A Limitless Weekend Awaits VIP Guests At The Vodacom Durban July

Vodacom will be hosting captains of industry, business partners and leading figures from the fashion and entertainment world to a limitless weekend of Posh in its VIP Paddock at Africa’s greatest horse racing event – the 2013 Vodacom Durban July on Saturday 6 June.

Commanding a prime position overlooking the home straight and finish line at the Greyville racecourse, guests will be catered by celebrated chef Vicky Crease, entertained by SAMA winner Lloyd Cele, treated to a fashion show by 8 leading South African designers in Vodacom’s custom designed VIP paddock which will be decorated in a largely white pallet accented with red.

Making things as effortless as possible, Vodacom has created a mobile App exclusively for its guests who will be able to track their travel and transfer arrangements, get fashion and betting tips, detailed race and jockey information, notifications on food and entertainment throughout the day, as well as being able to order their drinks all from the comfort of their cell phone.

Vicky Crease will be creating a menu to inspire and entertain guests from breakfast through to dinner – there will be living tables, champagne showers, smoothie, cocktail and coffee bars serving throughout the day and into the evening.

In between the racing, leading South African designers Terence Bray, Jean Paul Botha (Ruff Tung), Bianca Warren, Hanrie Lues (MejLues), Hangawani Nengovhela (Rubicon), Haroun Hansrot, Francois Vedemme and Craig Jacobs (Fundudzi) will be showcasing their interpretation of the Posh Oh My Gosh theme to the Vodacom VIP guests as well as judging who is the best dressed in the Vodacom VIP paddock. Rounding off the day will be a live performance by SAMA winning artist Lloyd Cele.

The 2013 Vodacom Durban July takes place on Saturday 6 July at Greyville racecourse in Durban and will be broadcast live on SABC 3.

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Kwela Tebza Owes Gogos R30 000

(PIC) Flamboyant Afro-Blues group, Kwela Tebza

(PIC) Flamboyant Afro-Blues group, Kwela Tebza

AFRO-BLUES group, Kwela Tebza, has left three trusting gogos heartbroken! The gogos from Meadowlands, Soweto, say they loaned their stokvel money to the award-winning group, but they failed to repay it and have allegedly been avoiding the gogos’ phone calls. The women are furious and want their money back!

The three brothers who make up the group – Tebogo, Mpho and Tshepo Lerole – allegedly borrowed about R30 000 from the gogos and promised to repay the money in March, with R9 000 interest.

One of the stokvel members, Nomsa Ditshaba, said the brothers told them they needed cash urgently for a gig in Sandton, north of Jozi. She said they fell for their story as they’d heard that the brothers’ career was blossoming and they had donated R100 000 to charity. “But now it’s been four months and they’re not taking our calls,” explained Nomsa.

The gogos survive by selling fast food to support their families. Nomsa said the brothers convinced them to loan them the money when they came with their parents and sister Carol, who facilitated the whole process.

Explained Nomsa: “We didn’t hesitate because we trusted them. But now I don’t know what to say.”

Nomsa said they deposited the money in Carol’s account – but she has now distanced herself from the matter. Nomsa said they are now anxious because they didn’t sign any agreement that will serve as evidence.
“We didn’t sign anything but we have witnesses and a bank statement to show that we transferred money to Carol’s account,” she said.

The SunTeam was present when Nomsa spoke to Carol over the phone. Carol told the gogo: “He (Mpho) doesn’t answer every call. Maybe he doesn’t have your numbers.”

But when contacted for comment, Carol said: “I’m in a crowded place and won’t be able to talk now.”

Mpho just laughed the matter off. “I don’t know anything about that,” he said. – Sunday Sun

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“E.TV Stole My Idea,” Says uKhozi FM’s Afternoon Drive Producer

(PIC) The visibly distraught uKhozi FM producer, Msizi Nkosi

(PIC) The visibly distraught uKhozi FM producer, Msizi Nkosi

When Msizi Nkosi, uKhozi FM’s popular afternoon drive producer switched on his telly this past Tuesday evening, he didn’t know the shocking reality that was about to knock on his door.

Slouched on his couch after a long day of work at the SABC towers, he decided to switch his channel to e.tv, a decision that nearly gave him a heart attack. To his shock and disbelief, Against All Odds with Mpho Lakaje graced his TV screen, a concept similar to what he once proposed to e.tv.

