairs”, but one of his former close friends was quick to rubbish this, stating that “Mandla is indeed at home affairs… in his head, that is.” LOL!

Well, based on his facebook photo updates (most of which are old pics dating as far back as 2010), we can safely conclude that this fraudster has not smelled the fresh air of freedom yet. But as with every pathological liar, he has convinced himself that he ain’t in prison.

Mandla Lamba darling, you should’ve pleaded guilty a long time ago. By now you would’ve been released on parole instead of rotting in jail fighting for bail (…nice rhyme. Lol!).

Should you be found guilty, will they take into account your 2 year stay behind bars awaiting trial? Please do tell….

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