Is Donald In Denial? Gay Or Not – We Love His Music

The MTN SAMA 19, which took place this past weekend saw celebrities, wanna-bees, has-beens and never-will-bees descend to Sin City to celebrate Mzansi’s musical talent.

To our disappointment, everyone was surprisingly well behaved, leaving our SAMA drama notepad as clean and boring as Zahara’s love life. The Nuns from St. Peters Catholic probably gets more action than this lonelywe (I mean, loliwe) hit maker.

Anyway, what could have been an otherwise luke warm award ceremony took a miraculous and funny turn that set social media platforms abuzz, courtesy of a Venda dancer who peed on himself out of stage fright. His ‘accident’ surely redeemed the show.

You probably watched the live broadcast, saw who the winners were and who wore the most outrageous outfit (side-eye Bucie), so I’m not gonna bore you and repeat what you already know like other ‘monkey see – monkey do’ bloggers.

Besides the Venda pee, we also saw Donald Moatshe falling victim of gaydar scrutiny, where speculations about his sexuality flooded twitter and facebook timelines on Saturday evening.

“Donald just needs to come out. There is no way the nigga is straight,” one facebook post read.

“Thank you MTN SAMAs! You’ve spared us from watching Donald’s girlish drama,” commented another, referring to Donald not carrying home any award statues this time around.

“Donald’s in denial track should be about his sexuality! He is IN DENIAL! Lmfsao!!!” the facebook bashing continued.

Whether Donald is gay or not, there is no denying that every track he touch becomes an instant hit.

We are glad to see that he’s not fazed by not bagging any SAMA, let alone the [if it sounds like a flamingo – it is a flamingo] allegations. DJ Cleo should learn from this young man’s composure. We all know how Cleo would have handled a similar situation, don’t we? Lol!

Well, Donald my darling, whether you prefer fish or chocolate (or both) is none of anyone’s business. Besides, this is not America where coming out guarantees a best-selling autobiography and an interview with Oprah. So, keep your private life private.


Thanks Crush PR and RISA for the invite and kudos to Diane, Onicka and Sanesh for your professionalism.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Luvuyo. Sigidi says:

    Hey hey Donald….even if you gay or not we love your music just keep it up hey

  2. mpendulo mp3 says:

    Ii will never listen to a gay music again in my life

  3. Nkosazana says:

    Keep it up Donald, and let go of the stupid comments. Maybe those accusing you are gays themselves. We love your music

  4. Milliekhetha says:

    Donald keep on with your music don’t mind gossipers please my man, they are good at putting their filthy noses in other people’s lives.

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