Metro FM Suspends T-Bo Touch And Team Over Explicit Sex Talk

(Pic.) The suspended TouchDown drive time team; Joe Mann, T-Bo Touch and Refiloe Mpakanyane

(Pic.) The suspended TouchDown drive time team; Joe Mann, T-Bo Touch and Refiloe Mpakanyane

The Touchdown show on Metro FM was pulled from the national radio station’s schedule after the drive time show team conducted an interview on Wednesday with erotica writer and sex coach Jade Zwane which was deemed too explicit by management, reports Times Live.

The Touchdown team lead by T-Bo Touch (real name Thabo Molefe), Refiloe Mpakanyane and sports reader Joe Mann reportedly received SMSes from station programming manager
Caren Olsen to cut the interview short, as it was getting too “steamy”. Zwane, the author of erotic novel aDICKted, was talking about the importance of masturbation and parents’ role in educating their children about sex.

“I explained [to listeners] how my talk with my parents from puberty encouraged me to wait,” Zwane told Times Live.

“I didn’t feel like I needed to rush into it because I had read books about it, and my mom took me to a gynae before my first sexual experience, which was at 23 years.”

Zwane advocates “sexual liberation” for women on her website and offers sexual coaching, advice and workshops.

Metro FM spokesperson Happy Ngidi confirmed that The Touchdown show and its three presenters have been pulled from the schedule, while “internal process” were ongoing.

“They are not suspended, but are just not scheduled because of the unfortunate interview that was of an explicit nature. It goes against the broadcast policy and our mandate
as a station,” she said.

DJ Sbu will host the show until the station’s investigation is concluded.

Lol! We are not stupid, Happy Ngidi. Unscheduled equals suspension. Otherwise why call it an “investigation to the alleged misconduct”. Duh?!!

PS: When is Unathi joining TeamSuspended?

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One Comment Add yours

  1. Betty says:

    There was nothing to be suspended of.Children of today knows everything about sex.
    Guys ,we are living in the 20th century really, besdes that majority of the listners on Metro FM are adults.
    I think our dj’s should be reinstated immediately.
    You have done good jobs guys.There is nothing to be ashamed off.

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