Top 10 Celebrities With Gay Potential – As Nominated By YOU

(PIC) DJ Sbu at the Durban July

(PIC) DJ Sbu at the Durban July

So, yesterday yours truly decided to have some fun on Twitter, Facebook and BBM (at the expense of our local celebrities) and solicited public participation on who the masses thought would have been GAY – had they not been STRAIGHT.

Now as people, we have the tendency of misinterpreting what we read in the media. It’s the same as watching those insurance policy Ads where they tell us that we will receive a payout of ‘UP TO’ R50 000. We tend to immediately conclude that we will get paid the latter, guaranteed, while the Ad clearly states ‘UP TO’.

As such, no one is saying that these celebrities are gay (not that there’s anything wrong with being gay. If any of them are, good for them). We are merely saying: If they were not straight, they would have been gay. Get my drift?

I must admit I was very surprised to see DJ Sbu as one of the nominees. The guy might have hips that gives Xhosa women a run for their money, but a gay potential? LOL!


10. Teko Modise
9. Kabomo
8. DJ Cleo
7. Lulo Cafe
6. Donald Moatshe
5. Lunga Shabalala
4. Khaya Mthethwa

And the top 3 celebrities dominating the nominees list are…..

3. DJ Sbu
2. Phat Joe
1. Theo Kgosinkwe

Oh dear! Theo Kgosinkwe does it again. If being suspected to be gay received award trophies, Theo’s wall unit would be overflowing. We hope we won’t get a call from his wife telling us how good he is in bed (as if being good in bed determines whether a man is gay or not…. silly woman that one).

As for Phat Joe, LOL! He would definitely make a perfect drama queen like that gay socialite known only as Shekeshe. I cringe every time Shekeshe gets drunk and start dancing. Darling, leave the hectic dance moves to skinny UJ students, will you?

DJ Cleo and Donald are always the usual suspects. Let’s hope they won’t write a song about us because we will sue them for royalties. LOL!

Come to think of it, DJ Sbu would have made a perfect David Tlale. The dramatic dress sense, the knee length female boots in the blazing summer weather. Shuuu, David mara! We are glad to see that this fashionista’s inyanga no longer tells him to host his fashion week shows around 12 midnight. Vumani bo! Siyavuma!

Teko Modise, well… I must admit there’s nothing macho about the guy, except for his football skills. Same goes for Lulo, a cute softie that one.

Kabomo, on the other hand, would have made a perfect bitter gay Gogo like Gesh Conco. You know those fat and very negative gay Gogos with nothing good to say about anyone? Nooo! We are not saying Kabomo is negative. His physique would be perfect for a bitter gay Gogo. Get it?

As for the rest…. NO COMMENT!!

PS: Why is Phila Mazibuko, Thami (Senzo from Generations) and Mama Lotto Nimrod Nkosi not on the list?

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12 Comments Add yours

  1. zamasbox says:

    hahahahahahah… This is hilarious!! Always a pleasure to read.

  2. lejazzee says:

    I fully agree with this list. It must be changed to Top/Bottom 20 then Phila and company will definitely make it.

  3. Amanda says:

    Ay, Khaya Mthethwa is gay, this dude will come out of the closet, give it time… That Mj/Anga guy, hmmmmm, definately potential there, that guy that used to be uSpha kwi Muvhango, one that presented some show with some twins on SABC1, definately coming out soon,

    1. Tamia says:

      Mmmmmmm… I knew it about Spha dat time will come.

    2. enhle says:

      I agree that guy is Gay 4 decades

  4. Sabza says:

    Wow dis z fabulous

  5. Sabza says:

    Wow dis z fabulous next tym it mst b top 20

  6. luzuko says:

    most of these i blive are true but hayi dj sbu i can’t blive he is gay

  7. sikho says:

    Donald, Khaya Mthethwa, Theo Kgosinkwe & Teko are gays really

  8. feziwe lamani says:

    i agree with theo kgosinkwe being gay,,, hai la guy mara i hv always suspected hm sheim

  9. luvo says:

    what the!! …. hayi i dnt believe ths, lunga & dj sbu cnt be gay. ow about theo & donald im nt suprised at all

  10. michsel says:

    I have alwaez suspected Theo as well

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