“In December 2011 I sent a proposal to e.tv. It was a TV concept titled ‘Against All Odds’, a show that would look and profile people who succeeded against all odds.

“Today there’s a TV show exactly like that on e.tv and it’s also titled Against All Odds,” he shared on his Facebook wall for the world to see.

Comments came flushing like a broken Vaal Dam wall, with people expressing their disgust on how low e.tv has stooped, while others chanted “don’t let this slide, sue them Msizi – sue them!”.

Amidst all the drama, about five people confirmed that this was indeed Msizi’s original idea, sparking more fury over this alleged intellectual property theft.

“In fact, when I saw it advertised, I called Msizi E. Nkosi to congratulate him on the fruition of the project, only to discover otherwise. I say, explore legal options and I will testify as your witness,” wrote Dumisani Hlophe.

“… I also read your document and I did a budget for it. I even did all the proposal documents for SABC and delivered it myself,” chipped in Phumla Mkhize.

For those who boycotted watching welfare channels, Against All Odds is e.tv’s current affairs show which profiles ordinary people who rise against devastating odds to achieve extraordinary success. Hosted by award winning journalist, Mpho Lakaje, the show unearths individuals who challenge conventional thinking to reach what seem like impossible goals every Tuesday at 21h30 pm.

Lifestyle Tabloids has since learned that the show in question has been running for a while on eNCA (eNews Channel), raising questions about the merits of Nkosi’s claim. Were they all oblivious to this?

Despite this, Zamathili Luthuli Nkomo asserted that she also read Msizi’s proposal document before it was send to e.tv, while Thoko Budaza expressed her shock on how the channel never bothered changing the working title.

Probed on which action is he going to take against the broadcaster, Msizi Nkosi said he is still very traumatised and overwhelmed by what Mzansi’s second biggest channel has done to him. With tail between his legs, his usual bravado has taken the back seat for now.

“I’m busy with really important stuff right now. Hopefully in the next few months I will find time to deal with this properly,” he said.

Attempts to solicit comment from e.tv’s programme manager, Keshni Rajoo, proved unfruitful.

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What To Wear To The Vodacom Durban July’s: Invited Designer Feature

#1 Haroun Hansrot :”It’s all about elegance!”

Durban – Air those tailcoats and haul out your pearls and plumes, it’s time to step out in breath-taking style. Travel back in time and steal the show with a light dusting off of the old rules in this year’s Vodacom Durban July theme “Posh? Oh my Gosh!”

Classy and colourful interpretations of this year’s theme will be displayed throughout the event’s programme, from pre-race day and on-track fashion, to marquee décor or cuisine, all of which cement the Vodacom Durban July as one of the hottest horseracing events on the country’s calendar.

Inspired by renowned worldwide horseracing events, this year’s theme is all about fast horses, fancy hats and the race that stops the nation. Emulating class and fine flair, “Posh? Oh my Gosh!” paves the way for Durbanites and South Africa as a whole to express themselves oh so beautifully.

“Elegance, it’s all about elegance!” says internationally acclaimed designer and local fashion guru Haroun Hansrot. “It’s taking us back to the days of old when the Durban July was only ever about elegance.”

Hansrot’s spin on the theme forecasts gorgeous silhouettes with colours suited to skin tone, beautiful but statement-making headgear and classy accessories, both chunky and subtle – all while maintaining a feminine feel.

“My advice? Dress comfortably. You can achieve posh in a variety of ways without being uncomfortable. Put a little thought into it, dress the part and ooze stylish confidence. A tailored suit can easily be accessorized with beautiful silk roses, and I’m talking about the ladies here. You can go simple or over the top, but whatever you wear, make sure you balance your look with the right accompaniments.”

What’s hot this season? Colour! says Hansrot. Glorious, beautiful, eye catching colours.

“Don’t be shy to play around with colour. Although the theme is extremely elegant, the idea is not to look staid or boring.”

Picture sophisticated new hemlines paired with luxury fabrics from flowing chiffon and delicate lace through to rich taffeta and soft satins. Classy and neat, but sassy.

