“I F*cked You! I Know How You Look Naked!” Screams DJ Warras – LIVE On Air

(Pic.) DJ Warras

(Pic.) DJ Warras

Douchebag of the Week Award goes to (drum roll please..),

DJ Warras!!!

In case you are one of those who boycotted listening to YFM in support of Black Coffee, LiveAmp presenter and radio host Warrick Stock aka DJ Warras’ ego was bruised when his ex shag was not as excited to see him as he was to see her. The lady (who clearly doesn’t suffer from groupie tendencies) gave him a cold reception and just brushed him off when they bumped into each other not so long ago.

Clearly offended by this, DJ Warras dragged his beef all the way to his radio slot, Undisputed, which airs on YFM every weekdays between 18-21hrs pm.

“I don’t care! I f*cked you! I know how you look naked. So you better show me respect. Ngik ‘dlile!” he loudly exclaimed to the shock of listeners.

To add salt to the wound, promo clips of his bitter utterances were played by the station, which made me question YFM’s stance on women dignity.

I would have expected the station to reprimand him with immediate effect and instruct him to apologise as this, I believe, is offensive and disrespectful to women in general. But that was not to be.

Last night the subject continued. This time, DJ Warras told his co-host that the lady in question telephonically confronted him about the matter. I was frustrated by the fact that his co-host, who also happen to be a woman, allowed him to speak about women in such a disrespectful manner. If she had any depth or at least some sense of opinion in her, she would have called Warras to order. Unless if Warras has also seen her naked (that’s another possibility).

In this day of HIV/AIDS, it’s shocking to learn that we still find men gloating about who they have slept with, forgetting that sex is actually a two way street. It’s even more shocking to see that some men still view women as nothing but sexual objects. Had this been an SABC radio platform, Warras would be seeking employment as we speak.

DJ Warras darling, unless you are a perfect 10 in bed (which we seriously doubt), don’t open a can of worms. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. You don’t want your ladies to embarrass you by hanging your dirty bedroom laundry in the media. Zola and Kenny Kunene have learned that lesson. Rather focus on getting out of that Credit Bureau Blacklist you are in and stop disrespecting women.


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  1. mandisa says:

    this guy is so pretty and good

  2. mandisa says:

    this guy is so pretty and good .he is very cool and sexy i really like him

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