“I Hustle With My Legs Closed,” Says FHM Underwear Model, Terryanne Louw

(PIC) FHM Underwear Model, Terryanne Louw

(PIC) FHM Underwear Model, Terryanne Louw

She has graced the glossy covers of FHM, dominated Peroni billboards, gave Banky W’s music videos some life, not to mention that steamy Beyonce’s single ladies body shoot she did for DMX music channel.

Her drop dead gorgeousness has melted the heart of American rapper, 50c, who unapologetically pursued her LIVE on twitter, a proposal she politely rejected. Italian fashion designer, Roberto Carvalli has labeled her as “a diamond worth flying to Africa for”. She is Terryanne Louw, and she’s on everyone’s lips.

We first met this 29 year old model at a birthday party hosted by seasoned medical doctor and academic, Dr. Dulcy Rakumakoe. Her presence dominated the room, and like everyone else, we just couldn’t help it but to introduce ourselves. Little did we know we were dealing with a beauty queen that sees far beyond her looks.

A business development executive for a mobile network giant by day and an upmarket club host by night, her proudest moment was when she bought her very own house at the tender age of 26.

“For me, juggling two or more jobs at a time only makes sense because in modeling, one can go up to six months without getting a job. You don’t get time to rest, but your body eventually adapts to it,” she informs us.

Modeling came to her about four years ago and although she prefers freelance, she absolutely loves the thrill, in addition to her exciting weekend assignments at Taboo, Cocoon, Icon, Capital, The Bank, Hush, Latinova, Vacca Matta and Sankai.

Studying towards a BA degree in Communication Science, her greatest ambition is to be her own boss one day.

“I want to be financially free and take care of my family no matter how tough it gets. Although I don’t have kids of my own, I’m responsible for my little sister (11), niece (7), and my nephew (4).

“I work hard to ensure that I don’t end up falling inside this vicious Jozi trap. Majority of the girls here will do anything for money, which involves dating married sugar daddies in the era of HIV/AIDS. It’s scary to see how many girls get sick because they are not willing to put in the hard work,” she elaborates.

If you think models are blonde and shallow, you will quickly change your mind after spending a few seconds with this one. She is a woman in her own shoes, with a clear vision on which direction she would like her life to take. Unlike girls her beauty, chasing after rich men is not on her bucket list.

“I believe in my own abilities. I admire women like Basetsana Khumalo and Khanyi Dhlomo who are products of hard work, depth and substance. I am very capable of achieving my own goals without having to sleep with men to get there. I hustle with my legs closed,” asserts this Jo’burg based model.

Besides her love for collecting exotic pets (which includes sharing her home with a 2metre python she affectionately named ‘Tiago’), she enjoys the cinema and reading books written by South African authors.

There is a peculiar glow about her, the kind that only blossoms when a woman is happily in love. To our relief, she doesn’t mind sharing details of her private life.

“I have found a caring, loving, respectful and supportive man who accepts me for who I am, and we are expecting a baby girl,” she overshares to our surprise and excitement. Judging by her genuinely caring nature, she is sure going to make a great mother.

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