“There will be no shortage of stunning hats which fit perfectly into the prestigious event’s theme, and nude footwear is making a comeback. Remember that nude shoes always make a woman’s legs look that much longer, so if you are wearing a tailored skirt, keep this in mind.”

As for the gents, be advised to look for direction at the Royal Ascot, the Melbourne Cup and Longchamp. You’ll find all the evidence you need to build classy, clean-cut and stylish look to suit you and your partner.

The emphasis again is on a much more tailored appearance, Hansrot emphasises. Trousers will be slightly shorter, more tapered and of course jacket lengths will depend on your height and torso. And let’s not forget the good old top hat – the very mark of a distinguished gentleman.

“Steer far away from avant garde and instead draw inspiration from these international events that are so famous for their fine horses and show stopping fashion. Go back in time, visualise your look and then incorporate current fashion trends. This is your once-in-a lifetime excuse to go all out, look your best and spoil yourself for the occasion.”

The 117th running of the Vodacom Durban July takes place at Greyville Racecourse on Saturday, 6 July.  More information can be found at http://www.vodacomdurbanjuly.co.za

Is Mandla Lamba In Or Out? Jail Birds Allowed To Tweet & Facebook From Prison Cells?

(PIC) Mandla Lamba during his media hogging hey days

(PIC) Mandla Lamba during his media hogging hey days

Drum magazine posed the same question last year, and judging by his facebook status just over an hour ago, we are still as confused as ever.

Mandla Lamba, Mzansi’s number 1 pathological liar who rose to fame following his laughable claim to be Africa’s youngest billionaire (at 25, mind you), was arrested about 2 years ago following an array of criminal charges, which includes fraud and culpable homicide.

Last time we checked, his bail application was denied …again, as he did not have a permanent residential address therefore a flight risk. What happened to his lavish Waterkloof golf estate, or was that also a lie?

Anyway, just when we thought good riddance, his facebook update (posted just over an hour ago) read;

“On the 10th of June the beginning of this very week, God did something so great for me and I need to testify. When the devil thought he had me where he wanted me, Grace did more than just abound. I will forever be indebted to u God, I will worship and praise ur holy name for the rest of my life.”

On the 8th of June, his facebook profile picture was changed to an old photo he once posted back in 2011, flanked by ballroom-dance seamstress Jeff Seleka. Yesterday at 7:50pm, he again changed his profile picture to an ANC logo, spiking questions on whether he’s a free man or not.

“He’s still in prison, but is able to communicate with the outside world if and when he pleases. He even has a full functioning laptop, iPad, BBM, WhatsApp, the works…” said our deep throat.

“Prison guards at Sun City are very corrupt. If you have money to dangle, you can get away with anything. They can easily arrange for Mandla to have an all night romp with a girl should he wish to do so,” confirmed another source.

For those who don’t follow Mandla Lamba on facebook, he has been very holy-holy since his arrest, posting Bible verses and motivational quotes.

Earlier this year, he uploaded a pic of himself titled “at home affairs”, but one of his former close friends was quick to rubbish this, stating that “Mandla is indeed at home affairs… in his head, that is.” LOL!

Well, based on his facebook photo updates (most of which are old pics dating as far back as 2010), we can safely conclude that this fraudster has not smelled the fresh air of freedom yet. But as with every pathological liar, he has convinced himself that he ain’t in prison.

Mandla Lamba darling, you should’ve pleaded guilty a long time ago. By now you would’ve been released on parole instead of rotting in jail fighting for bail (…nice rhyme. Lol!).

Should you be found guilty, will they take into account your 2 year stay behind bars awaiting trial? Please do tell….

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Luminary Line-Up For Vodacom Durban July Invited Designer Showcase

Eight South African designers have been confirmed for the line-up of stars in the Vodacom Durban July Invited Designer Showcase, brought to you by Canon.

The hand-picked line-up, six from KwaZulu-Natal and two from Gauteng, will each produce a series of garments based on the much-talked-about race day theme “Posh? Oh My Gosh!”, which will debut at the Vodacom Durban July Fashion Showcase show at Greyville Racecourse on Wednesday 19 June, and again at a formal dinner on Friday 21 June.

The line-up includes a mixture of some of the fashion industry stalwarts alongside some of the hottest trendsetters making an impression on the recent national and international fashion weeks.

