CONFIRMED: Beyoncé Is Pulling A Judith Sephuma

(Pic) Beyonce rocking a Givenchy piece at the 2013 Met Gala

(Pic) Beyonce rocking a Givenchy piece at the 2013 Met Gala

The rumors are true! It has just been confirmed that Beyoncé is having another baby! Well, this is according to S2S Magazine.

Mrs. Carter moves quick doesn’t she?
Earlier this month, Bey told “Good Morning America” that she’d like to have another child, playfully stating that her daughter Blue Ivy needs some company. Days later, the rumor mill began churning with speculation that she was pregnant again after she wore a Givenchy gown to the 2013 Met Gala that could easily have concealed a little baby bump.

Beyoncé continued to fuel rumors of a possible pregnancy by cancelling a show in Belgium under doctor’s orders due to exhaustion. Although her mother Tina denied that she’s got another baby on the way, several sources have confirmed to E! News that Bey and her husband Jay-Z are in fact expecting another child! Neither Beyoncé’s nor Jay’s reps have made any statements about the news.

Five years into their marriage, the “Bow Down” diva and her hip-hop hubby still seem to be very much in love. With a combined net worth of roughly $1 billion, Jay and Bey know what it takes to build wealth. They each came into the marriage with some serious coin of their own.

Relax – Mrs. Carter! Blue Ivy is only 15 months old. Or are you an advocate of “once you pop – you can’t stop” like our beloved mother of 6, Judith Sephuma? The rate Mme Judith gives birth ngakhona, one would swear she’s after our government child grant. Last time we checked, she was pregnant….again!!!

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