Lindani Mbense To Marry PSL Sweetheart

(Pic) Lindani Mbense with his soon-to-be wife, Lesego Motlakwe

(Pic) Lindani Mbense with his soon-to-be wife, Lesego Motlakwe

She is a good girl gone BEST – he’s SABC Sports’ well behaved ‘It’ boy. They met in November of 2012 and by February 2013, he had already popped the big question. This can only mean one thing; Lindani Mbense is in looove.

Lifestyle Tabloids can confirm that 32 year old Mbense will soon be scratched off the bachelors list following his engagement to the gorgeous Lesego Laodecia Motlakwe, a Bloemfontein born mother of one who works as an HR Assistant at Premier Soccer League (PSL).

“They are so in love. Lesego has Lindani wrapped around her finger. They wear matching clothes and love the same things. Just two days ago, he bought a Ranger Rover Supercharged and gave his Mercedes Benz SLK to Lesego,” said a source close to the couple who refused to be named for fear of forfeiting the wedding invite.

Lifestyle Tabloids has established that Lesego Motlakwe is a woman in her own shoes. So please holdup on those “she’s only after his fame and fortune” comments. She has her very own stylish apartment in Fourways, north of Jozi, and drives a sleek Chrysler Crossfire convertible which she bought long before dating Lindani.

Although the couple have both been engaged to other people before, it seems matrimonial vows will be exchanged for real this time around. Lesego has already started with her wedding dress fittings all thanks to a picture Mbense posted on his Facebook page for the world to see.

For those oblivious to Lindani Mbense’s love life, he was once engaged to Zimbabwe’s wealthy socialite and shoe freak, Pokello Nare, who rose to fame following a viral sex tape of her and popular Zim musician, Stunner Chideme.

As to when the big day is, Lindani took a vow of silence and ignored our call for comment, probably because he doesn’t wanna jinx it. But who can blame him, his bride to be looks like a hot American super star. And no, her nose and lips were not surgically done – she was born with it.

Congratulations are in order, Mr. Mbense. If Lesego’s taste for over-the-top ‘Lady Gaga’ shoes is anything to go by, we are surely expecting a glamorous Top Billing affair.

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  1. lindani is your mother Mrs Mbense from carter high school, PMB

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