Gauteng trend forecaster Craig Jacobs makes a return to the line-up.

“As the country’s leading racing showcase, fashion has always been ingrained in the culture of the Vodacom Durban July, and it is such a fun event to be part of,” said Jacobs.

“And being given the opportunity to showcase what we do along with the finest design talent in the country in my hometown makes it even more special,” said the man behind the Fundudzi label.

He is joined by fellow Johannesburg designer Hangwani Nengovhela, who’s label Rubicon has been making waves in local couture circles.

The first glimpse that fashionistas will get will be the Vodacom Durban July Fashion Showcase Cheese and Wine evening at Greyville Racecourse on Wednesday 19 June.

The eight designers featured in the 2013 Vodacom Durban July Invited Designer Showcase, brought to you by Canon are;

– Jean-Paul Botha
– Rubicon
– Hanrie Lues
– Bianca Warren
– Terrence Bray
– Francois Vedemme
– Craig Jacobs
– Haroun Hansrot

Tickets are limited and can be secured through Bhavna on 031 314 1645 or by email fashionbookings@goldcircle.co.za.

The 2013 Vodacom Durban July takes place at Greyville racecourse on Saturday 6 July 2013. More information can be found at http://www.vodacomdurbanjuly.co.za

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Hip Hop Sensation, Kapital K To Launch Music Video


In a world where screaming queens are busy confusing themselves for hip hop artists, Kapital K has a more sentimental story to tell, one that solidifies why hip hop artistry was born.

Bread in Zimbabwe and buttered in North Carolina (USA), this AKA “Victory Lap” remix hit maker has been featured twice as ‘A New Artist To Reckon With’ by Mzansi’s leading hip hop magazine, HYPE, and judging by his new hit single; ‘High’, which is currently blazing YFM’s Top 40 charts, we couldn’t agree more.

While most 9 year olds were busy flying kites outside the windy streets of North Carolina, Kapital K was already writing lyrics and crafting a clear path to his music career. Upon his return to Zimbabwe at a tender age of 12, he was already in studio recording his hit single “Let’s Party” with seasoned producer, the late Fortune Muparutsa.

He is now only 24 years young and has already shared the big stage with respected hip hop musos such as HHP, Jozi, Bongs and popular Nigerian artists Naeto C and Davido, who invited him to be a cameo in his Gobe video which was shot in Camps Bay.

“My passion for music became clear when I moved to Zim from North Carolina. I can’t forget rapping Tupac’s ‘Hit ‘Em Up’ verse with my dad in the lounge. The camera was rolling like we were shooting the actual music video. We owned that song. My dad decided to take my passion seriously and put me in studio with the late Fortune Muparutsa,” he told YV Africa.

This rising star was nominated in the “Best Artist Diaspora” category for the 2011 Zimbabwe Hip Hop Awards which earned him a possible shot to open for Lil Wayne in Cape Town. He has collaborated with the likes of 2011 USA BEFFTA Award winner (Best International Act), C.R.I.$.I.$ “Mr Swagger” and Gabon’s #1 hip hop artist, Ba’ponga on a single titled “All or Nothing”. Thanks to his Gabon tour with Ba’ponga last December, he has graced CNN’s inserts and has since become an instant household name.

Ambitious yet practical, Kapital K recalls his days as a trust fund kid who lost the silver spoon following his parents’ divorce. This shaped him to work harder towards becoming his own person, which saw the birth of Kapital4Kapital Entertainment, a record label he founded and signed under. He is also currently pursuing his studies through Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

“I believe quality is everything. Quality is what separates a pro from a mediocre. People want to listen or watch something that’s smooth, something indicative of time, effort and hard work. My little studio produces the best sounds radio plays. Quality is the key to putting yourself ahead of others,” he asserted on his YV Africa interview.

Come Sunday 16th June, this new sensation will be launching a video for his brand new single titled “High”, in conjunction with a birthday party hosted by Jozi socialite and pretty boy, Liyanda Balintulo. Powered by Remy Martin, the glitzy affair will be held at the equally glamorous Kong Rosebank.

Kapital K’s music can be found on his website; http://www.k4kentertainment.com/album_categories/albums/ or viewed on Youtube; http://www.youtube.com/user/kapital4kapital. You can also follow him on twitter @Kapital___K.

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